Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Russia's imminent solution of Syria's problems?

The following text was written hours before the Russian lawmakers okayed the airstrikes in Syria. Those began just a few hours later.

The U.N. General Assembly has listened to many talks. Obama wants to remove Assad because that leader has already been labeled as politically incorrect in the U.S.; Putin wants to keep him because he's the head of the only significant force in Syria that has a chance to defeat the extremists. You may see a difference between a rational politician and a politician with hay filling his skull.

I do believe that it must be an easy, straightforward task for a power to destroy ISIS. The U.S. failures in doing so indicate that Obama's White House doesn't actually want to do so.

But maybe the failures are due to a complete incompetency and the characteristically American misunderstanding of geography outside the U.S. border. For example, the result of a half-a-billion-dollar U.S. program to train Syrian opposition warriors is that there are five ("5", using digits) troops left who may want to fight. Wow, what an army.

At any rate, Russia seems increasingly active in Syria and its contributions may accelerate very soon. Russia has a naval base in Tartus. Lots of weapons and humanitarian aid have been brought there, perhaps the most Western port in Syria, as well as Lattakia. So far, it's only Assad's forces that are stronger thanks to Russia but Russia may offer a more direct military aid, too. So far, Russia has been refusing the idea of its ground troops operating in Syria, however.

In his 10-minute impromptu speech in Zeman English (video on the right side here), the Czech president Zeman dismissed Obama's contribution (a speech pretending to cover 20 topics – including stupidities like climate change – but saying exactly nothing of value) and called for the creation of international small sleeping units that would fight the "cancer" of Islamism with the help of drones and helicopters. It's as easy as to locally kill the heads of the terrorist organizations and things will be fine. No occupation is needed. Zeman enumerated the major terrorist organizations and said that according to two Arab leaders (one of them is the Emirates' crown prince Abu Zhabi...) who have talked to him, the Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella organization for all these terror groups (and maybe even for Obama, Zeman politely didn't mention).

Zeman's recipe sounds like a straightforward miraculous cure for the ISIS and similar diseases but I actually do think it is possible. Also, Zeman met the leaders in Syria. Both Assad's government and Syria's "moderate" opposition seem to agree to sign a peace treaty in Prague, in a couple of months. Zeman argues that if ISIS or a similar group should be a part of the agreement, he would veto it.

These comments of mine about the diplomatic role of Czechia are arguably more than a symptom of my biased patriotism. Right now, the U.S. has no embassy in Damascus and the Czech embassy is the only building in Syria that represents the U.S. interests diplomatically. Our relationships with Syria's politics have quite a tradition. Three decades ago, Hafez Assad, the dad of the current leader, bought a huge amount of weaponry from Czechoslovakia and it took quite some time for Syria to repay the debt but they did it. (Off-topic: in S09E02 of The Big Bang Theory aired two days ago, Sheldon Cooper compared his separation from Amy to the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Sheldon has previously compared Czechoslovakia to his lower intestine and impressed everyone by singing the Good King Wenceslaus.)

At this moment, Saudi Arabia seems to be the country that is most obsessed with the liquidation of the Assad regime.

However, a military activity is needed, the Czech president corrected one of the three "myths". Zeman has argued that it's beautiful to criticize terrorism, organize rallies and write declarations against terrorism. "I think that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi will surely read these declarations carefully," Zeman quipped. Failed states proliferate and so do assassinations, cruelties, destruction of heritage such as one in Palmyra, and so on.

At any rate, some genuine fix should take place in Syria – and perhaps also Iraq etc. It's a root problem with many other consequences, including the ongoing migration wave that Europe faces. If peace were established and some basic conditions were fixed in Syria and perhaps a few other places, one could also immediately close the EU border and declare that there are no legitimate refugees from Syria etc. at all.

A problem is that some people, including powerful ones (and not just complete nuts on the fringe such as George Soros), actually like the Islamization of Europe. For that reason, they may also like the mess and conflict and cruel violence in Syria even if they don't tell you these things explicitly. Such a claim – important politicians don't really want peace in that country or another – may sound as a conspiracy theory. Except that some "conspiracy theories" of this sort are frequently being proven right these days.

Another example of such a "conspiracy theory" is that the EU is a project that wants to end democracy on the European continent. To a certain extent, this proposition is self-evidently true. The European Union moves the decisions further away from the citizens. The EU's politicians aren't being elected in elections; the process of choosing them is vastly less transparent and more indirect. But many people may say: the plan to "end" democracy in Europe is surely an exaggeration, isn't it?

Well, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU commissar ["minister"] responsible for the migration crisis, made some statements suggesting that it is not an exaggeration at all. This Greek ex-minister of foreign affairs (from would-be conservative New Democracy) rejected the idea that the failure to deal with the migration crisis will strengthen extremist parties. He said:
The European Commission isn't interested in consequences and it doesn't care about the political costs of its acts. The commission is here for five years and it pushes its visions. It isn't motivated by reelection. [So it may piss on the voters and EU citizens in general.] This is a message I want to communicate to all of Europe: stop caring about the effects of the migration on the politics of any particular nation state. All national politicians should be like us [they should despise the citizens of their countries].

[Our enemies are little worms. I saw them in Munich.]

The actual moral duty of the European Commission is to serve the refugees [whatever it means for the stinky Europeans and the continent]. It makes no sense to build fences. There are no fences you can't climb over, there is no sea one can't sail over when he is escaping from violence and terror.
Wow. I think it is not only the Euroskeptics who were left speechless for a while. The arrogance of this individual is indeed breathtaking. I don't know whether he fully realizes that the Europeans may want to catch a Greek would-be dictator and a parody of a human being that has conquered a chair in Brussels and wants to abuse it to harm or liquidate our civilization on the whole Old Continent into a net and keep him in a safe and dark place for the rest of his life. I surely want it and there are at least tens of millions of others who agree with me.

The comment that we shouldn't be building fences etc. because they can be climbed over is cute, too. One may also break any lock and get through any door. In the real world, no barrier is insurmountable and no object is unbreakable etc. Does it mean that our buildings shouldn't have doors, locks, keys, we shouldn't try to protect them or make the life of those who violate the laws and legitimate interests of others harder? It's absolutely terrible that the European Union allows lunatics such as Mr Avramopoulos to be hired for jobs that affect the whole continent.

I find it absolutely unacceptable to allow jerks like Mr Avramopoulos to seriously affect our lives if they openly admit that their duty isn't to serve their country or countries or the citizens living in these countries at all.

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