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A new anthem of climate realists

There are some cool climate skeptics' songs out there, like I'm a Denier or Hide the Decline or Imagine There's No Global Warming or If We Had Some Global Warming.

But none of the songs has claimed to be an anthem of climate realists. Koch brothers are generous philantropists – although I haven't received a penny from them yet – but they are also creative musicians.

Lyrics here

So they have written down a song and I think it's a catchy and especially harmonious one. The science isn't terribly advanced or formulated in the style of the journal articles but all the basic observations are there – about the weather events and cruel world in the past, Al Gore's being a full of šit, the importance of fossil fuels, and so on.

Lots of good musicians participated in the creation of the clip. Just for fun, at the end, the Koch brothers called a brainless female celebrity who refused to participate in the recording of the anthem because she actually believes in the global warming hoax. Quite a typical blonde.

Thank you, Koch brothers – whether you were the real ones or the fictitious ones – for this song. I may keep on returning to it because it sounds pretty good. You know, if this were created as a prank by an alarmist, it's fun because one would have to be a truly hopeless psychopath to disagree with the lyrics (e.g. that there were always earthquakes, the snow exists, we're doing fine, and fossil fuels are helping – and all the other statements).

I was also impressed by John Kerry who suddenly realized that it's futile to reduce the CO2 emissions in the U.S. or the advanced world. He agreed that even if all Americans did [all the crazy things] and stopped all CO2 emissions tomorrow, nothing would detectably change about the CO2 let alone temperatures. Even if all people in the civilized world would the same, the effect would be zero because the other countries would basically prevail or compensate our reductions.

The third stage of the admission he failed to add was that even if the whole mankind did the same and stopped CO2 emissions, naughty, cheeky, and uncontrollable natural effects would still be changing the temperature by roughly the same 1 °C a century (an order-of-magnitude estimate) as we get with or without CO2. Just like the GOP, Nature isn't sending any negotiators to the idiotic climate conferences! Whatever part of our lives we would sacrifice, it would still be true that in the year 60,000, there will be an ice age in which the temperature will be some 8 °C cooler than today.

So, dear alarmist hacks, get used to the fact that there are some entities that transcend your petty existences – like Nature and its laws, GOP, and the free people of the whole world.

Even if we contribute a significant term to the changes of the temperatures, it's futile to "fight" against the climate change because there are still many terms that may prevail and that we may not control. The situation is analogous to the OPEC's desire to stop the falling oil prices. Even though OPEC is powerful, relatively speaking, it just can't "control" the quantity.

Well, at least John Kerry has made a step or two towards regaining some mental abilities and common sense.

Meanwhile, as predicted, the Paris conference proceeds according to the standard template. There's a deadlock and the negotiations have been extended by a day. I think that after this 1-day overtime, they may continue with a penalty shootout.

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