Wednesday, January 06, 2016

North Korea goes thermonuclear

Barack Obama has issued an executive order requiring additional background checks of sellers of guns and similar things. GOP candidates vow that they will undo such moves as long as they get in the office.

The first person who has gotten Obama's permission to obtain a new weapon was Kim Jong-Un. In his country's fourth nuclear test, he detonated his first successful H-bomb.

I have no doubt that they have performed some test. You may look at and see a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that just happens to be located at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the Northeast of the isolated country and that, unlike other earthquakes, was measured to have occurred at the depth of 0.0 kilometers.

The location of the earthquake is the same as the location of their 2006 nuclear test. That test produced either a 3.58 or 4.2 magnitude earthquake (the 5.8 tremor on the following day was almost certainly natural). Because of the base-ten logarithmic character of the Richter scale, the seismograph's excursion in 2016 was 33 or 8 times larger than during the test in 2006. Because of an additional exponent-3/2 power law relating the energies and the excursions, the released energy was 190 or 22 times larger than in 2006. This is compatible with the idea that a "new kind of a weapon" was tested. North Korea describes their H-bomb as a "miniaturized one", however, so there may still be a chance that it was a larger fission bomb (or they're afraid that it could look like one).

Barack Obama has stressed that Kim Jong-Un is punching above his weight. John Kerry has praised the low carbon footprint of the new weapon and North Korea's excellent results during the Earth Hour which the North Koreans celebrate 24 hours a day.

The North Korean leader himself has pointed out that the test was absolutely successful and it had no adverse impact on the ecological environment. Americans should learn the lesson. When they need to get rid of some invasive plants, they should ask the North Korean leader who will eliminate the plants in an ecologically environmentally clean way. As a commenter has taught us in the context of the Oregon fires, controllable fires are those started by a government (Kim has one).

More seriously, is North Korea dangerous?

I think it is increasingly dangerous. Within one decade, they have smoothly joined the thermonuclear club. I see no reason to think that if North Korea is left unchecked, it will be capable of producing lots of these bombs within a decade – and erase lots of major cities in the world. They are making quick advances in the missile technology, too.

Less than 3 years ago, North Korea unmasked its plans for a preemptive nuclear strike on Washington DC. Given the fresh new qualitative development just 33 months later, I would find it highly irresponsible to classify the threat as a joke.

Some extreme optimists argue that North Koreans won't know how to mount the bombs on their missiles. Maybe, they have completed the H-bomb but haven't invented the screwdrivers and ropes yet.

The extermination of the world's imperialist nations framed as a sick North Korean 2013 propaganda dream movie.

The North Korean threat may look minor now but if they face no obstacles, the danger they pose to East Asia and the world will keep on growing and it will be increasingly risky to try to do something about that problem, too. This is why I think that North Korea should be occupied and abolished as a country. I think that the civilized nations should ask China to do the job and incorporate North Korea as its protectorate. The North Koreans are likely to react less aggressively to a Chinese arrival because China are still their half-comrades of a sort. A few years later, a referendum on annexation of North Korea by South Korea should be held.

Such a new Chinese setup would be a positive change for the regional and global security; and for the regional and world economy, too. When you get your first iPhones produced in North Korea sometimes in 2018, you will agree that the world will have become a better place. So far, North Korea only produces gadgets with the oppressive Red Star Linux OS; so much for the speculations that Linux isn't a communist operating system.

At least the North Korean leader is a good rapper.

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