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Paris: sane people more threatened by ecoterrorists than Islamists now

When Marc Morano, the man behind the climate realist website ClimateDepot.com, was informing me that he was going to travel to COP-21 in Paris, I urged him to watch out. A terror attack had just occurred in Paris (Friday 13th November) and the climate negotiations could have been a good opportunity for the terrorists to kill lots of people.

Now I feel that I have overreacted to recent events. It's actually the climate alarmists who are a much greater threat for the lives of the climatically sane people located in Paris these days.

Many more pictures about the funny interactions of the sane people and the alarmists are here.

Avaaz, an environmentalist terrorist group, has spread thousands (no exaggeration) of "wanted" posters with the photographs of seven "climate criminals" across the streets of Paris. See their page on the "climate criminals" and their one-minute video about the stunt. The list is: Sporton, Ebell, Morano, Horner, Lomborg, Wild, and Taylor.

Is that stunt funny? Well, the answer may depend on one's tastes. I don't find it too funny and I would feel somewhat terrified if I were one of the targets. More importantly, I believe that the terror group has basically forged official police documents and they should be charged not for a libel but for the same reason why people announcing false bomb attacks should be charged. They just scare people about criminals in Paris who don't exist.

The fact that the people from Avaaz haven't been arrested yet is another sign of the dysfunctionality of the French police.

As you can see on the picture at the top, Marc Morano reacted lightheartedly.

One reason is that he is a take-it-easy guy who doesn't get angry too easily. Another reason is that his craft depends on the publicity and every publicity is good publicity from his point of view. Journalists in an unnamed well-known daily in New York nearly believed that he had to escape the hired guns – and walk on the red carpet where he introduced his new blockbuster movie, Climate Hustle, yesterday. And perhaps, the journalists were inclined to believe, Marc has several doppelgängers riding several limousines in Paris who help to protect the life of the real Morano.

It's not just fake "wanted" posters. SumOfUs, another bunch of green extremists, has demanded that the seven skeptics and perhaps all skeptics are banned from Paris because they will "undermine" the negotiations by the thousands of self-serving and brainwashed apparatchiks. It would be pretty impressive if The Magnificent Seven (in Czech, the movie was called "The Seven Brave Ones/Men") achieved such a result.

But will they? Does their presence in Paris – where they are as marginalized as possible (and more suppressed that at any point in the past) – make any sense? I have very mixed feelings about this question.

One side of my view is that almost all the people who came to Paris to negotiate are so hopelessly brainwashed or so hopelessly corrupt by their special interests that this community just can't be "influenced" or "improved" or "reformed". It has to be liquidated. Maybe some years ago, it was possible to interact with these people but now they are as unable to reform as the Nazis or the communists. Just like the Islamic State, the alarmists who are still radical enough to actually go to Paris – after all these years of disproved predictions and other events showing the indefensibility of the climate panic – and openly work on a global treaty to suppress all the world's industries that emit CO2 have to be stopped and eliminated. The relevant political decisions simply have to be made at totally different places than conferences such as the ongoing one in Paris (e.g. in the U.S. Congress that has thankfully preserved some sanity). It's completely silly to imagine that you may meaningfully communicate with them or teach something to them. So according to my first view, the resulting spirit at Paris-like negotiations is a "lost battle" and it makes no sense for the climate realists to try to reduce the percentage of insanity from 100% to 98% because the insanity wins (and has already won) among these people, anyway. COP-21 etc. have to be treated like lost battles that are compatible with the won war.

The other side of my view boils down to the fears that this alarmist pseudoscientific tumor has penetrated much more deeply into our societies than e.g. the Islamic State has. In that case, what The Magnificent Seven is doing may turn out to be necessary or a last attempt to reverse the gradual absorption of the relevant politicians by the warming fundamentalists.

I live in a nation where virtually no educated person (and almost no one else, for that matter) buys this global warming propaganda. Yesterday, I had to interact with one or two men who paint themselves as educated people and who would be exceptions if they could be counted into this group. But despite the almost universal consensus, supported both by a huge majority of the public and politicians such as the president (and his predecessor, of course), our minister of environmental affairs Mr Richard Brabec gave a pro-alarmist speech that called for even greater ambitions and more several waste of money to "fight climate change" last night. This minister (a guy from ANO and Kladno) was basically unknown to me but the climate alarmists' international intimidation mechanisms simply can pick and do pick such Brabecs from every place of the globe and incredibly amplify their influence.

At the end, I am an optimist and I believe that this coalition of extremists, bullies, liars, and idiots will remain basically inconsequential. But I am afraid a little bit. They should have gone extinct many years ago. Instead, they are basically able to organize hunts for sane people in a major European capital and remain unchallenged.

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