Saturday, September 05, 2015

Klaus' petition against immigration

I have always considered ex-president Klaus to be a relatively dovish politician when it comes to wars but also immigration. Obviously, he has always been much more than a champion of the free markets and a classical liberal. His proximity to various conservative movements and even patriotic political parties in Western Europe had to be obvious.

But when it came to the resistance towards multiculturalism and perhaps Islam in particular, he may have been more restrained than e.g. his nominally social democratic successor Miloš Zeman who often talks about the Islamic Anticivilization and various proposals to deal with it. But the times may be changing and I just learned about a petition at (and that he started and that is already collecting hundreds of signatures each minute. The text looks significantly more hawkish than I would expect from ex-president Klaus (but yes, I added my signature).

If you suggested that this is an activity that may have been deliberately designed by Klaus for him to regain his relevance, I hope that he won't be upset if I guess that the answer is Yes.

A fast translation.

Czech citizens' call on the government and the Parliament of the Czech Republic

We, the citizens of the Czech Republic signed below, don't want to passively watch how the political representatives and the state institutions are losing time at this – for us critical – moment and they don't do what is their main duty according to the Constitution of the Czech Republic. That duty is – first of all – to defend the interests and security of the citizens of the Czech Republic. Mass migration represents a major danger for the stability of Europe as well as the individual member countries of the European Union. We are being confronted with a cardinal threat for the future of our country.

We are not indifferent to the suffering of the victims of wars and other catastrophes of the contemporary world but we refuse the manipulation of the public opinion based on the abuse of the natural sentiments of compassion with the migrants. We refuse to reduce the today's migration problem to a debate about the sufficiently or insufficiently forthcoming attitude of the Europeans to the other cultures, religions, races, or ethnicities. We are seeing undeniable risks and threats that follow from the artificial mixing of non-uniform nations, cultures, and religions.

The Czech government's approach to the dangerous developments in our country and the whole Europe is alibistic and hesitant. It doesn't sufficiently confront the growing pressure by the leaders of the main European powers, pressure to – as so many times in our history – sacrifice our vital national interests to the altar of their political intentions.

Leaders of four main European powers are signing a treaty.

We consider it unacceptable when someone under the header of the EU – but mostly under the pressure from Germany and France – is violating the rules of the Schengen area and even threatens by EU sanctions against those that work hard to obey these rules – for example Hungary.

We don't agree when justifiable concerns of a large portion of our and the European public from the harmful if not devastating influx of the migrants are being trivialized, silenced, and scandalized by the official authorities and a large fraction of the media. Certain elitist political groups – hiding themselves beneath the facade of scientists, academics, and alleged moral authorities – are, on the contrary, being presented as role models for the public opinion.

Because of all these reasons, we urge the Czech government to

– guarantee the internal security and external untouchability of the border of our state by all means available to it (including the Police and Armed Forces of the Czech Republic); to ensure the observation of our system of laws as well as the international commitments and not to allow the rise of chaos that, in the relationship with the migrant crisis, already exists in numerous countries – including our neighbors

– reject all quotas and similar policies at the level of the European Union, policies by which the migrants are supposed to be "rationed" among the individual EU member states (even against their will), and to work hard to persuade the countries playing role of the "entrance" for the migration wave to fulfill their duties, i.e. to return the migrants to their original homelands

– insist on the respect towards the valid treaties related to asylum politics, to reject the pressure struggling to change these treaties in a way that would simplify or stimulate immigration, and to demand that the future international commitments or laws and regulations, which are already being discussed, will depend on the approval by the citizens of the Czech Republic in a referendum – or to ask the citizens for this mandate in snap elections.

Signature number one: Václav Klaus, September 4th, 2015

According to an poll, about 90% of the readers agree with the text of the petition.

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