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Jiří Wolker: The Mailbox

A mailbox on the corner of the street
isn't just another damn generic object.

It blossoms in blue,
the people highly respect it
and they entrust all their secrets to it.

Little letters are being dropped into it from both sides:
happy ones from one side and the sad ones from the other.

The letters are white as pollen
and they are waiting for the trains, ships, and the man
who shall blow them far away as the wind or a bumblebee
– up to those places with hearts,
the red stigmas
that are hiding in the pink perianth.

When the letter reaches its destination,
fruits grow up there,
either sweet or bitter ones.

Jiří [George] Wolker (1900-1924), A Guest to the House, 1922.
A straightforward translation to the no-nonsense physics Lumo English by L.M.

P.S.: After a better search, I did find an actual professional's translation

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