Monday, November 02, 2015

Philippe Verdier sacked: France back to the Middle Ages

Philippe Verdier, a popular TV weatherman on the state-owned channel "France 2", was always a climate skeptic of a sort. But he was truly energized to write a book after the French foreign (!?) minister Fabius organized a meeting with the TV weathermen and shamelessly urged them to spread the climate hysteria on TV screens.

One month ago, he relased his book Climat Investigation about the politicization of the climate science, distortion of the data by the IPCC, and similar things. I haven't read the book but I want to believe that it's similar to other climate skeptics' books that I have read.

In this dramatic video, Verdier opened the letter and announced that he was sacked. What's really shocking is that he was basically dismissed by the government. Is that how Mr Hollande and his comrades interpret "liberté, égalité, fraternité" these days?

France 24, The Australian and RT are three of the mainstream outlets that have a story on this dismissal. I guess that Verdier won't be hungry anytime soon. The book is currently the #5 on the bestseller list (afternoon: #4). It has good ratings.

Up to the day when Mr Hollande starts to burn the books and heretics at stake, Verdier could be doing very well financially. Others are often less lucky.

It seems likely that the French tyrants have hardened their postmodern Inquisition because in four weeks, a COP 21 climate conference starts in... Paris. Mr Hollande and his thugs want to create the illusion that an overwhelming majority of the French nation backs these inhuman, anti-capitalist, pseudoscientific policies. But it's very unlikely. Try to publish a book that could at least compete with Verdier's book, you alarmist cranks!

But if you allow me to apply my most refined French high-society manners, I must insist that Mr Hollande eats his own šit and stops spreading it around. We all know the key reasons why this whole climate alarmist movement is rubbish. But new reasons are appearing every day. For example, it turns out that Antarctica actually contributes a negative amount to the sea level rise. It is gaining ice (by volume).

Many new people start to be more explicit about their negative attitude to this stuff. For Putin, the climate panic is a fraud designed to restrain developing nations. Well, it's not the only purpose of this junk but it's one of the important ones. I urge Mr Hollande and his thugs to apologize to Mr Verdier, offer him the job back, and offer him the chair of the president or the vice-president of the French delegation to the Paris summit.

Incidentally, today's El Niño region 3.4 weekly ONI index is 2.7. I think that it's more likely than not right now that by the ONI measure, the ongoing El Niño will be stronger than the 1997-1998 "El Niño of the century". However, that doesn't necessarily mean some extreme weather in Canada or something like that. Those correlations between the Pacific equator and very distant regions exist but their strength is usually vastly overstated.

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