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Norway steals 5 children from a family 'cause parents are Christians

Global opposition towards fascist policies grows

Czechs know the Barnevernet, "The Bureau for the Protection of Children" in Norway, primarily because of its decision to steal two sons from Ms Eva Michaláková, a Czech mother who has lived in Norway for years, while using accusations that were refuted in the courts. More.

Barnevernet is taking kids away from thousands of families every year and it's estimated that the organization currently "takes care" of 70,000 children. To compare, a similar organization Lebensborn has "created" only 8,000 government-optimized kids in Germany and 8,000-12,000 babies in Norway during the whole history of the Third Reich. Many of the families affected by Barnevernet came from post-socialist Europe. The most shocking recent event affected this happy family of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu:
Thousands Protest Norwegian Embassies for Return of 5 Christian Children Seized by CPS
Three sons and two daughters were kidnapped by the rogue government-sanctioned organization on November 16th after the teacher of one of the girls complained to the principal that the girl (and her family) believes that "God punishes sin". The female principal called Barnevernet – now she claims that she only wanted to convince the parents to make the kids talk less about their faith. But Barnevernet decided to do something more radical. It seems that the family believes in Pentecostalism, a flavor of evangelical protestant Christianity. The parents were immediately charged with the lethal sin of "Christian radicalism and indoctrination". Wow. Interestingly, similar cases affecting Muslim families are not known.

No court has ever said anything about anyone and all tests have shown no signs of physical abuse or anything of the sort. See more details about the events on the father's brother Romanian-language blog.

This is just absolutely shocking. I don't really believe that there exists God who punishes sin – which is not an exceptional attitude in our nation of the worlds' #1 infidels. But holy cow, more than 50 or 100 years ago, almost all of my ancestors did and I think that even today, almost one-half if not most of the Europeans would answer Yes to the question "Does God punish sin?". 76% of Norwegians officially belong to their particular Evangelical Lutheran church. So how could have the statement that "God punishes sin" become an act of Christian radicalism?

What is this Norwegian Lutheran God doing during His working hours if He doesn't even punish sin?

The Romanian-Norwegian family is just a truly Christian family. What may possibly be wrong about it? There are hundreds of millions of Christians in Europe. Is that a sufficient reason to take the children away from these families? One could argue that in average, Christian families do a better, and not worse, job in bringing up children than other families.

Although the event that ignited the process was the statement of the girl that God punishes sin, Barnevernet suddenly claims – without any evidence or justification that could be available anywhere – that the kids have been physically abused (even if the accusations were right, what is at stake is occasional slapping of the buttocks and pulling the ears – a thermonuclear Armageddon indeed). The process includes the distribution of the 5 children to 3 different foster families, the initiation of the adoption process, and limited rights of the parents to visit the children.

Although the post-socialist European countries have been arguably disproportionately affected, this week's protests against Barnevernet actually took place in the D.C. and London (yesterday, Friday) and they will be followed by the weekend protests in Brussels, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Ottawa. A protest against the Barnevernet tyranny in Prague is planned for January 16th, Latvia and Russia should see protests on the same day, New Delhi should join on January 17th, Bratislava on January 23rd, and Warsaw on January 30th.

Ms Eva Michaláková's boys have lived in the new families for a long enough time so that I am afraid that their bonds to the mother have already been destroyed. Independently of the bonds to the mother and the unacceptable way with which the accusations were treated out of the court, I also find it unacceptable for Barnevernet to be stealing the boys from other relatives and breaking their bonds to the Czech nation.

I do believe that there are numerous people in Barnevernet who deserve life in prison or death penalty. But these stories are so much more than stories about several rogue people who have been able to conquer a government organization. It's about the flaws in the system that has allowed something of the sort.

But many other Norwegian folks seem "different", too. If you're ready about obscene pictures, you may look at this program on the public TV channel NRK that is addressed to children between 8 and 12 years old. To make things really superb, the v***na must be wet etc., children learn while watching this. The moderator answered that she found it totally normal to play with the plastic models of the organs on TV. An average Norwegian taxpayer pays about $500 a year to subsidize the channel.

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