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The Arab-Nazi connection

The special attachment of the Muslims to Germany has deep historical roots

Three days ago, The Frontpage Magazine published Daniel Greenfield's article
Germany's refugee quota plan is a 2nd invasion of Eastern Europe
which argues that for the first time since the Second World War, Germany is trying to invade Czechia (plus other countries). You may ask: What kind of a German invasion is it if it is the Muslims whom Germany wants to spread all over Europe?

The point is that the Muslims identify themselves with the Germans and vice versa. You may have wondered: Why do the migrants in this migrant wave always talk about Germany? Couldn't they have found out that other countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the U.K., and perhaps even France etc., among others, have similar (and sometimes higher) GDP per capita and similar welfare systems?

Has their education about the European geography been so bad that they haven't been capable of noticing other worthy countries in Europe? However, their lousy education probably isn't the main reason of their focus on Germany. Instead, the reasons are historical. Germany gets a special place because these people are still identifying it with the Third Reich and the Third Reich had an incredibly close relationships with the Islamists. During the Nazi era, Germany has made it deep to the Muslims' mythology.

To learn (or be reminded) about all these links, I recommend you a 2013 text
The Muslim/Nazi Connection
We sometimes think that the word "Islamofascism" only denotes some rough analogy. But from the viewpoint of a historian, it's more than a rough analogy. It's nearly equivalence. Both Nazism and Islamism hate Jews, democracy, the United States, and other things. They worship ancient and medieval legends and despise the modernity, except for the modern weapons.

But there has been intense collaboration at the political and personal level, too.

It already started in the 1920s when the Nazi movement was getting born. When the Muslims established the Muslim Brotherhood – the parent organization of Al-Qaeda, the ISIS, and most other Islamic terrorist organizations – in 1928, their booklets were greatly inspired by the Nazi ones. In 1933, the pro-Axis Young Egypt Party was born. It was pretty much a branch of NSDAP.

During the Second World War, tons of Arabs were fighting on the side of Hitler. It was the "cream" of the jihadists. Muslims in the Red Army were routinely defecting to fight along with the Third Reich, too. Muslim leaders were hailing and enthusiastically welcoming Hitler and other Nazis and the page contains tons of facts of this type. "Bissama Allah, oria alard Hitler – in heaven Allah, on earth Hitler" was a popular Arab song during the war. Since 1932, Hitler was known as Abu Ali in Syria.

Hitler was returning the favors, although less enthusiastically than the Muslims. His speeches contained claims such as: "The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France." France may have become a 10% Islamic nation but it didn't help and the migration wave apparently confirms Hitler's assertion. They still feel closer to Germany. And Hitler has even said: "The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Mohammed."

Also, Hitler was impressed by the Arab historians who were telling him about the better world that would exist if the Muslims had won a decisive battle. He was fascinated by the propagation of the faith with the sword. At the end, he also considered Arabs to be racially inferior but he was dreaming about Islamized Germans who would take over the Middle East and stood on the shoulders of Islam.

The proximity of the Islamists to Nazism transcends the Arab World. Persia, another important part of the Muslim world, asked the foreigners to use the new name Iran for itself in 1935 (the transition of the name was only completed in 1959). Why? You may have noticed that Iran sounds similar to Aryan. Well, it's no coincidence. The word "Iran" means "Aryan" in the Persian language and the new name was adopted because the leader of Persia was impressed by Hitler's crackpot anthropology involving the "Aryan race" as an allegedly well-defined subset of the Caucasian race.

Just imagine how crazily ironic it is when "Iran" is viewed as a more politically correct name of the country than "Persia". "Iran" was taken directly from the dictionary of the Nazi jargon and myths.

This obsession of the Muslim nations with the Nazis has continued in the post-war era, too. "The greatest contemporary Arab hero is probably Hitler," a pundit at Inside Asia has argued. After all, the #6 bestselling book in "Palestine", the part of Israel with a dense Arab population, is Hitler's Mein Kampf. This surely does say something about their intellectual life – and does affect them as well, doesn't it?

Something has changed about this powerful Allah-Hitler coalition in 1945. Hitler wisely committed suicide and most Germans didn't give a damn – at least publicly – about Hitler, at least for the following 70 years. However, the evolution was different in the Muslim world. Allah didn't and couldn't commit suicide – because Ze doesn't exist – but the people over there continued to worship this monster, anyway. They were much slower. One should understand that the evolution of opinions about the big questions is much less dynamic in the Muslim world. From most viewpoints, they're still intellectually living in the year 700 AD or so.

The obsession of the Muslims about the Nazis and their values and legends has never faded away too much. As I said, the obsession of Germans about Hitler – and therefore about the Muslims as well – did fade away. But maybe it's returning? It surely makes sense to argue that many Germans find the Islamization of Europe to be a great idea because they largely identify themselves with the Islam, thanks to the Nazi traditions.

One remotely related event.

Some weeks ago, we learned that German city halls are "allowed" to confiscate people's apartments and houses in order to house the illegal Muslim immigrants. Almost all Czechs were shocked, and I am sure that so were most of you. But it still seemed theoretical. Today in the morning, the Czech media reprinted a story from Die Welt and other German outlets.

This expulsion of the locals from their homes is already taken place!

Bettina Halbey (51) lived with her dog and cat in a 90-square-meter apartment in Nieheim, a town of 6,000 inhabitants in Germany's Midwest (I am sure that you would point to the approximately right place of the map if you read this new term of mine LOL). It just happened that she has already known about the Muslim migrants. Above her apartment, there was an attic apartment with a family of 7 immigrants. Their relationships were good. The lady was generous enough so that she also donated a TV set to them.

But on September 1st, she got a letter from the city hall that she has to donate not just a $10 old TV set but her whole apartment to another group of migrants. She has to move out and they didn't give her any other place to live. Just try to understand how incredibly insane and sick this is. The luxury of illegal immigrants who shouldn't be there at all was placed above the rights of the local citizen, despite her complete innocence and flawless payments.

They just vaguely told her that they may perhaps help her with not remaining homeless sometime in the future. Maybe Poland, after it has betrayed V4, will offer her a place to live in Auschwitz. IG Farben may donate all the chemicals to minimize the number of frustrating days in the rest of her life. If IG Farben doesn't have the right chemicals or if it turns out to be defunct, Volkswagen or BMW may do the job, instead. ;-)

If she doesn't leave, Gestapo will arrive to her home and shout:
Hände hoch. Raus. Arische Islamische Übermenschen kommen. Ratatata.
Another woman at the ground floor who takes care of 2 children has to move out by August 2016.

Do some German politicians believe that this is roughly the way how they want to deal with the immigrants? When a million of them arrive, do they want to kick half a million of Germans from their homes? Don't the German social engineers understand that this half a million of Germans could be upset and they would have the unquestionable moral right to kill every apparatchik who had something to do with this forced Islamization?

It's pretty amazing that the champions of the illegal Islamization of Europe are trying to paint themselves as the fine, sensitive, ethical people who protect Europe against racism and things like that. In reality, many of their policies and arguments are direct continuations of Nazism. They're only politically correct in the very same sense in which Nazism was politically correct: they have accumulated enough power to falsely slander, intimidate, bully, and harass everyone who (rightfully) considers their ideology pathological and who is actually existentially threatened by it.

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  1. It seems largely to have been forgotten that during the Second World War the Allies were sufficiently concerned about the Persian affinity for Berlin that the UK and the USSR invaded Iran and partitioned it between them until the end of the war.