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How mainstream Czechs respond to Prague Pride

Over 10,000 people participated at the LGBT march at and near the Wenceslaus Square in Prague today (whose motto was "all of us are equally warm=gay"); the competing pro-family events only attracted dozens of citizens.

The event has been praised and helped by several famous and/or influential people including the new female mayor of Prague, the U.S. ambassador to Czechia Andrew Schapiro, Madonna, and others. Many more politicians and church officials distanced themselves from the event.

These Pet Shop Boys-like artists must have been imported from the U.K., right? More fresh videos.

What do typical Czechs at a center-right news server iDNES.CZ say? These are the most upvoted comments. You may see that most of them basically share the same point.

Mr Petr Vacenovský, 132/8 (plus/minus votes):

What pisses me off is the warping of the politicians who declare themselves the sponsors of the event in order to ride a fashionable wave and get to the media. Homosexuality is an anomaly which obviously doesn't have to be suppressed but it doesn't have to be escorted to the Heaven, either.

Mr Martin Mikolášek, 158/11

Concerning the Prague Pride, this whole event seems to be nothing else than coarse exhibitionism of (not only) the homosexuals. As far as I know, the Czech Republic is one of the most tolerant countries vis-a-vis the LGBT community. Therefore, the meaning of the event is only to "exhibit" on the street for several hours and attract the attention of the media at any cost with the slogan "I am a faggot, who is more."

Mr Jaromír Štohansl, 50/1

I can't quite comprehend what homosexuality has to do with someone's decision to wear transparent underwear and a T-shirt made of nets in the public. This is no homosexuality; it is exhibitionism. A polite person simply doesn't wear these things and it doesn't matter whether he or she is homo- or hetero-. Honestly, the only thing I am disturbed by about LGBT is this week of "pride". After all, if I think that I am sane (my brain isn't messed up and it doesn't matter whether sane homo- or sane hetero-), I don't need to march naked or dressed to the violet, green, and gold colors only.

Ms Alena Borová, 132/11

I have nothing against the march. One thing is unclear, however: What is its purpose? I think that homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals are not being restricted or discriminated by the society in any way... Instead, I have the feeling that the event is about those "hysterical exots" who have to sell their "being different" in every minute and shout that they're no different at the same moment...

Mr Martin Busidea, 90/6

I don't get it. The sexual orientation of each person is his or her matter. An intimate one. A private one.

So why does someone need to publicly display his own?

Mr Michal Zetek, 90/6

This is no manifestation of courage. It will be courage when this community organizes its Tehran Pride, Kabul Pride, or Riyadh Pride.

Mr Jaroslav Švábik, 135/12

Dear Mr Editor, you have no authority to determine which side is or isn't the extremist one. It's just your private opinion that you should keep for your living room.

Ms Hana Ulrychová, 54/2

The most important thing is to have an online report even from such a silly event. Isn't any event that is more important taking place anywhere? Or least an event that is more interesting?

Mr Martin Kavka, 72/5

Fine, when the editors promote those who are so proud about their sexual anomaly, why do they use the term "extremist" for those who are proud to be white heterosexuals?

Mr Karel Novák, 50/2

I am a white heterosexual man. Where should I turn myself in?

Mr Jaroslav Švábik, 95/9

This country has been completely overtaken by the minorities through the political correctness, it's most transparent in the media and in the office of the ombudsman. In the next elections, I am going to vote for a party that will fix this problem; choke the water taps for the NGOs; make the immigration policies more stringent; and throw Ms Šabatová (a humanrightist) on the pavement.

Mr Jan Pukl, 37/1

Isn't it already warm enough? [The Czech slang for gays is "the warm ones".]

Mr Ivo Pinkas, 49/3

I don't understand the name of the event. What should Prague be proud about? About a few loud individuals who need to prove something to themselves? Are they being harmed by someone??? They should keep their orientation for their bedrooms – to their private spaces... This is where it belongs... I personally think that Prague has nothing to be proud about.

Mr Martin Hocek, 41/2

Why don't they realize their carnival "march of pride" in Baghdad or Ankara or Tehran or Karachi or Kabul or why don't they go and dance through the whole Syria and Iraq? That would surely be more useful than in Prague.

Mr Cyril Pavelka, 44/3

Why do they have to shout about their deviation, which pretty much everyone considers irrelevant, on the street?

Mr Michal Žák, 26/0

Lesbians and gays are not a problem. More precisely, they have been a bit of a problem for some time. Since the moment when they are staging these meaningless marches through Prague.

Mr Marek Novotný, 34/2

If someone dared to organize the march of the heterosexuals, it would be called a discrimination. Let those people go to the buttocks, really.

Mr Petr Novotný, 42/4

There is nothing better than to protest against the non-existent oppression, to refer to the non-existent "rights", and demand meaningless concessions.

Mr Ondrej Bocek, 22/0

Another live broadcast of an effort to set new records in warmth in Prague. :-)

Mr Jan Wolprecht, 35/3

I have nothing against the warm ones [gays] but can someone explain to me what is such a march good for and how it is going to help them?

Mr Michal Hovorka, 26/1

This is not a march of pride but a march of superiority and exhibitionism. That's it. In their tolerance towards homosexuals, Czechs may be the best ones in the world. The real goal is for the NGOs to create a justification for their funding. By persuading a bunch of morons to participate at a protest against this march. A few dozens of people are then presented as a nation of xenophobes and millions of crowns may keep on flowing to the lazy and incapable-of-work leftists. I would only like to know whether the little suns (=SJWs) aren't a bit schizophrenic because their non-profit activities are ultimately paid by the xenophobic employees from their taxes. (I haven't seen an NGO or public employees who would openly support xenophobia or racism. I think it follows that all the racists and xenophobes are working in the private sector i.e. they are those who ultimately pay for all these parades.)

Mr Vladan Černý, 28/2

I am tolerant towards homosexuals but this event already seems to be an exercise of distancing from the majority society and provoking it. They do it despite the fact that never in our history, the gays haven't had so many rights and were as tolerated as they are today. In this march, I am simply not rooting for them and I am their opponent. To suffer from homosexuality is no crime and such people deserve tolerance from the side of the majority society. But to be proud about it? It's already a bit perverse.

Mr Milan Dragoun, 28/2

I have friends among homosexuals but recently, it seems to me that who is not gay, is not in.

Mr Karel Endler, 51/8

How can someone be proud about his being a deviant? This is a perversion to the second power!

Mr Ivan Běhounek, 19/1

I still can't comprehend the word "pride" in the name of the event. What are they proud about? Why do they feel the urge to publicly declare their sexuality? It seems as moronic as a march of pride of the deaf or mute ones, the redheads, or the blue-eyed men, and so on. They have something they have been born with much like everyone among us, just with some detailed differences. But why should they be proud about it? After all, it's a šumafuck (noise-and-blow, i.e. it doesn't matter).

Well, as you can see, a sympathizer of the march hasn't made it to the most popular 25 comments, and the same is true about those who would like to arrest the participants. I hope that TRF readers' vocabulary has been enhanced by essential words such as the warm ones, the little suns, and the šumafuck.

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