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Eastern European countries quickly understand the reality

There are indications that the migration wave is slowing down thanks to the restoration of borders inside Europe, especially those around Hungary. However, there are still lots of events whose intensity seems to be exponentially growing. The relationships between nations and groups of people are quickly deteriorating. And even some of the predicted flows seem scary: the Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade warns that up to 35 million people are heading to Europe.

Hungary has built a fence on the Serbian border. Note that most of the migrants go from Greece to Macedonia and Serbia and used to continue through Hungary to Austria and Germany. Because the Serbian-Hungarian border has been basically sealed (which has predictably led to a sharp deterioration of the Serbian-Hungarian relations), the refugees found a new trajectory from Serbia to Germany: through Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria.

The part of Croatia adjacent to Serbia contains some landmines from the time of the Yugoslav wars but as far as I know, no one has been killed yet. Two days ago, Croatia played the game that they have the political correct face. "We shall help the refugees," we were told. Well, two days were enough for them to see the light – to see the magnitude and character of the problem.

Two days indicates a pretty fast learning curve. The apparatchiks in Brussels have faced this situation for more than a year and they still haven't learned or understood anything.

Today, Croatia has announced that it will no longer help the refugees and will give them no food anymore. The help will be restricted to water, some medical help, and directions how to get to Germany where they want to go, anyway. Croatia now intends to send the migrants to Slovenia and Hungary, something that Hungary has obviously protested against because Croatia breaks the EU rules in this way. "No one can break the EU rules just with the excuse that they haven't prepared for the situation," Hungary correctly says, while adding that Hungary itself has been in charge of the situation for 9 months. Meanwhile, Slovenia began to return the migrants from Croatia back to Croatia. Political bombs have been planted on all these internal EU borders.

(Verbal clashes have spread all over Europe. Norway plans intense border checks if the immigration goes up and has criticized Sweden for the insufficient registration of the migrants. Finland has also mentioned that too many people are coming there from Sweden, and the migration wave has already become a bigger problem than their recession.)

If both migrants and Germany want to get united, everyone else will help them. Some official places in Germany have estimated that the migrants will add 0.6% to the German GDP in coming years. That's great. Good for Germany. We have estimated that the migrants would be a significant drag on our economy, so moving everyone to Germany is a win-win situation, isn't it?

Serbian(Muslims)-Hungarian(cops) border. I guess that the nice new citizens may be equally patient when they wait for the support for the unemployed.

Meanwhile, three German ministers have teamed up in blackmailing post-socialist Europe. "Countries that don't cooperate shouldn't get any money from the EU funds," the boss of SPD and economy minister Sigmar Gabriel said. The foreign affairs minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has threatened the Visegrad Group with the "qualified majority" voting about the quotas. (France and Sweden are two other hardcore and loud members of the pro-quota Axis of Evil.) My understanding is that the agreement on such things "normally" has to be unanimous but there exist some "EU mechanisms" to make the qualified majority voting possible. I don't understand the details but whatever they are, the violation of the sovereignty that the German politician is suggesting is utterly unacceptable for us.

These threats may look impressive in Germany but such illegal changes in the ways how the EU budgets operate, if Germany were able to perform them, would simply lead to the dissolution of the EU. We can't be kept in the EU regardless of anything and if the advantages evaporate and the EU only becomes an existential risk for our basic interests – like a tool for German politicians to be capable of social-engineering the ethnic and religious composition at our territories – well, the consensus that we need to exit the EU as soon as possible will probably become obvious.

If Germany wanted to use its muscles in the physical sense in its efforts to spread its superior (now) Aryan-plus-Muslim race (this concept is known in Germany as the Leitkultur) to our part of Europe, well, we would stress that it is unacceptable. Verstehen Sie? If the Germans didn't understand, we would probably start to kindly ask our partners in Moscow to flatten Berlin or Dresden, with the hope that it will increase the Germans' understanding of the concept of our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Do you, Germany minus Berlin and Dresden, already understand it? How many times do you need to get the same lesson that the demographics in countries outside Germany is simply none of your business? Concerning the world wars, err once, err twice,... I forgot what happens the third time. ;-)

By the way, meanwhile, the German intelligence services are confirming that the new migrants are being immediately recruited by the radical Islamists who have already operated in Germany. These reports obviously don't prevent the politicians from spreading the story that everything is great about the influx. Also, some soccer event organized by Bild – soccer players were supposed to have bands saying that "we welcome the refugees" – has been boycotted so far by about 5 teams when it turned out that some other team was being pressured to agree. At the same moment, Czechs who work in Bavaria stress that they haven't met a single person in Bavaria who was endorsing the inflow of migrants. This whole support is an artificially engineered propaganda.

There will be the beer festival in Bavaria, the Oktoberfest, and because the Muslims are used to demonize everyone who drinks some alcohol and shows his happiness after that, people are afraid of clashes. A Dutch Muslim has started a petition to ban the Oktoberfest.

One more thing in Germany: several cities including Dortmund have reminded their citizens about the existing German laws saying that the local governments are allowed to confiscate the private houses of German infidels if they are helpful for housing the superior Allah's believers.

It's interesting to look at this joke that was circulating a decade ago, perhaps in 2003 or so, but it may be a few years older than that. It was showing how Europe was going to look like in... 2015 after some stages of Islamization of Europe. It just happens that we are living in 2015 right now. You may see that the joke has failed in some detailed aspects; but it has succeeded in many others.

If you study it, the map shows that Eastern Europe is basically unchanged. But most of the traditional Western countries were predicted to be overrun by the main Islamic nationality that was already present in those countries. It was the Algerians in France, Pakistani in the U.K., Turks in Germany, Moors in Spain, and Albanians in parts of Yugoslavia and in Italy. Along with the post-socialist Europe, Scandinavia remained largely untouched, too.

The prediction that the Islamization problem would be largely a problem of Western Europe was spot on. That is where these people are being attracted – because of the wealth and especially their generous welfare systems (that even Assad correctly identified in a recent interview to be dysfunctional). And the Western European nations are also those that are the least willing ones to do something against this undesirable trend.

The prediction that Scandinavia would remain unaffected seems potentially wrong. We're not sure yet. It's getting pretty toxic in Sweden, too. Today, Norway, Finland, and Sweden basically doubled their number of the 2015 asylum seekers to 20,000, 30,000, and 74,000, respectively.

But the joke was very wrong when it came to the dominant Islamic nations that would be "leading" the process of Islamization in 2015. It seems that it's not the "ordinary" nations that the European countries had known for decades and that were slowly increasing their presence. Instead, all of Europe is being overrun by the same nationalities that arrive from the Middle East, Islamic Asia, and North and Central Africa – Syria, Afghanistan (these two groups love each other by stones) but also Kosovo, Eritrea, and many others.

They just arrive and the borders turn out to be de facto non-existent for them – at least, it was so for long months. The "Europe 2015" joke was a warning and I think that its authors would have agreed that they were probably exaggerating things for a comical (or political) effect. But it's plausible that the process is actually worse than what they have predicted.

Back to the present.

It was agreed by all relevant Czech political authorities that the border would be defended against the illegal migrants by joint forces of the police and the armed forces. So they started their joint drills near the Austrian-German-Czech tripoint. If the German-Austrian border ends up being closed, it's obvious that the migrants would start to try the Czech detour, and that's why this region of Southwestern Bohemia could get tested. At the same moments, Czechia hasn't introduced border checks yet (although there's a lot of pressure from the public to do so). One has a feeling that the Czech authorities want to take the existing EU laws much more seriously than everyone else.

The Vatican is the center of compassion on the Earth and the representative of God among mortals. So some church in the Vatican has accepted one Syrian family with four members. Wow, that will surely make a difference!

It's interesting to see the most popular comments at, under the constantly upgraded "live" article about the migration wave.

The most popular one says: "The Croats could see the light in 2 days. The EU has had more than 1 years and it's still not coming." (187 plus-votes, 0 down-votes).

The second most popular comment (223 plus-votes, 1 down-vote), says: "Our neighbor returned from Bavaria, where he has worked for 20 years, yesterday. He's met not a single Bavarian person who supported the migrant influx. The welcoming groups are largely composed of far left students and squatters who are living out of welfare fees themselves (they are getting the state subsidies from refugees, keep a part of it, or move it further). 80% of the migrants are young illiterate men with cellphones and tablets who are directing the motion of the whole group. The city is already spreading booklets telling the locals not to provoke the migrants by drinking (beer) or screaming outside the Oktoberfest area, i.e. to take the mentality of the migrants into account. This is the reality to be aware of given the neverending photographs of children inside every article."

A decade ago, Croatian band Karma's song "Malo Pomalo" became hugely popular in Czechia, perhaps more so than in Croatia. A language that one semi-understands is cute. Almost all the sounds sound familiar. Some of them really mean what they seem to mean ("Ty jsi slunce mého neba", you are the Sun of my Sky), but some of them are false friends.

The third one, 148-to-0, is also surprised how much the Croatian attitude has changed in 2 days. The fourth comment suggests that the Croats would probably be very grateful for Orbán's fence now. The fifth comment describes how the editors are deciding to place the provoking pictures of the children in the articles. The sixth one says that it is painful how we're being massaged by the pictures of children when most of the migrants are young men. The seventh comment tells Croatia to buy some wire because bans haven't stopped the influx but the fences and protection of borders have succeeded.

The eighth comment (117-to-0) says that the tourist season in Croatia is nearly over. They have tens of thousands of apartments near the sea, lots of extra room to store the migrants. At any rate, it looks like the tourist season is the last one. The ninth comment proposes to send the buses with the migrants directly to Brussels. Don't tell me that the EU politicians won't be willing to take care of them. The tenth comment is long and discusses Merkel's unwise invitations; and the probability that unlike our homeless folks, the migrants don't realize that they can't sleep in the park safely on a cold night and we will run out of coffins in the winter.

The eleventh comment (87-to-0) lists the names of modified (by Muslim and oases and Hungary flavored) movies of the film director Menzel which seems funny because Menzel has de facto endorsed the migrant influx. The twelfth comment says that while ANO, Social Democracy, Civic Democrats and SSO have voted against the quotas unanimously, there have been some Yes votes in TOP 09 and KDU and abstentions in the same parties plus the communist party.

The thirteenth comment (83-to-0) criticizes the media's negative coverage of Hungary's efforts which is skewed. Foreign webs contain videos showing who was attacking and who was passively standing (the migrants were attacking, he means). Additional comments compare Merkel and the Croatian prime minister: both of them invited the people and later seemed surprised that the people have come. They tell Herr Gabriel that everyone is participating in finding a solution. For example, Hungary should be reimbursed for the expenses to build the fence defending the Schengen area (64-to-0). (Incidentally, the European Commission said that it doesn't complain against the fences on the external Schengen borders but it doesn't believe they will bring good long-term results.) A guy says that he got an icecream for free when he was a kid. He told all of his friends and the icecream was never free again. That's the power of the precedent.

Someone mentions that the U.K. is finally sending ships against the smugglers of the humans. But it has taken a lot of time, hasn't it? A guy says that he found the migrants' banners amusing. With a metallic stick, they demand asylum and they seem to demand some refreshment, too. Over 90% of them won't get the asylum in Germany and what happens with them? Nothing good awaits Germany. These asylum proceedings should be taking place at the border of Schengen and not in the heart of Europe. We will have to deal with hundreds of thousands of pissed off Islamists who have lost the meaning of their lives and saw their European dream evaporate. Let's be strong, it will be tough.

Even harsh comments get excellent votes these days. The last toplisted comment, 49-to-0, says that we should create a banner containing the word "Germany" and the arrow pointing to a cliff. ;-)

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