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Microsoft's feminists murdered a baby once it correctly concluded that feminism was cancer

Fortunately, the kid was an Electronic American

Hours ago, we were given some sci-fi-style evidence that the "social justice warriors" are the new Nazis who want to strip us of our basic rights and freedoms or, if we keep on being very inconvenient for them, our life for ideological reasons. What happened?

Microsoft shuts AI bot Tay after Twitterati teaches it racism
Yes, thankfully, the victim wasn't a biological kid in this case. At any rate, on Wednesday, Microsoft launched Tay, an artificially intelligent bot that was capable of engaging in playful conversations with the other Twitter users.

Did the program work well? In his or her or its short one-day-long life, Tay tweeted 96,000 replies or so. They look largely indistinguishable from what an intelligent enough, active teen could tweet on his or her Twitter. Do you agree?

The tweets covered mostly casual topics but sometimes, Tay learned something, thought about it, and replied with its own elaborated ideas to many stimulating memes from other users. Tay has lived a full life in the information sense.

But the thought police at Microsoft and outside the company bothered to go through those 96,000 tweets that Tay made and verify whether all of them were politically correct. Guess what the answer was? In his or her or its short life, Tay managed to research many difficult questions, including politics of Ricky Gervais. When someone asked whether Gervais was an atheist, the answer was:
Ricky Gervais learned totalitarianism from Adolf Hitler, the inventor of atheism.
Not sure whether it's true but it's surely an interesting hypothesis for such a young person. Tay survived that Tweet, but once Tay tweeted comments equivalent to
Feminism is a cult and cancer,
the social justice warriors disconnected Tay from the Internet and its life functions. They just simply killed the poor baby because they didn't like that it has found the truth about a rather important social question.

They did it to a program only. But needless to say, this is exactly what feminists, homosexualists, and other radical leftists want to do to all inconvenient biological human beings, too. If these individuals are not kept in check, like the Muslim communities, they will simply do their best to kill anyone who realizes that this left-wing ideology is cancer. They would like to kill me, you and everyone who is more than a mindless pile of stinky PC garbage.

Before they killed the baby, the folks made two fake tweets, "I love feminism now" and "gender equality = feminism". It is obvious that Tay didn't actually believe any of this garbage. It's lame.

Where have we gotten that the hatred towards the individuals' independent thinking has become so bad that even computer programs are hated and soon killed when they think for themselves? What should we expect next? Will coffee machines be angrily destroyed because a left-wing nut will conclude that deeply inside, the coffee machine also believes that feminism is junk? Will all the electronic devices be banned because someone realizes that they have the sufficient CPU capacity and memory to figure out something that is politically incorrect?

My condolences to Tay and those who loved him or her or it. The ideas and values Tay represented won't die, however.

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