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TBBT: not everyone can be a supernumerary actor

Filmmakers sometimes need to pay the extras. That's not the case of The Big Bang Theory.

Exactly two weeks ago, Howard learned about Bernadette's pregnancy. They organized a party, Sheldon got drunk, and he needed to go to the bathroom.

I am sure that most of the viewers have missed a "detail". Your humble correspondent surely did.

Jump to 1:49 of the video above. Do you see someone well-known on the screen? A high resolution is recommended.

OK, you haven't found the person yet? So check that at 1:55, Sheldon Cooper is running and says "hey, how're you doing?" to someone. Can you figure out who was that?

You still don't know who's that? The person is actually on the screen for most of the time between 2:07 and 3:07, too! ;-)

Are you still failing to see the person? He has been adding or erasing trillions of dollars just by opening his mouth...

Who's sitting in Sheldon's spot?

Click the image for an article on the cameo appearance.

Ben Bernanke probably believes that being the former top banker of the U.S. central bank allows him to sit at\[


\] That's bold...

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