Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wolfram Programming Lab is out

Try online Mathematica

Stephen Wolfram has announced the release of
the Wolfram Programming Lab
On that page, you have a 5-minute video introduction. Alternatively, you may immediately click at "try it yourself, shift/enter" in the bottom left corner and play with Mathematica.

It's not really just Mathematica. It's the Wolfram Language, something almost indistinguishable from Mathematica but by using it, you agree that you will use it instead of English to communicate with your relatives as well as your electronic friends (the gadgets) in the future. Well, more seriously, Mathematica is "written in" the Wolfram Language although I don't quite understand how it works given their being nearly identical.

You will probably get to GetStarted.nb at some moment. The extension NB stands for the Wolfram notebook. On those lines, you may edit the input. Once you press shift/enter simultaneously, Mathematica begins to evaluate the line containing the cursor.

Write Factorial[5]+3, press shift/enter, and you will get 123 immediately.

Even though there are sometimes more convenient alternative spellings (like 1+1, 3*5, 1*^98, x^2, {1,2}~Join~{3,4}, f[x]/.{x->2}, ...), all functions and procedures may basically be written as FunctionName[arguments,separated,by,commas]. Also, you need the lists {1,2,3} which may be nested into matrices, up to an arbitrary level. The number of functions you may use is huge - many of them allow numerous options and other things.

The Wolfram Programming Lab allows limited functionality without any registration and some more full-fledged experience once you register.

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