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Download, install, and use Stephen Hawking's firmware and voice

As a MSDN blog and others pointed out,

Intel just open sourced Stephen Hawking’s speech system and it’s a .NET 4.5 WinForms app that you can try for yourself
To make things short: if you're interested, go to
this ACAT's Github page
and download ACATSetup.exe (at the bottom, 253 MB) and run it as an Admin (or follow the detailed instructions above). ACAT stands for the Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit.

The application will use your webcam to track your face and gestures (cheek twitch) and trigger the UI. It hasn't been specified whether the video footage will be broadcast to the actual Stephen Hawking if he happens to consider you an attractive female follower.

It's an innocent technology but Stephen Hawking is a pioneer. I guess that in a few decades, people will be enhanced in many ways. I hope that they won't have too many serious problems with their drivers and firmware, especially not those that would produce the Blue Face Of Death.

The user guide is available, too. And contribute etc.

This software is the first step you need to become Stephen Hawking. Then you need to acquire the ALS and also some physics skills. And you need to have the Stephen Hawking X-Factor.

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