Friday, June 12, 2015

Tim Hunt vs distractingly sexy girls: an insane witch hunt

I have been such a great admirer of the Anglo-Saxon world but let me tell you something: the social atmosphere over there got so incredibly fωcked up that it simply leaves me speechless.

The 2001 Medicine Nobel prize winner Tim Hunt was forced to resign as an honorary professor in London after he made these comments at a conference in Korea – where you would expect the tolerance to different cultures to be high because those people are different:
Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry.
As a boss, Dr Hunt prefers separate labs for these reasons.

Connie St Louis, a whining obnoxious black feminist and a would-be science journalist, played the role of Nancy Hopkins (from Larry Summers' saga) and has converted this innocent tautology to a scandal. A hashtag compaign #distractinglysexy was started on Twitter and girl scientists are posting pictures claiming to prove that they aren't distractingly sexy. Except that at least one-half of those pictures are! ;-)

Dr Tim Hunt's said three things. The first two are equivalent to
Opposite sexes usually attract each other
while the third one is equivalent to
Women are more emotional than men.
Do you really want to question these self-evident facts, girl scientists? In that case, I find it scandalous that you got any university degrees because most 10-year-old boys and girls already know these things that you find so controversial.

It's very good that women are allowed in labs but that doesn't mean that people – men and women – should be prevented from talking about advantages and disadvantages, especially if they are those that are clear even to small kids.

This girl scientist thinks that she's a terribly ugly and exhausted by work. But that still doesn't imply that she's not distractingly sexy.

Thank God (and thank the non-existence of God as well), we don't have a significant fraction of the nation that would be capable of producing such fake scandals and imposing de facto taboos. A week ago, newspapers organized a poll what is the most filthy quote by a Czech politician. (None of them has had any serious problems because of the quotes.) Here are the winners (the numbers indicate the number of votes):
  1. 1001: Homosexual Mr Hancockhead is dating homosexual Mr Strawman, homosexual Mr Strawman has links to homosexual Mr Newman. And these people are completely controlling the Czech Railways. I must say that when I walk on the corridor over there, I am afraid to bend over to pick up my pen. (Jaromír Dušek, a labor union boss, about a gay conspiracy in the Czech Railways)
  2. 684: Cωnt. In the lyrics of this band, it's a cωnt here, a cωnt there, surely a flawless example of a political prisoner. (President Miloš Zeman about Pussy Riot.)
  3. 321: It is a truly dramatic change but given my large hands, I would prefer a larger size. (Michael Kraus, social democrat, about the breasts of his colleague Ms Petra Buzková whose plastic surgery included the size reduction.)
  4. 225: Mrs [Kristýna] Kočí [of Public Affairs] was able to exploit her feminime virtues. One-half of the Parliament had to run away from her bosom, it's a well-known fact. As far as I know, she could take it across the political spectrum perhaps with the exception of communists. (Michal Babák, also Public Affairs.)
  5. 189: You are yummy. (Freshly fired – for mostly other reasons – minister of education Mr Marcel Chládek to his subordinate. President Zeman said this thing to a woman later to show that it's fine.)
  6. 139: I don't like females in politics. They always bring a bit of hysteria which doesn't hurt in the normal life but it doesn't belong to politics. (Social democratic deputy and ex-actor Mr Vítězslav Jandák showed his surprise how someone could have had intercourse e.g. with female members of social democracy.)
  7. 91: Mrs minister has lost two of her virtues. (Vlastimil Tlustý, Civic Democrats, about Petra Buzková.)
  8. 70: Finally, Mr Mareš and similar spiritual masturbators may satisfy themselves through the female coalition politicians who have gotten to their chairs literally and punctually by the intimate intercourse. (Ex-PM's wife Mrs Petra Paroubková about the caricatures in the Reflex Magazine.)
  9. 46: In our homeland, the biggest distraction for drivers are prostitutes. Because when a driver is going quickly enough and Anne lifts her T-shirt, he can't resist for a few seconds. He simply has to look. (Mr Jan Kubera, Civic Democrats, about the ban of billboards near superhighways.)
The article contains some similar comments from Silvio Berlusconi and others.

Sammie Buzzard shows what she finds distractingly sexy.

I would agree that most of the quotes above are lewd. But they are perfectly legal – and some of them are pretty entertaining. If organized girl scientists or any other similar group can't survive innocent comments like Tim Hunt's without a career or another assassination, they are a problem not just for the labs. They are a problem for the pillars of the Western civilization.

And that's the memo.

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