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Europe shocked by Swedish prime minister's arrogance

Sweden's social democratic prime minister opened his working-class mouth in the Financial Times yesterday

Stefan Löfven rebukes eastern Europe over refugee crisis
and it wasn't pretty. Central and Eastern Europe's attitude to the migrant wave was "egotist" and "incompatible with humane European values", we heard. He insisted that other European countries were obliged to sink into the same mess that the irresponsible politicians have imposed on Sweden.

Bathing in a dress is a new habit that's been witnessed in Czechia, too, despite the fact that the rules of hygiene in some places of our countries ban even bathing in the Bermuda swimwear.

With a one-day delay, the gospel penetrated to the Central and Eastern European media and the reaction is rather unequivocal. I translate the most upvoted comments under the article on Czechia's leading center-right news server. Here is the URL of the discussion. You may switch from the "best" to the "newest" sorting of the comments, too.

Positive/negative votes are numerically indicated.

Marek Rytzko, 215/3:

I don't understand what the likes of Löfvén and Merkel don't understand about the fact that here in Central and Eastern Europe, we don't want any no-go zone similar to those in the West from us. Moreover, when 80% of the invaders are illiterate or alumni of basic schools only, what kind of benefits would they bring us? If the answer is "none", it must certainly be "minimal".

Karel Hauptvogel, 294/6

On the other hand, we think it's an egotist behavior to say: "We have created a big problem for ourselves with the migrants – so let others have the same problem, too!"

(Another commenter offers a Czech proverb to express the same idea. My goat has died so the neighbor's goat should die, too.)

Evžen Huml, 172/2:

"Kefalín, [in Slovak] what are you imagining under the term 'European values'?" [Paraphrased classic movie about the treatment of the enemies of socialism by the Czechoslovak army in the 1950s, The Black Barons]

Roman Korec, 291/7

You are behaving like idiots, Mr Swedish prime minister. Normally, it would obviously be just your problem but with your sunnymen's (SJWs') crimes, you are dragging the whole European civilization to the bottom of the sea and at that point, it ceases to be just your problem.

Moreover, your political workaround by which you circumvented the elections which, as you know very well, would be lost by the sunnymen, you have clearly shown what's the status of the "European values" in your country.

People like you are also responsible for the death of the people who have died on their journey to a wealthier welfare system (that's the only thing that matters here: no one believes the "refugee" status of the Afghani, Kosovar, Pakistani, Bangladeshi... "Syrians" anymore). So much for the "humanity".

David Valeš, 157/3

In a few years, Löfven will mean the same thing for the Swedes ass Quisling means for the Norwegians. When such a man is criticizing us, it is a confirmation that our behavior is correct. A problem would arise if he were praising us.

Sverigedemokraterna [thumb up]. [A traditional Swedish anti-immigrant party.]

Jiří Brož, 137/2

Is it a message from those tolerant Swedes who are burning out the refugee centers? Are they going to lecture us? Unlike them, we haven't boasted that we can deal with a million of migrants. Now they should enjoy the taste of the million if they have invited these folks.

Jiří Látal, 92/0

This message makes it clear that if the migrants were such a great benefit, as the media try to claim all the time, he would probably not dream about sharing them. :-)

Radim Sládek, 134/3

The prime minister of a country where the elections have been banned is preaching about the European values. :-)

Marek Rytzko, 162/5

Mr prime minister may talk the sunnymen nonsense as much as he wants but the fact that his own fellow citizens – and I mean the true Swedes who are getting very upset – will be unlikely to change their opinion if this approach continues. He probably doesn't think about any reelection when the preference for anti-immigration parties goes steeply up in Sweden.

On the other hand, I am very happy that he complains about the East of Europe. For me, it is a signal that he realizes that most of the normal people over here are against him and I wish it will be the case for as long a time as possible. In the future, the Western European nations may silently be jealous that we haven't flooded our lands by the violence-leaning invaders. [thumb up]

Bohumil Procházka, 141/4

When the Germans, Swedes, and others stop feeding the illusions that the life in Europe resembles a telenovella by their generous welfare payments, we may start to seriously talk. However, I have personally no problem whatsoever with someone's decision to spend some time in our country. In my workplace, I have numerous Polish and Italian co-workers and it's possible to safely survive that.

Antonín Urbánek, 90/1

If I were a top politician in a Western European country, I would be very careful about similar statements. It's not quite possible to directly or indirectly invite the immigrants to Europe, by the generous welfare system on one hand; and then demand that those who have denounced this policy will help me when I lose the control over the situation on the other hand. Not only I can look like a simpleton but these screams may lure yet another wave of immigrants. However, the coming elections in all these countries will probably make a point. Normal Swedes, Germans, or Austrians are not morons.

Ivan Kotlín, 82/1

Mr prime minister, which other European country has also abolished the elections, if you already talk about the values?

Bronislav Haken, 66/0

Comrade socialist could also give us a talk about the details of their opposition agreement up to 2022 and whether it makes any sense to organize the elections in 2018 at all. :-)

Michal Bašta, 90/2

Let us translate the words a little bit: "I understand when you say that the crisis is a problem" – you are allowed to complain – "but to say 'It isn't my problem, we can't accept Muslims'" – but you have to do what your overlords want you to do – "No, it is not a part of our European values and I simply don't understand this attitude" – we are doing that and look how great we are doing. Even though we have no idea what to do with the migrants in the winter, we still need everyone else to have the same problem so that it's not manifest that we are crazy. Because we can't openly say that our potential to deal with the issue has been depleted, when new people keep on flowing here and nothing indicates that the influx will stop.

Unfortunately, people from very different cultures differ in their opinion about the usefulness and role of toilets, too.

Jan Souček, 85/2

It's strange that these are the words by a prime minister of a country that has failed in the immigration policies and that is still failing. A country that allowed the birth of enclaves on its territory where the state institutions have no power. Enclaves controlled by family gangs that are only being monitored by the police because the police doesn't dare to enter. It's strange that a certain male or female member of the Swedish government complained just a few weeks ago that Sweden is beginning to crumble thanks to the unmanageable influx of the migrants. The Swedish politicians should apparently first think about the question where they made a mistake or many mistakes in recent decades. They should avoid the strategy to think that if their country is decaying away, ours should do the same.

Míra Hrančík, 84/2

Mr Löfvén is mistaken... Yes, we may say that we don't want a Muslim community and ghettos in our country. We are a sovereign nation with its own opinion about the acceptability of illegal migrants!! And we are dealing with the migrant issue in agreement with the valid treaties, unlike the countries that are screaming in the loudest way...

Petr Franc, 68/1

Another lunatic in the queue.

Karel Fuksa, 67/1

Blah blah blah. Your refugee centers are burning so get a fire extinguisher and get to work, Mr prime minister... :-)

Ján Loskot, 66/1

[in Slovak] "Swedish prime minister described as egotist the behavior of some governments of the Eastern countries in the European Union." I think that Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and maybe Poland should send a sharply worded protest against comrade Löfven pointing out that he should care about HIS country and he should stop intervene into political affairs of other sovereign countries. Our politicians should always loudly reply to the likes of this Swedish prime minister. It is an incredible arrogance that he dares to do something like that at all. All the V4 countries should summon the Swedish diplomats and vigorously urge them to discourage Mr Löfvén from intervening into things he has no credentials to intervene into.

Jaroslav Malý, 72/2

This prime minister is another tragic figure. First, he and people similar to him drag Sweden to the edge of an abyss, they are standing a few steps before a collapse, and then they scream that the EU should exert pressure on countries with a small number of illegals. Finally, he is whining in the Times that we are not compassionate enough. He is simply a typical European hypocritical loser. I can't wait to see the elections and the socialist defeat in Sweden.

Michal Zetek, 58/1

These are not immigrants but invaders.

It seems that Sweden still considers their number of rapes per 100,000 people to be too low. ;-/

Jiří Langweil, 55/1

Thankfully, he still avoided the frequent term "Eastern European countries" [LM: well, the FT article surely didn't avoid it] which is meant to indicate people who don't have the clean blood of the democratic elite societies from the Western Europe. They will never treat us as peers. And the wages etc. will always be different because of this attitude, too.

Martin Kuliš, 72/3

Swedish prime minister, go to the aß[hole]. [Czech idiom for f*ck off.]

Jindřich Šašek, 70/3

If I were getting his salary, I could share the "European values", too. But what about thinking about the normal people who have to pay for that and who will be affected by all the bad consequences in the future?

Some good comments with a few votes because they're new:

Ms Iva Zikešová, 6/0

This is not the egotist behavior but the survival instinct. The Swedes are inviting people with a negligible perspective of assimilation, negligible chances to succeed in the workplace, a tiny probability of the tolerance towards the original population and its habits, but with a high likelihood of parasiting on the welfare system of the host country and with the perspective of requiring the original population to adapt to the habits of the newcomers. The Swedes are free to make these decisions. But they're not allowed to force this approach on others who just don't want something like that! It's enough to look at the problems with the immigrants from Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in all the European countries. It's enough to look at the problems everywhere where the number of Musulmen grew too high. Thank you but I don't want that!

Slavomír Beneš, 12/1

Not even Brezhnev dared to articulate his dictate into our internal affairs this openly. He was justifying his "international help" by our own interests and whenever he needed to dictate us, he was framing it as a voluntary decision by our government. It's clear that he has simply ordered the government to act in a certain way but at least superficially, he was preserving an illusion of sovereignty.

Moreover, only the top politicians of the most powerful country of the bloc could afford to do things like that. Leaders in East Germany, Hungary, Poland, or Bulgaria couldn't.

In the current situation, the arrogance is totally public, they don't even try to mask it, and it comes from a country that is not at the top of the power hierarchy of that political bloc.

Jan Kudláček, 3/0

We should expel the Swedish ambassador and terminate the diplomatic relationships with them. And the best decision would be to exit the European Union because those nations and their politicians have a totally different thinking, they are degenerated, they have a distorted multi-culti world view, and with their pseudohumanism and self-accusations, they are on their journey to hell. We can't ever agree with them and they are only dragging us towards doom.

The whole discussion is approaching 2,000 comments right now so I will obviously not translate everything. The spirit is mostly constant and the comments would be repetitive in their essence, anyway.

BTW Masha, a member of the P*ssy Riot, has visited the most important Czech detention facility for migrants. She had some dismissive words about that place's not being a luxurious hotel. Czechs are mostly surprised that this foreign tourist and porn actress was allowed to visit such a sensitive facility at all.

Also, Bavaria is completing a lawsuit against the Bundesgovernment. Towns like Landshut have promised to bus all the migrants in the city above the limit of 1,800 to Angela Merkel's office in Berlin. I hope that she has enough chairs in the office.

Concerning the quota approved by a qualified majority vote 6 weeks ago, they were designed to ambitiously redistribute hundreds of thousands of people. The reality is that only 116 migrants have been allocated according to this system so far. The difference between 120,000 and 116 shows how completely detached from reality all the planning of these multi-culti nutjobs is. And the actual number of migrants we're talking about it isn't just 120,000 – the influx just in 2015 has probably exceeded a million.

Germany has agreed to accept over 25,000 people under this system. So far it has accepted ten people. The numbers are similar in other 10 or so nations and 16 EU member states have made no available spots at all so far. Even when it comes to EU rules that are "common sense", like restrictions on the budget gap, it's been impossible to enforce such rules. The migrant quotas are immensely controversial and disputed by huge majorities of nations like mine so it's rather obvious that the nations will largely ignore the vote.

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