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Is Germany donating Cologne to Arab, African thugs?

On New Year's Eve, two railway stations in Munich were evacuated because of expected imminent terrorist attacks. At the end, they didn't take place. Instead, other German cities have suffered from some "milder" criminal activity. Lots of women were groped and robbed by the Arab and North African men.

Cologne was the main but far from only city whose New Year celebrations were tainted by these crimes. The Cologne Cathedral is Germany's most visited landmark. It is somewhat similar to the Prague Castle's St Vitus Cathedral and receives the same number of 20,000 tourists a day. (But the landscape between Aachen and Cologne is boringly flat, just like the flat landscape that the Czech "Cologne" (Kolín) is famous for. There's a rural song Cologne, Cologne, you're standing in a nice flat plane.)

Lots of interesting details about the problematic New Year's Eve co-existence between white German women and the dark-skinned men were written in The Daily Mail article two days ago and announced in an RT TV segment yesterday, among others.

So far about 120 women [update Saturday night: 379 victims!] have filed complaints with the police (the numbers don't include e.g. teen girls raped by Syrian "refugees" in Southern Germany). Each of them was bullied, some of them were sexually annoyed, some of them were seriously injured (a woman's shoulder was burned when some explosives were placed in her hoodie), many of them were robbed by gangs of men – dozens of men per victim. Sometimes, the sexual interest was probably just a coverup for theft. Many of those gangs were disjoint so it's almost guaranteed that the number of dark-skinned men involved in this activity is counted in thousands. Lieli Shabani of Iran revealed evidence that these people were almost certainly coordinated; and, according to German justice minister, attacks were planned in advance.

The fact that such events take place shouldn't be surprising. A million of new men with highly problematic backgrounds and habits were added to Germany during the year 2015. What may be surprising is the "synchronization" in their New Year's Eve activities (is this treatment of German women a tradition we didn't know about?) but the very existence of some problems of this kind is unsurprising. Germany has made some grave mistakes in its approach of (formerly potential) immigrants from the Muslim world and this is the kind of development that most of the sane people expected.

However, what does seem shocking is the reaction of numerous German authorities.

First, the Second Public TV Program ZDF failed to report on the attacks for several days. They were not "certain" what happened, the excuse was. I think that even this censorship trumps what we knew during communism. When the Velvet Revolution began by the student rally on November 17th, 1989, we could learn lots of details from the communist TV on the following days.

But the censorship didn't end by the non-existent reports on mainstream channels. The government actually announced to ban any criticism of the Muslim immigration. It basically began to impose the previously announced censorship on the social networks. That's quite a reaction to crime. People are not allowed to say anything bad about the criminals and the culture from which they came.

Although thousands of dark-skinned men were probably involved, only 31 suspects have been identified so far. The percentage is really tiny. Most of this small subset, 18, were refugees (update: 22 asylum seekers at this moment; new update: most are still migrants). For example, two of them were Moroccan citizens. Funnily enough (although it's black humor), the 18 refugees were found in refugee centers by the signal from "their" iPhones that they have previously stolen from the women. They probably didn't get the concept that the phones are emitting signals that may help to localize the phone.
Saturday night update on nationalities: Of the suspects, nine were Algerian, eight Moroccan, five Iranian, and four Syrian. Three German citizens, an Iraqi, a Serb and a U.S. citizen were also identified.
But the tiny number of identified suspects is partially explained by an even more shocking number. Only 10 policemen were ordered to work on these acts. 10 policemen to work on crime by thousands of Arabs and Africans? Are you serious? (Thankfully, the Cologne police chief was at least fired yesterday.)

Cologne's own city council has declared downtown Cologne as a "no-go area for women". This is just absolutely incredible. These local politicians admit that they're not capable of allowing 50% of the citizens they are supposed to represent to visit the city center and they think it's fine? In Prague, such members of a city council would at least be thrown out of the windows in a new act of defenestration. But the Germans apparently don't have enough Aryan vigor for that. So the women had to at least to buy all the pepper sprays from the shelves in Cologne.

Henriette Reker, mayor of Cologne, reacted in the most spectacular way. She said women must keep at arm's length from strangers – otherwise a rape or some sexual act is apparently the women's fault. Twitter hashtag #einarmlaenge became hot and a proof that many Germans were really surprised that the mayor may approach the problems in this way. She has actually prescribed a whole list of commandments that the women should learn and obey. And while she labeled the attacks as despicable, she said it was unacceptable to point out any relationships between the crimes and the migration wave. Wow.

A Swiss artist Milo Moire whose main artistic skill (aside from the plop egg) is her beautiful nude body has made it clear that she doesn't plan to obey Ms Heker's recommendations not to arouse the dark-skinned men too literally.

In the RT video clip, they also show some statements by Merkel. For example, she "dared" to ask: "Are women disrespected by certain groups?" I exploded in laughter when I saw this translation. Maybe the answer is Yes, Ms Merkel, women are disrespected by the group of almost 1 million friends whom you invited. They are men from the Muslim world that disrespects women, as every schoolkid with the basic knowledge of different cultures in the world knows very well. But you know, her implicit suggestion that these crimes have nothing to do with her previous political acts is just incredible. Are the Germans really supposed to think so?

She said a few words about the "possible deportation" of the culprits. But how could one take these comments seriously if the overwhelming majority of the assailants hasn't been even identified? Is it hard to see that, as many of us have been warning for a very long time, these problematic social attitudes are sufficiently widespread if not omnipresent among the Muslim immigrants so that the end to the mass immigration from those places is a necessary condition for reducing the growth of these problems? Do the other German politicians have the "right" and balls to say the obvious, namely that Merkel is unquestionably co-responsible for these attacks?

Many things are imperfect in my country but I believe that things just couldn't get this insane in Czechia. A confederacy of gangs of thugs is working to effectively capture the center of the most visited historical city of Germany as its sphere of influence. And Cologne assigns 10 cops to this problem and instead tells the women and others that they should basically accept the new landlord in Cologne's city center? And maybe, all of Germans should shut their mouth and never mention their worries that these folks may gradually turn Germany into a new Syria, a violent and dirty dumping ground?

I am confident that many Germans – perhaps those 17 percent that plan to vote for AfD – have similar opinions about these matters as most Czechs who are surely close to my viewpoint. But what about the apparent majority that still hasn't seen enough to see the light? The people from the Muslim countries hugely differ from the Europeans – well, almost all of them do. But you may see that even Germans sufficiently differ from Czechs and others. We've belonged to the same Holy Roman Empire for centuries, the same Third Reich for 6 years, lots of cultural influences have been constantly exchanged throughout the history and the EU is supposed to be a "big country" that includes all of us and we are so close neighbors. But it's still possible for the German mayor and city council and government to react in this way that just couldn't be defensible here? I am speechless.

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