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When a PC professor talks to sane people

Milan Kohout is a man who attended the same basic school as I did when I was 8-10 (but he did so many years before me). He was a dissident in the communist Czechoslovakia. At some point, he emigrated to the U.S. and moved to Roxbury, a black neighborhood in Boston. He became a radical fighter against the evil called the white people, and a super hardcore communist despising the money, banks, and the European and American civilization. He is an "artist" – see some Google images associated with his name.

Check e.g. his nude critique of religion and multiply it by 100 to have an idea about his life's work.

We have been in the Czechoslovak pub in Boston (e.g. Harvard pub) together many times, and we also drank beer in pubs in Pilsen – sometimes accidentally – most recently just a few months ago. He's a professor of some softer-than-diluted-excrement subject at Tufts university. Sometimes, his proclamations sound so insane that I have always thought that he was just making fun. But he wasn't. His opinions are genuine. You may imagine that even some of the most far left loons at Harvard and elsewhere are right-wingers relatively to Mr Kohout. But they're still pretty close to each other. ;-)

One week ago, he was the most spectacular guest of an interactive program on Czech Public TV. The program is called "You have the floor" (literal name: "you have the word") and the host is Mrs Jílková, a lady who has been supervising similar "tough" discussion programs.

His contribution to the program is rather amazing – you may see the emotions flying – and I decided to translate it for you.

YouTube video: Psychopath Mr Kohout [Cock] is raging in the TV program "You Have the Floor"

0:03 Host Ms Jílková: Mr Kohout, you have become famous by the sentence: "Every Czech family should adopt one family of refugees [laughter], host them in their apartment, and feed them."

0:19 Kohout: Yes, that's what I said. And I am fatally serious about it.

0:21 Host: I am not raising any doubts about it. Could you please talk to the citizen here, Mr Carda [a freelancer], OK? And explain to him why he should share his apartment and wealth with the refugees and give them a part of his wage.

0:36 Kohout: OK. ... Mr Carda, don't you feel a little bit like a hypocrite?

0:42 Carda: Not at all.

0:44 Kohout: Even you are a part of the European culture and the civilization, you, Mr Carda. And do you know what did the Western civilization do during the recent X hundreds years? What did it do to the countries in Africa, Middle East, and so on? Those hundreds of millions of the dead people? And what it is doing up to this day?

1:10 Kohout: To attack Iraq which already stores 1.5 million dead bodies, including 50% of children. With torn little bodies, their cute small legs, and so on. And you are sitting here, in your farted little house, ...

1:22 Carda: I don't have a house.

1:23 Kohout: And you don't want to accept any refugee from the conflicts that you helped to cause yourself.

1:30 Carda: For EUR 6,000, Africa can pay the complete high school studies to six little black kids. And that's exactly the direction...


1:42 Carda: OK, so six natives. And that's the direction in which we should be helping them.

1:46 Kohout: CARDA, CARDA, FUCK OFF AND GO BACK TO YOUR VILLAGE. And close yourself into your xenophobic closet.

1:54 [Ex-minister, gay] Pospíšil: May I say just one sentence? [Host: no]

1:56 Kohout: And isn't he a racist?

1:57 Carda: Just because I said a black boy?

1:59 Kohout: Am I a racist (responding to the dissatisfied audience)?

2:03 Lady in audience to Kohout: Why don't you prefer to save six little black boys instead of one for the same money?


2:16 Lady in audience: Little white boys. Little white boys.

2:17 Kohout: Little white boys, those who have the FUCKED UP European culture here, one they have been building from STOLEN MONEY for centuries. That civilization has built wealth by this atrocious theft. I am lethally serious. All of you are simply playing some game.

2:42 Host: Dear guests, just stop! I kindly ask you: stop, this has no point. You will be now...

2:50 Pospíšil: "... in the Paris suburbs..."

2:51 Kohout: and on the other side, jerks with terrible billion wages, rolling in money. You [Mr Pospíšil] also have two salaries, for example!

3:00 Carda: So we have to admit at least some refugees [Kohout: of course], to be sure that at least some of them will stay here.

3:03 Kohout: Of course, we need to balance our historical guilt... Our crimes. Terrible crimes. What have we done to all these countries. Incidentally, [fellow dissident] Václav Havel, poor guy, when he was old, got so mad...

3:15 Lady in audience: Mr Kohout, could you please allow us to finish our idea?

3:17 Kohout: ...that with his aides, he was hugging George W. Bush whom I consider a war criminal. And he (Havel) was endorsing the attack on Iraq! And today, will we be rejecting a flotilla of refugees? They are in a refugee camp *-kirchen.

3:35 Lady in audience: When I see the invading army, and it seems to be the right way to describe it, coming to Europe, I am simply afraid that things are not what they used to be.


3:48 Man in audience: First, I would like to express my surprise about Mr Professor because it seems insane how he's interrupting everyone and he doesn't allow anyone to complete his or her sentence. [Applause.]

3:56 Kohout: Because one simply can't listen to that!

3:58 Man in audience: You know, it's supposed to be a discussion. So everyone should get the opportunity to say something and you should react but you should also allow others to speak. Now, I would like to ask: Yesterday, I saw an article on the Internet than in 2014, some U.S. demographers calculated or estimated that before the end of the century, Africa will have between 3.5 and 5.1 billion people.

4:24 Kohout: Which is, incidentally, the fault also of...

4:27 Man in audience: just a second, please. So today, the population over there is 1.11 billion and in 70 years, it will be 3 billion. Nowadays, we will be accepting them here. But what will we do in those 50 or 60 years? They will multiply in Africa like grasshoppers...


5:02 Host: Please, allow Mr Kohout to respond now.

5:03 Kohout: I want to say that we're still talking about our culture. But our culture is so terribly hypocritical. When an inflow of refugees comes here from Africa, the people will simply mix and at least, the sharpest edges will be smoothened. Edges of the SHOCKING European self-centrism. The religious, Christian one. By the way, concerning the increased fertility in Africa, we should also thank Pope [sic] Paul II who was telling them that they shouldn't even use CONDOMS! I consider him, Pope [sic] Paul II, to be a mass murderer.

I think this video may be useful as a mirror for many PC people in the U.S. and elsewhere – to see how insanely unhinged they look when they interact with people who are sane and rational about basic questions of life, e.g. the generic Czech people who were invited to the program.

People at Tufts University may see what sort of extreme, utterly impolite, and thoroughly deluded activities are considered "scholarly work" at your school.

The full 1-hour video of the program is available here. Aside from Kohout's outbursts, there have been many important ideas and reactions in the debate. For example, one old man in the audience sounded and looked like a Sudetenland German but he was actually Syrian. He enjoyed the support of the other folks because he argued that we can't accept that many people in Czechia and instead, the West should stop supporting the terrorists who are being exploited as wild cards by the Western politicians. (Applause.)

There were several other defenders of the "yes, let's admit them" paradigm in the room, too. A very young man (philosophy student Lukáš Matoška) was asked what those immigrants' jobs will be. Of course, he pretty much explicitly admitted that all of them will be on welfare. We have the money and we're a civilized country so we have to feed all of them. Needless to say, the opponents of immigration applauded him because his claim made it clear that disruption of our country is the outcome that even the supporters of immigration realize very well.

The number of Internet reactions to Kohout's exhibition has been immense. The articles generally attract hundreds or thousands of comments. People have been stunned who can become a university instructor. Well over 99% of the comments disagree with Kohout, to put it mildly. The number of Google queries for Kohout and "You Have the Floor" (in Czech) increased by 66,000%.

I think that Kohout must be courageous if he's willing to walk on the Czech streets now, actually. It's a matter of when, not if, Kohout will become a Capon. ;-) Czechs are just way too rational. They want to think about likely consequences of their decisions. Decisions have consequences and convergence of our streets to the pictures of South Italy in the video above are possible consequences which are rather likely. People just don't want such outcomes. Such consequences of decisions seem more important than some abstract musings about some collective guilt or equality of all people on Earth or whatever.

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