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A story on Nima Arkani-Hamed

LHC, vaguely related: ALICE confirms the CPT symmetry
Natalie Wolchover wrote a rather long article
Visions of Future Physics
about Nima Arkani-Hamed for the Quanta Magazine. You may read lots of stuff about Nima's life and career, his personality, what he considers to be his weaknesses etc.

There is also a big section about his plans to lead the Chinese nation – that has hired him – to build a new collider that is about as big as the Milky Way. ;-)

Some thoughts about the future of physics may be seen everywhere in the article.

TRF blog posts rarely follow the template of "linker not a thinker" but this one is surely one of those rare exceptions! ;-) I could write lots of things about Nima but the insane migration vote and other things have exhausted me for today.

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