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Leonard's new Asian American GF

Fellowship, related fact: Since the spring, The Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment ($4 million from Chuck Lorre etc.) has been financially helping UCLA science students. It's fair because Chuck Lorre has surely earned millions of dollars by emulating them. ;-)
The nineth season of The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) will begin on Monday, September 21st. Be sure that not every sitcom remains popular after 8 seasons.

According to a Nielsen Admosphere's survey, TBBT is the most popular TV serial of the Czech men. For men, the top answers were the following:
  1. The Big Bang Theory, 10%
  2. The Street, a junk Czech serial about ordinary people's lives, 9%
  3. Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, 5% each
  4. Doctor's Office in the Pink Garden (a junk Czech...), Crime Unit in Prague's Angel, Two and a Half Men, all 4%
The percentages for women are substantially different.

Women chose:
  1. The Street, a junk Czech serial about ordinary people's lives, 19%
  2. Doctor's Office..., 11%
  3. TBBT, 5%
  4. Game of Thrones, 4%
  5. Friends, 3%
You see that among men, TBBT beats The Street. But among women, TBBT only gets 1/4 of what The Street does. One can't trust the accuracy of such a survey too much. Another survey that was recently reported (CSFD) placed the Simpsons at the top ahead of TBBT, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Game of Thrones.

But I think that even the differences in the watching habits are a good and simple method to see that the men and women have significantly different relationships – or the statistical distributions of relationships – towards things like science, geekiness, and things like that.

At any rate, the eighth season ended with some hints that Leonard and Penny could get married. But quite typically, some bitter tension has emerged.

We know that during the expedition to the North Pole, the boys have slept with each other in order to save some thermal energy. But Leonard has revealed that he had also kissed a girl. Her name is Mandy and will be represented by actress Melissa Tang.

She should only appear approximately in the 2nd episode of the nineth season. It's plausible that she will ruin the Penny-Leonard wedding, after all.

When Tang speaks in the video above, she sounds almost just like Penny to me. The dialects, accents, and temperaments seem similar. I can see that they look different but the English is very similar. I've checked some data: both actresses were born in California. Is it possible that I can hear the Californian English even though I am often unable to reliably distinguish the British English from the U.S. English? ;-)

Incidentally, a year ago or so, a group of successful voice actors – who are formally self-employed, OSVČ – decided to increase their wages. They organized a union called MPG and a strike of a sort and insisted on a pay rise. TV Prima, a commercial TV station they're working for, said No and quickly replaced them with substitutes. Everyone may be replaced, we often believe.

Well, the dub actresses doing Penny and Amy in TBBT were among them. When I heard the new Amy and especially the new Penny for the first time, I was shocked. They sounded so different. They were lacking the kind of self-confidence or arrogance we associate with Amy and especially Penny. I wasn't the only one. The reaction was so negative – the protests included Facebook groups etc. – that TV Prima was forced to accept the dub actresses' conditions and rehire the old Penny and Amy – they are back.

Sometimes, when some people point out that they are being undervalued, they really are.

I generally prefer all the movies in the Czech dubbing. It's more comprehensible for me. But even more objectively, I do believe that the professionally produced Czech audio is better than the original in pretty much all other languages. The language is more structured, poetic, accurate, and logical than almost all other languages. Our dub actors are very good. The standard quality that is always demanded is wonderful and there have been many legends.

František Filipovský has dubbed Louis de Funes – all the movies. In a recent campaign of the O2 mobile operator that presented all of Europe as "Great Czechia" (because the tariffs from Europe dropped to the domestic levels), the pedestrians on the streets of Paris were able to figure out it was supposed to be Louis de Funes when they listened to the audio. Except that Filipovský was obviously better than the original. And I don't even discuss e.g. the English dubbing which sounds totally worthless to me.

He's been a great actor himself but he's been a legend as a voice actor. Aside from Louis de Funes, Filipovský has also dubbed (among dozens of other roles) Baba Yaga, the witch, in Frosty (Morozko; Czech: Mrazík, full video) – a Russian fairy-tale that keeps its place among the most popular 3 movies that people watch on Christmas every single year.

Incidentally, when Richard Gere learned that Frosty remains among the Czech viewers' all-time favorites about 7 weeks ago, during the Carlsbad Film Festival, he was genuinely shocked. Don't watch Frosty, watch Pretty Woman, he told us! Well, we like to watch both and Frosty probably comes at the top. Maybe the dubbing of Frosty has something to do with the success, too.

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