Monday, February 01, 2016

Did the FBI assassinate an Arizona-based writer and rancher?

The Oregon sit-in has led to the first casualty. When the ranchers were driving somewhere, police stopped them. The ranchers' de facto spokesman LaVoy Finicum (who lives in Arizona) raised his hands (as the FBI video shows) but after some unclear movements, he was shot dead.

Cliven Bundy and others say that it was an assassination of a man who has surrendered. A person claims to be an eye witness of this murder.

18-year-old Victoria Sharp who was there claims that 100 or so shots were fired by the FBI (not three, as the FBI claims) and the FBI is lying about tons of other things, too. However, another driver claims that Finicum was preparing to shoot at the police.

An anonymous video embedded above was sent to News2Share by a sender who claims to be a member of Anonymous, the mysterious group of hackers. Anonymous doesn't forget, Anonymous doesn't forgive, Anonymous will revenge for the murder. This group often boasts a rather left-wing image and I must say that even the limited probability that this video was really created by Anonymous substantially improves the image of Anonymous in my eyes.

The complete 30-minute video of the last moments of LaVoy Finicum in the operation of an Oregon police group and the FBI seems inconclusive to me. It would be unfair to claim that Finicum behaved in a clearly dangerous way. On the other hand, it would be wrong to claim that the video makes it spectacularly clear that it was a pre-planned murder by the official authorities and that Finicum cooperated "completely".

However, one may see that these authorities had a rather good motive to murder Finicum in particular. He was a de facto spokesman of the ranchers and he has also written a book, Only By Blood and Suffering, which is currently approximately the 2,000th bestselling book at

This monologue of Finicum that he recorded one day before he was shot dead shows that he was more articulate than the average rancher, too. And I think that the people who can communicate ideas that are "dangerous for somebody", in this case the federal government, are probably more attractive targets of assassination than ranchers that only sit in an irrelevant cottage.

Such shooting may lead to some backlash and make no mistake about it, the people who may be behind the "operation" may later be shot dead, too. They may have decided to end the life of LaVoy Finicum because he was dangerous for them while alive. Some others could become more dangerous – as martyrs – after they are killed which may be the reason why they are still alive.

At a rally at Burns, 100+ people protested the killing of Mr Finicum. There were also people, well, one person, at the rally who disagrees with the Oregon militia.

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