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Bibi Wilhailm: a time to flee from Islamofascists in Germany?

A week ago, Bili Wilhailm – a young German woman who will be 17 soon – posted a 20-minute video monologue on Facebook about the problems associated with the increasing body of illegal Muslim immigrants in Germany.

The translation is about 95% accurate.

I think that a large part of her attractiveness is her sexy brain: she makes more sense than "Fatima Merkel" and her administration combined. Her thinking sounds unusually mature to me. Bibi is afraid of walking on the street (incidentally, check this partial Cologne NYE spreadsheet, the latest number of complaints is 1049, however), she's been a witness of some scary events involving the Muslims. She wants to preserve her freedom to walk outside and wear her T-shirts.

She doesn't want to be bullied by the Muslim believers who have tried to force her to say that there was something good about Allah. Germans could have believed any God they wanted – including Karl-Heinz-Peter, the brave woman dares to say. ;-) Bibi suggests that Merkel has destroyed Germany that used to be a great country and all those immigrants who threaten the safety of the German citizens should be deported. Like many of us, she can't understand why all the attackers are still in Germany. She asks Where have all the Ger-men gone? Aren't they expected to defend their women against sexual and other attacks by foreigners? With this strengthening of the immigrants and their self-confidence, Germany may be drifting towards a war.

Clearly, 95+ percent of Czechs would agree with her but the synergy isn't this clear in Germany.

If the prevailing interpretation of the events is right, her video as well her whole Facebook account has been deleted. An alternative theory is that she deleted her account herself – but even if that's technically the case, she's been probably pushed to do so which means that the consequences aren't too different. It's plausible that additional content related to her – perhaps the constantly emerging Bibi fan pages – are being made "disappeared", too.

It's scary enough to face big gangs of exotic men who threaten your dignity if not life while saying that you're a bitch just because you wear a T-shirt. But if the German government basically declares that it stands with the illegal immigrants, rapists, and bigots against this girl, it's probably even scarier. The German establishment is basically saying that whenever she's in trouble, they will stand on the side of criminals and bigots.

Bibi is clearly a patriot but if I were her, I would be seriously thinking about fleeing my Vaterland. Since 1949 if not 1945 – and for many decades before the war – (West) Germany has been a free and democratic country. Do its leaders really want to throw these things away? For teenagers, social networks are rather important. Does the German government really want to strip teenagers with the same concerns as Bibi – i.e. all young intelligent Germans who haven't been brainwashed – of their ordinary teenage activities and downgrade them into 2nd class citizens who are being separated from their communities?

The German constitutional court in Karlsruhe is studying a lawsuit against Merkel filed by several lawyers. A bigger heavyweight, Bavarian PM and CSU boss Horst Seehofer is threatening Merkel with a lawsuit as well and demands effective border controls etc. It's imaginable that Bavaria will secede from Germany and join the Visegrád Group. ;-) Meanwhile, even the EU began to expel Greece from Schengen despite unsurprisingly nervous reactions by the lazy Bolsheviks. Slovak PM Fico has demanded the expulsion at least since late November; Austria became a new big champion of the (old for me!) concept. EU thinks it could defend the border of Slavic Macedonia, a non-member state, against the invasion from Greece, or suspend the whole Schengen free motion rules for 2 years.

The degree of suppression of sensible citizens like Bibi in Germany is worse than just the pro-Islamist terror on Facebook. If you search for reports about Bibi's video on English Google News, you find about a dozen of articles. You obviously find articles in Czech, Polish, Norwegian, and many other languages. But the same search for articles in German yields no hits.

The Islamofascists have already imposed a pretty much universal ban on any sensible monologues or texts about the asylum policies in Germany. But the Islamofascists don't quite realize that they really need to ignite a full-fledged totalitarian terror for the censorship to have the desired effect. Without the suppression of absolutely everything and without sanctions analogous to those that the Nazis and Stalinists have introduced, what happens? Germans find ways to see the video, anyway. So the most frequently watched copy of the original video in German has 250,000 views right now. Along with copies, there may be half a million views. A large fraction of them were views from Germany. This number is still arguably much higher than what the video would have gotten on Facebook without the ban.

So this incomplete censorship simply doesn't work. People find other ways to watch things – and the material becomes more attractive by the bans. The resistance against Islamization may only go up because people are seeing that the gradual destruction of the Western values is already taking place and those who have warned against such things were apparently right.

I think that unlike the spoiled Muslim bigots with iPhones (if they at least had Windows Phones, I could find *some* sympathy for them), Bibi Wilhailm would deserve to immediately get the asylum in countries like mine and I think that she would be welcome. Unlike a vast majority of the Muslim "refugees", she's been demonstrably harassed for her political opinions. And her values are actually close to ours.

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