Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Facebook erases pages of the most supported Czech NGO

If you have minimized the time spent at Facebook as I have, you have another reason to think that you did the right thing. It's a website where the Islamists have an "advantage" over those who realize that Islam is uncivilized and dangerous.

Facebook has pretended that it respected the freedom of expression at some basic level and that the censorship of the German-language pages was basically imposed on the website by the German government.

However, Czechs were assured that it wasn't quite the case yesterday. Facebook has deleted or suspended the pages of an NGO that is arguably the Czech NGO with the highest number of fans in the country,
We don't want Islam in the Czech Republic (ivcrn.cz).

Motto: We like diversity and we therefore reject Islam.
The Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ivcrn/ (which the movement was even asked not to mention anywhere anymore, wow) was liked by 163,833 users as of yesterday. Although not everyone agrees with all the detailed acts made by this organization led by Dr Martin Konvička, a South Bohemian entomologist (yes, insect scientist; he is into butterflies) and translator, and all of their opinions, well over 95 percent of the Czech population agrees with the sentence above that became the name of the NGO. Konvička isn't considered an important leader primarily because what he says is so common.

On November 17th, 2015, Czech President Zeman spoke along with Dr Konvička at a rally.

The NGO says that the movement's Facebook pages were already blocked in 2014. The ultimately failed attempt to censor the group has led to the doubling of its fan base in one year.

"We're negotiating about the restoration of the content with Facebook and we're going to use all available tools to appeal," the NGO claimed today.

Fans of Islam in Czechia have responded, too: "You deserve it, c*nts." It's the pro-Islamic radicals whose activities and libels are blamed for the outage. "Our initiative has convinced Facebook that our resistance to the ideology of Islam is something else than the ignition of hatred towards particular believers," Konvička (optimistically?) said in a press release.

In fact, if some interpretation of this page are right, we know what was enough. Ms Jana Kotlářová, an SJW, has "reported" a picture on the NGO's FB pages – perhaps just its logo (which I posted at the top of this blog post). The complaint was verified and the NGO's pages were immediately blocked. Wow, that's really easy. We will see whether Ms Kotlářová will remain safe.

This simple method to erase whole accounts on Facebook is so terrifyingly trivial – one malicious bitch is enough – that I am amazed why people are willing to post any content over there. If people in the world were just a little bit like me, a company like Facebook would have no chance to make any significant profit.

Suprisingly, no one has erased this video showing how the North Africans are "shopping" in Europe from Facebook yet.

The NGO has created a temporary page to communicate with its fans in the time before Mark Zuckerberg fixes the critical defect of his website. Within hours, it got 33,000 likes, 1/5 of the original page.

Czech pundits generally agree that the ban is an extremely good idea. Even Dominik Feri (TOP 09, the only Parliamentary party with some very weak pro-SJW-like traces), the "diverse" young guy with the impressive hair above, wrote on Facebook that the ban is the worst thing that could happen and will make the argument about the suppression of the freedom of speech "absolute". Feri pointed out that Facebook is a private website which can do anything – but this aspect will be neglected. He jokingly hopes that the problem will soon be solved by the Internet's constitutional court.

Konvička has encouraged the fans to join The Bloc Against Islam whose FB pages are still OK.

Top-voted reactions at iDNES.cz:

Ms Veronika Hubáčková, +335/–5 votes:

But I really don't want Islam.

Ondřej Malý, 225/2:

They can't change anything by a ban. On the contrary, they will make an advertisement for IvČRN.

Ms Vlaďka Černajová, 229/3:

Bravo. [thumb down] And now, people will already love Islam, won't they? ;-)

Jiří Horáček, 140/0:

Every ban like that will only strengthen the people's resistance towards Islam.

Petr Andrýsek, 194/2:

Ludicrous. FB is used by the ISIS to recruit, it has its own pages and it's OK for Facebook. But when someone is against them, it's a problem. The West got sick and it is intentionally cutting the branch beneath itself. Konvička is crazy but when the new group is created, I will join for them to have a greater membership.

Vladimír Holý, 122/0:

And from now on, everyone will love Islam. Else... [thumbs down, Czech flag]

Petr Šilhan, 245/5:

And the Islamist FB pages are not blocked?

Jiří Paul, 118/0:

They're not afraid of Konvička, they would liquidate him easily. They're afraid of the 163k current fans. But they're primarily afraid that the number will rapidly increase.

Pavel Martínek, 179/3:

If there were at least something toxic. His articles were highly moderate and he was careful. By this, censorship in the official media and the destruction of police folders about the criminal activity of the invaders, they can only kickstart an ugly avalanche. It will be like a jammed pressure cooker. It may stop making annoying noise but this may only bring the explosion closer.

Ms Lucie Novotná, 160/3:

It's done to prevent others from reading it, right?

This is how the "elites" are preparing the conditions for Konvička as the winner of the next elections!

Lubomír Vrtal, 134/2:

This act may have occurred due to an order from above, like in Germany. That country is governed by the dictatorial practices of Ms Merkel.

Josef Ulman, 94/0:

[In Slovak:] Dear islam, I don't want you in the Czech Republic even without Konvička!

Milan Novák, 108/1:

Freedom of expression? Forget it, Sirs. Heavy communism and they call it the 21st century democracy. Islam and Muslims in Europe is something I don't want – it's disgusting filth, cultural and religious trash which has no place in the civilized European society!!! [thumb down]

Jaroslav Krejčí, 126/2:

This isn't exactly democracy in practice. You should defeat your foe by arguments, not by bans and censorship. That's how the communists did it. I can disagree with someone 100 times but he must have the right to express his thoughts.

Ms Milena Novanská, 134/3:

Konvička isn't my cup of tea but with its methods, the current Euro-establishment may shake its hand with the Bolsheviks. I hope that there will come a day when people's bowl of patience will be filled – that it will be no velvet anymore, to prevent these people from redressing their outfits again.

Jiří Vondráček, 81/0:

First, I thought that the StB [communist secret police] methods were back. Then I realized that the pages were blocked for the common good. Thank you, Big Brother, thank you, comrades!

Vojtěch Toráč, 80/0:

It isn't right to write about the sexual violence of the Muslims, at least until a permission issued by Ms Merkel. If they had no permission from Merkel, the abolition is OK.

Rosťa Jančar, 79/0:

Hooray, we finally have the freedom of speech ordered by Germany.

Martin Veselý, 204/8:

When you find someone's opinions inconvenient, delete or ban them. It makes me vomit if this is democracy. [thumb down]

Jaroslav Vlk, 76/0:

Who was probably complaining on Facebook? Maybe certain sunny people [SJWs] who are looking forward to a visit by 120,000 naughty young boys! :-D

Stanislav Svoboda, 70/0:

You would throw up.

Jiří Nosek, 68/0:

Bohuslav's [prime minister's] revenge? I recommend you


(Analysis of the social democratic prime minister's e-mails that were recently hacked by a nationalist hacker. In Czechia, PM Bohuslav Sobotka is viewed as a man relatively compatible with the German etc. attitudes although Merkel et al. clearly don't view him as obedient enough. The hacked e-mails show what Sobotka is afraid of etc.)

The events will be merry.

Jindřich Kuchař, 65/0:

We're another step closer to freedom. [thumb down]

Ms Jarmila Střelbová, 90/2:

Yes, love and truth have prevailed over lies and hatred again [a slogan of Havel]. :-D :-D :-D

Jiří Jonáš, 73/1:

And the "suns" are going to have a joint together now. However, no one can really stop the resistance.

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