Friday, November 13, 2015

New Paris attacks: a huge warning

My condolences go to the families and friends of the victims of the new, coordinated terror attacks in Paris. Things are getting worse; what happened tonight is more bloody and more widespread than the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.

Shalom (CZ), original version by Olympic (CZ): Bon Soir, Mademoiselle Paris. The frustrated mood and lyrics (Love is your fate, God bless you...) sound totally appropriate for this sad weekend.

After 9 pm, terror erupted at least at seven places (I will mention only the well-known four); the total number of terrorists is said to be at least 8 (which may or may not include at least 3 suicide bombers) and the number of casualties is probably over 120 at this point, mostly in a theater. Once the attackers were killed, three of them carried 2 Syrian and 1 Egyptian passports, respectively. At least two attackers were "refugees" registered in Greece (in February and October, respectively). At least several attackers were teenagers; at least one was female.

Shooting at the "Little Cambodia" restaurant; at least 11 casualties there. Death metal concert at the Bataclan theater attended by a thousand of music fans; 100+ hostages taken and at least 100 (originally 35) killed (they were being slaughtered one-by-one and some of them are posting pictures on social networks; the earlier number "35" didn't include possible victims of 5 explosions over there after the midnight). Explosions near "Stade de France" where Hollande (identified as a primary target of the attack) was just watching a friendly soccer match against Germany; 10 people either injured or killed. (France won 2-to-0; Czechia defeated Serbia 4-to-1 tonight.) There was a shooting and bombing at the "Les Halles" mall, too; casualties are unknown.

I am not going to make a sharp claim about the identity of the perpetrator but it's obvious what "kind" of culprits I am imagining. If the perpetrators are German soccer fans, it's probably some of the newest German soccer fans who have arrived to Germany in recent months. Some attackers in the theater mentioned "This is for Syria" and "Allah Akbaru", witnesses reported. CNN often reports nonsense and has lots of mistakes everywhere but sometimes it's right and it has just reported that there were "68 attackers" in the theater.

If this idea is at least remotely correct, it is a huge warning. Angela Merkel has made another crazy speech today, suggesting that she wants to continue in her clueless policies of the deliberate Islamization of Germany and Europe.

Up to 1.5 million people from the problematic region may apply for asylum in Germany just in 2015. An overwhelming majority of them wants the Sharia law, a similar majority disagrees with the human rights for women, about a quarter openly roots for the ISIS, and so on. The filtering of the immigrant has become basically non-existent to the extent that the whole Islamic State may have pretty much relocated to Europe already.

Paris, live

Europe may have allowed thousands or tens of thousands of the most cruel jihadists to easily enter our territory. That's one thousand or ten thousand times the gunmen who brought the terror to Paris tonight. They may do whatever they want. They may do so in a coordinated fashion. The coordination is an idea that I emphasized after the attacks in Tunisia etc. These immigrants are a time bomb that may explode in much of Europe simultaneously, at a moment of their choice.

According to the newest Global Peace Index, Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world while Czechia is the 10th country and Germany is 16th. France is 45th and the U.S. is 94th (not too great). I am afraid that after this bad Friday 13th, France may be moved some 100 steps closer towards the bottom.

In general, Europe remains the third most peaceful continent after Antarctica and Australia. If we want this fact to remain true, we clearly have to do much more than stop the Islamic invasion. We have to find (almost) all the new immigrants from the Muslim world who are already here; and retroactively filter them. If an Angela Merkel will continue to fail to understand the gravity of the situation, she will have to be deported, too.

Also, I don't believe that Paris is a safe place for meetings such as the climate hysteria meeting at the end of the month. If the French authorities don't want to risk the elimination of a big part of the world's political elite, they should cancel the event. Climate alarmists may be aßholes but I still care about them as about human beings.

France ordered its army to act in Paris and temporarily closed the borders. Hollande announced that he knows who the terrorists are, he canceled his visit to G20, and he declared the first state of emergency on the whole French territory since 1944 (and the second curfew or martial law in Paris, the first softer one was during the 2005 French riots). The government may enter any private homes and fully control the press, among other things. I am pretty curious how Hollande, who just accidentally escaped the assassination by several Syrian "refugees", will keep on defending the unlimited influx of this lethally dangerous stuff from the Islamic Anticivilization to Europe. Czech commenters say that Merkel's today's monologue looks, in the light of the Paris events, as a bad joke from a satirical program such as "Czech Soda". Just hours before the attacks, media reported that Merkel will "fight" for her open-door policy. She's clearly not the only one who fights.

Update, 0:49 Paris/Prague Winter Time: The first chap was arrested in the theater and he boasted that he was one of three multicultural poor Syrian refugees recruited by ISIS. At 0:55, the horror at the concert hall was over when just two attackers were shot dead.

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