Friday, October 09, 2015

Ted Cruz vs Sierra Club president

The following 10-minute video shows an exchange between the GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz and Aaron Mair, the current president of the Sierra Club, who was a witness in the Congress.

Sierra Club is an environmental organization founded in 1892. The organization supports the climate alarmism in the maximum way. Normally, you would expect the president of an organization that says to care about the Earth and the environment – and the climate – to know at least something. You would normally expect he knows more than a conservative Republican politician.

But you would be totally wrong. The video above shows that the president of the Sierra Club doesn't have the slightest clue about the basic facts concerning the climate change issue. He's much more ignorant than an average schoolkid who has spent 30 minutes by reading sources about this stuff. Aaron Mair's knowledge of the science is clearly much closer to the knowledge of an average gorilla.

After a short unconstructive conversation about the Sierra Club's desire to make any debate about the climate science impossible, Cruz asked Mair about the basically vanishing trend in the global mean temperature in the recent 18 years, according to the satellite (UAH or RSS) measurements.

Mair didn't know what the temperature or the satellites meant. So he consulted his staff all the time – like the stupidest kid in the classroom who always has to cheat and be helped by his classmates. The staff didn't know much more. When Cruz asked about the meaning of "the pause", Mair said he knew what it was but he clearly didn't have a clue about it, either. After he talked to his staff, they decided that it was a pause in the warming in the 1940s. Well, that's not what is referred to as "the pause". Even with some basic intelligence, they could have guessed that it was referring to the recent 18 years but Mair and his staff clearly don't have the basic intelligence, either.

At some moment, Mair reduced himself from a gorilla to a parrot. He has repeated the slogan that "we agree with 97% of the scientists" about 97 times (although 3 of the identical sentences were variations with some permutations of the words and an artifact from Cruz's sentence was incorporated into the sentence about 97%, too). He failed to mention that the number 97% came from a fraudulent study by John Cook et al., a college dropout, and the number was calculated as the percentage of time when John Cook signed as "John Cook" in his fraudulent polls. In the remaining 3% of the time, John Cook signed as "Luboš Motl". What a surprise, the percentage calculated in this way ended up being 97% and thousands of apes have been repeating this meaningless number ever since.

America is usually a highly effective country but you can find lots of organizations such as the Sierra Club who employ complete imbeciles – people who would had no chance to collect enough expertise to be janitors, let alone the expertise for any job that deals with the information. Some of the pseudoscientists on the Internet – like Tamino or Pig or others – could at least tell you 30 wrong statements – but statements that look plausible and diverse – about different issues related to the climate. But the only thing that Mair has learned about the climate is how to pronounce "97%". The magnitude of his stupidity is really incredible.

For the Sierra Club, the climate alarm is arguably the main "cause" these days and the president of the organization knows nothing about it. If an equally competent person were chosen as the chair of the Federal Reserve, he or she wouldn't have an idea what the U.S. dollar or a bond is. The new secretary of defense wouldn't know what NATO or a tank means. A new Apple CEO wouldn't know what a smartphone or a tablet is. But maybe he would know that Apple earns 97% of the world's profits from the hand-worn telephones and he would know how to sell this knowledge 97 times, too.

Ted Cruz's knowledge about the satellite time series is good enough but I am convinced that e.g. Marc Morano knows vastly more about hundreds of aspects of this controversial discipline. Try to imagine what it would look like if Mair were grilled by Morano instead of Cruz and if they had more time for that.

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