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Strings 2015: India

I think that the cost-and-benefit analysis implies that it's not a good idea for me to describe most of the talks at the annual string theorists' conference. If there are volunteers, especially among the participants, I will be happy to publish their observations, however.

The conference is taking place this week, from Monday through Friday, at the Tata Institute in Bengalúru, India. I usually prefer the traditional "colonial" European names of major non-European cities – Peking, New Amsterdam etc. – but the Indian-Czech name Bengalúru simply sounds better than its old English parody (up to 2006), Bangalore. ;-)

Here are the basic URLs:

Strings 2015: main web page
Strings 2015: talk titles and links to PDF files (and links to separate pages of the talks, with coordinates etc.)
I am sure the readers and clickers who know how to read and click may find the other pages once they read and click. ;-) I have looked at several of the PDF files that have already appeared. They are very interesting. It is not yet clear to me whether videos will be posted somewhere, too.

There are rumors that a well-known author is just completing the book How the Conservatives [Not Hippies] Saved Physics but I am afraid that you shouldn't trust everything on the Internet. ;-)

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