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Nothing wrong with IDs for illegal immigrants

People who prevent cops from doing their work must be treated as criminals

Just during one month of July 2015, about 100,000 people arrived from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe. Some people have called it the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War.

The crisis is not something that influences the lives of most Europeans at this very moment – and I assure TV viewers in America that you can't observe anything on the streets of a generic European city such as Pilsen. But most people understand that this can't become the business-as-usual because at this rate, a century would be enough for the immigrants to become a majority on the Old Continent. The countries would probably cease to function in the old-fashioned, European way much earlier than that.

The immigration wave has many reasons. The recent chaos in the Muslim world – which was partly caused by unwise interventions by some Western countries – has "helped". But the dynamics can't be fully attributed to it. Many people just began to "copy" this new fad. Sometimes, the immigrants seem innocent enough – like the former Tunisian boyfriend of a relative of mine (...) who is already "here" (got married in Italy). I slightly know him and don't believe he will be a burden for Italy but many others certain will – and even innocent people may be a problem if there are too many.

They heard that it's possible, there is some chance, so they're trying. The ships to transport the people are ready and operating. At the end, the main motivation for them to move are economic interests. We may say lots of negative things about the economy and future of Europe but at this moment, it's still an amazingly attractive oasis for billions of people in the world.

This inflow shouldn't be occurring. It's obvious that that these transfers are violating our laws – the laws of the European Union and the laws of the individual nation states in Europe. Nations like Greece are simply failing in their tasks. It should obviously be their responsibility to protect their territory against such illegal invasion. But it's not just their responsibility with respect to their own interests. It's also their duty as members of the Schengen area. The failure of their enforcement forces means a problem for other countries of the Schengen area, too.

Czechia is pretty much unified that some effective moves to stop or significantly reduce the immigration should be made. At the same moment, I must assure you that no one is hysterical about it. People are calm. No one tries to pretend that we're going to cease to exist next month because of this. After all, our homeland isn't the primary destination – Germany and the U.K. are the primary destinations.

The Czech president Zeman has observed that the European Union has failed and he urges the Czech army to defend the borders of our nation states. The plans to do so remain vague at this point – but the numbers of required soldiers have already been voiced. Does Zeman really believe that 2,600 soldiers would be enough? Maybe, maybe not.

The Czech finance minister (plus de facto prime minister) and the Slovak oligarch Andrej Babiš has a slightly different rhetoric. He wants the external border of the EU to be defended. Schengen area's external borders should be closed and NATO should help to do so. He has also suggested that the Macedonian and Bulgarian armies should actually be able to do the job by themselves.

Last week, a refrigerating chicken meat truck with 71 dead refugees was found in Austria. As recently as in 2014, this truck actually belonged to Andrej Babiš's Agrofert Corporation but I don't actually suggest that Babiš was trying to sell the immigrants' flesh as grilled chickens.

ANO, the Führer-style party led by Andrej Babiš, edited Babiš's proposals today. They want to sink the ships used to transfer the migrants (when the ships are empty, I guess) and create some "safe corridors" through which the refugees could arrive in a more kosher way. ANO thinks that the European countries shouldn't pay attention to the opinions of the United Nations on this crisis. But they suggest – and others agree – that the European countries facing the greatest challenges should simply be paid some money from others and be expected to act.

When you listen to the United Nations, it is obvious that we simply can't pay any attention to them. They're mostly lunatics. The world organization called on European nations to quickly embrace 200,000 refugees. Oh, do you really think that you have the mandate to voice similar dramatic demands? You may very well be treated as aggressors, dear comrades. These people have absolutely no mandate or justification to be here so to suggest that it's the European peoples' duty to welcome them is insulting.

Some of these SJWs are really sweet – and offend me more than the illegals themselves.

The illegals are clearly a mass phenomenon so effective, speedy policies have to be adopted if one wants to have a chance to remain in charge of the situation. The Czech police generally arrests the illegals for up to 42 days and the cops recently did so with 200 illegal immigrants. It's planning to change the attitude and allow them to take a train to Germany because Germany doesn't seem to have serious problems with them. (A Czech cook from a German refugee center said that they don't seem to be willing to work and they're not grateful for the food etc. they are getting.)

But there are technicalities in the procedure that have immediately created controversies. The Czech police is giving them numbers which are softly "tattooed" on their arms by markers. This practice is helpful both to protect the law; and to help these immigrants if someone is going to help them (e.g. to reunite kids with their parents if they get lost). Originally, the adults and kids were receiving a paper with the number but they kept throwing it away. It just didn't work. That's why a more permanent method of identification was picked. It had very good reasons.

Nevertheless, you may immediately find Western news outlets that write articles with titles such as Czech police become Nazis: Marked refugees with numbers on their forearms (Forex Report Daily).

Various journalists compare the IDs either to the IDs in German concentration camps or the David stars for the Jews.

But you know, what was wrong about the Nazi treatment wasn't the technology with which the prisoners were identified. What was wrong were the reasons why they were imprisoned and otherwise punished (their race); and the methods of punishment. The illegals are violating laws that are completely legitimate, racially and ethnically blind, and that don't contradict any human principles. Identification methods like that were used in the Third Reich and they are also used by the Czech police because they work. They are simply clever. This technology is in no way "equivalent" to the Nazi crimes against humanity. Analogously, we're not arresting people as Nazis just because they are driving on the right side of the road – even though this is the convention smoothly introduced by the Nazis one day after the occupation of the Czech lands in 1939. ;-)

We may argue that the numbering system makes the refugees more human. They are being upgraded from "totally nameless rivers of flesh uncontrollably flowing through countries of Europe" (folks that can be made disappeared without any trace etc.) to "quickly registered illegal immigrants" (who have a chance to normalize their status in one way or another). As legitimate citizens, they would need tons of papers and numbers and accounts so something like one numerical ID is surely a necessary first step.

The Czech police is considering other methods with the same impact that would be less controversial.

But it is very clear that the SJWs – often spokespeople of various humanrightist NGOs, frequently people with exotic surnames that suggest that their perspective isn't really impartial – aren't offended by any particular technical realization of such things. What they don't like is the very effort to make the illegal immigrants identifiable or their behavior broadly controllable. They simply want these hundreds of thousands of people to flood Europe and be allowed to pretend that everything is fine and no one has any right to create any problems for them – and perhaps everyone is obliged to guarantee some nice living standards to them, no matter what.

But sorry, both common sense and the laws say something totally different. These people are violating the law and they are security threats for the European nations. So it's in everybody's best interest to make it easy to identify these people. For the policemen, it's actually a duty to protect the law and act – they are paid for that.

Czechia and Slovakia (the ministers of internal affairs) have coordinated the positions and quickly agreed that if Germany really wants to embrace all Syrian refugees from all other EU countries, we will open a nice train corridor for them.

While many countries, like Hungary, are reacting in ways that may look "unilateral" (Hungary also faces much more intense anarchy and I have a full understanding for their responses), it seems pretty clear that this crisis will strengthen the solidarity between individual European nations – and will strengthen mini-blocs such as V4 (Visegrad Four: Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland). V4 prime ministers rejected the refugee quota system again today. It's helpful not to be an isolated medium-size country. I am not among those who feel certain that it's already time for us to exit the EU. But it's obvious that if the EU suddenly turned out into a foreign pressure group that will demand to demolish our nation states as we have known them by embracing masses of immigrants whose numbers are only controlled by themselves, we will have to leave the EU, and it will feel safer when we won't be alone.

I don't believe that our continent is facing some cataclysm or significant deterioration because of this influx of refugees. But it will be – and it already is – a test of the rule of law in our countries, especially in confrontation with the self-anointed owners of the truths such as the SJWs in humanrightist NGOs who always assume that they are standing above the laws – and above the whole nations into which they have intruded.

Our nations must make it very clear that we have certain laws and the ongoing events show that these laws have very good reasons to exist. If someone – an individual or a whole organization – is working hard to violate the existing law and e.g. allow the illegal immigrants to spread without limitations, then this individual or organization must be treated just like everyone else who violates the law.

So far, the situation is manageable so these people may be just asked to stop interfering with the work of the law enforcement officials – or arrested. But of course, I can imagine that the situation will get out of control, millions of illegals start to be flowing in ways that will start to resemble a war, and we will need to execute these SJWs for treason as a necessary precondition for restoration of the order. NGOs and RFI have the right to be shocked that some countries enforce their laws but if they actively help to spread the chaos, they have to be kept shocked behind the bars.

A significant part of what makes countries like mine different from the countries with a PC dictatorship is about the talk. But an important point is that the appropriate talk is enough. For example, the "guides" for the smugglers of the human flesh already discourage them from using Czechia as a transit country. That's evidence that at least someone in my country is doing his or her work. Most Czech commenters agree that the government should spend some money to print many additional copies of this high-quality "guide".

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