Wednesday, April 06, 2016

European Commission would like to hijack asylum policy

Yesterday, media across Europe informed about a document of the European Commission, originally leaked to Die Welt, which shows that the European Commission – something that would be the EU government is the EU were a country – would like to strip all member states from their basic right to determine the immigration policies and grant asylum.

All 28 national asylum offices would be turned into servants of a new EU-wide office that would have the right to change any decision in order to establish a "corrective fairness mechanism" – which means that the office could be directly used to invent the numbers for the quota and impose them, too. It's even plausible that this thing – which almost sounds as a giant conspiracy theory – will actually be officially revealed today, on Wednesday. You've gotta be kidding me.

I have an alternative proposal. To check whether some people behind these plans to dismantle my country have the Czech (and similarly Slovak, Dutch, Finnish, ...) citizenship, and if they do, execute them for treason because that's exactly what they're committing right now.

The power to decide about the immigration and asylum – who can arrive to the country and who can stay – is one of the most important if not "the" defining characteristic of a sovereign country. And we're repeatedly shown that it works.

In the recent month, the influx of the "refugees" to the bulk of Europe was basically stopped. All sane Europeans feel some relief; they know that at this slow rate, the really serious problems or "breakthroughs" in the Islamization of Europe were delayed at least by decades. All that relief became possible because of the natural, survival-instinct-driven decisions of the individual countries and their natural alliances that were agreed about from the bottom.

On the contrary, the European Commission has been one of the main forces that have been working to inflate the problem, increase the number of illegal immigrants, and a force that has made some basic mechanisms that are needed for the health of any state dysfunctional. For example, the European Commission was one of the main bodies that were de facto defending the irresponsible lazy Bolsheviks who had hijacked the Greek government and who aren't willing to perform their absolutely basic duties in the protection of the Schengen border.

The European Commission is located 200 meters from the location of the terror attack against the Brussels subway. It's an office working in a city that has been incapable of defending itself against the 26% Islamization, a city where the police lost the ability to enforce the law in numerous no-go zones and in whole neighborhoods. And these officials would like to decide about the immigration issues in the whole European continent?

The unbelievable sickness of this proposal has many dimensions and layers.

One of them are the efforts to end democracy in Europe. It's obvious that the main Brussels office would be basically shielded from the voters' dissatisfaction, from the ability of the voters to change who is in charge, from all the actually corrective feedback mechanisms. This aspect is unacceptable by itself.

Second, the decision would have a particular but potentially devastating impact on the Old Continent. It seems that the Islamization of Europe isn't just a price they are willing to pay to achieve some other, "human" goals. The Islamization of Europe seems to be one of the goals of the European Commission and its apologists in individual European countries. Sorry, I, for one, prefer to beg the Kremlin to nuke the cities where the plans to Islamize Europe are being penned. Sadly, while some of these cities are located at the territory of Daesh, others are in Europe.

Third, one must realize that the Lisbon Treaty has made it possible to transfer many powers to the EU level rather easily. In particular, Czech ex-president Václav Klaus has been warning against the destructive power (for the national sovereignty) that was hiding in this "edited and renamed version" of the EU Constitution for a very long time – and was the last politician who was trying to stop the Lisbon Treaty train – and most Czechs including his traditional foes now appreciate what kind of a visionary he has been. At the same moment, it hasn't been done yet. In fact, the immigration and asylum policies are tightly connected with many other branches of a state – with the police and enforcement etc. – and it's obvious that if someone were going to construct at least a metastable system, he would have to take the "power over the police" and many other things away from the member states, too.

Fourth, fortunately, there still exists one legally unquestionable tool for the countries to defend themselves against this kind of insane transformation of their political status: the exit from the European Union. In fact, if the European Commission indeed reveals these plans, I think that it will substantially increase the probability that the British voters will endorse Brexit in the referendum.

Czechzit is widely expected to be the exit that will follow the British one. There seems to be a nearly 100% consensus among all the Czech Parliamentary parties and their visible politicians that the proposal to move the asylum policy to Brussels is a very bad idea. After all, the support for such a thing would be pretty much suicide for any larger political party.

The president, interior minister, secretary for EU affairs, the chairman of opposition ODS, and others generally agree that "permanent quotas" are unacceptable regardless of new names. The interior minister (social democracy, Pilsener) says that while the "deal with Turkey is being tried, the EU is probing another solution" which is a sign of "either lack of self-confidence or Eurohavoc". The failure to incorporate the Iraqi Christians proved that quotas can't work, he added. The opposition boss Prof Fiala says that "when things couldn't work by force, let's try a greater force". Fiala – much like his #1 political foe, the billionaire finance minister Babiš (ANO) – urged PM Sobotka to sue at the European Court of Justice. Sobotka himself said that the proposal is totally unacceptable for the Czech government and it's unfortunate that the European Commission keeps on riding the dead horse of permanent quotas. The president said that either the Brussels officials or their migrants were wicked wood nymphs or dryads – old bitches who, in a Czech fairy tale, promised a little boy who was home alone that they would just insert three fingers and then leave. ;-) The proposed reduction of sovereignty was also criticized by TOP09, perhaps the most PC (and center-right) party in the Parliament.

Even if there existed a way for the apparatchiks in Brussels to make this "dream" come true despite the disagreement of e.g. the Czech public and politicians, it just wouldn't work. There would be pretty much an agreement among the citizens, policemen, politicians, and many other occupations that it's right to sabotage this new system. The masterminds of this new setup would be soon sorry that they were born at all. And their lives wouldn't be safe if they tried to visit countries like ours. Reinhard Heydrich, the protector, seemed very self-confident about the comfort he's enjoying in "his" Bohemia and Moravia, but at the end, his life wasn't safe either.

The gap between the sick would-be elite in Brussels on one side and the citizens who live in the real world and who actually understand how it works and what's needed for it to work on the other side has grown to astronomic dimensions. I've been ambiguous about the question whether it's right for Czechia to leave the EU. My answers have been somewhat similar to the answers of Czechs in the post-Munich era and perhaps the early Nazi occupation – it's still possible to live here and the alternative has many disadvantages.

But it's obvious that if someone outside Czechia gained the power to invite basically unlimited and growing masses of immigrants and distribute them across Europe and even in my country, we would be far beyond the threshold and the departure from the EU would become a "must".

Update: The plan was presented, indeed. The talking head that got the task was the "EU commission for better regulation and other things" (no kidding!) Frans Timmermans, a typical guy who thinks that he has the right to rule Europe probably because he has studied French literature and was a soldier.

Top upvoted reactions from the Czech center-right

Zdeněk Wernhart, 134+/3–

It's the highest time to leave the EU.

Petr Dvořák, 82/0

So a bloated organization that has shown to be entirely impotent wants its powers to be increased further. This is incredible arrogance, I hope that Czechia won't agree with that.

Jiří Jurášek, 80/0

But the border countries will then not be motivated at all to defend their border, cf. Greece and Italy. The stuff will simply get there and the EU will divide it. Greece and Italy are already in a (forest) cesspool, anyway, so the EU won't keep too many migrants there and they may laugh.

By the way, what about the name? "European Asylum Support Office [EASO]"? Which support of asylum?

Milan Uřídil, 84/2

The Brussels ones have already done enough evil. They also want to judge the asylum applications. Nothing like that. Disband the EU, turn the Brussels ones to construction workers, and make them useful at least once in their lives.

Ms Marie Malá, 59/0

The asylum proceedings would no longer be in the hands of EU members' nation states. It would be governed by a central European agency that would have branches in every country and that would divide the migrants according to a pre-defined key. Source: [another iDNES article]

In other words, it's an attempt #2 to introduce permanent migrant quotas. :-(

Ota Slavík, 56/0

Such an arrogant EU is something I don't want. I don't want to be governed by incompetent or adventurous politicians. Czechia itself must decide about whom we want or not. We don't need any moron from the EU for that.

Jan Košan, 56/0

[Capitalized] You're primary supposed to protect your citizens and guarantee safety and care for them because they're paying for that by taxes.

Marek Hradil, 56/1

Brussels – a European center of the Islamists – will be evaluating all asylum applications. How ironic.

Luděk Chrástek, 61/1

An excellent route to convince even the most hardcore Eurohujers (EU asslickers) to think whether we wouldn't be better off without Brussels. The answer is clear, we would. ;-)

Ms Olga Bočková, 49/0

Brussels wants to "enrich" those of us who still have an ethnically uniform populace by assassinations, no-go zones, rapes, and general degeneration and decline... We need to say No!!!

Jaroslav Hejna, 44/0

Unbelievable arrogance from the EU big cats. For how long we will keep on tolerating it?

Jan Janeček, 42/0

You will be doing silly things for a long enough time before the whole union will decay under your hands. You have quite some momentum for that outcome. ;-D

Josef Bér, 38/0

It's strange. They can't order things at their home and they would like to dictate to the whole Europe.

Jan Sladký, 38/0

The EU is creeping to become increasingly red and it will soon be redder than the USSR itself. [Comment LM: The only people whose "hosting by Czechoslovakia" was ever forced upon us by Moscow have been those soldiers who stayed after the occupation in 1968 LOL.]

Honza Novák, 37/0

Thank you, Brussels, in a minute, we're in aß (the last word replaced by 3 dots, and it rhymes in Czech because it's Bruseli-prdeli).

Josef Antoš, 35/0

Brussels has been commanded by Muslims for some time, so we have something to be looking forward to. Out of the union. Britain will start it and it will become unstoppable.

Martin Voříšek, 34/0

To šit upon that. [Basically "f*ck off".]

Aleš Javůrek, 31/0

I thought that the April Fool's Day has been over but the Brussels folks are probably constantly high so they don't know the date. :-( (Lots of icons and sounds for vomiting.)

Petr Paleček, 30/0

"We have to protect the migrants". Yup, and you're doing on your own citizens from a high altitude, and you know what verb "doing" is. Timmermans, how can you say these things without a big pain in your mouth, you f*cker.

Petr Kmínek, 29/0

EU doesn't work. That's why, according to its leaders, there must be "more EU". I see.

Vladimír Cimler, 28/0

I am looking forward to the moment when I wake up, with a hand in a potty, and find out that it was just a nightmare.

Ms Helena Čížková, 27/0

We have to protect migrants. And what about the duty to defend its own citizens? Is that secondary? A source.

Petr Karas, 31/1

That sentence "We have to defend migrants, it's our duty we're sharing with other countries" is rather serious by itself given the current situation of the EU. The duty to defend someone who, in a big part of the cases, commits crimes, despises our culture, openly goes after our necks, and influences others to do so, while he surely isn't ashamed to extend his damn limb to obtain our money?

Try to replace the subject in the sentence by the ordinary white European citizen who pays taxes and respects the laws. Have you ever heard from the politicians something like "We have to defend our citizens against the illiterate and violent rabble that is pushing itself here through the upper and lower holes [a Czech idiom], it's our duty that we share with the other countries of Europe"?

No, the white European who pays taxes and respects the laws has already been downgraded to an inferior species.

Radek Sýkora, 25/0

I am looking forward to all the fearmongering how the living standards will drop after the exit from the EU, how everyone will pay for that, and blah blah blah... Wake up, everybody! We're better off than 90 percent of the planet and we're going to decide whether we'll buy one more or one less package of cigarettes for our wage. But for me, safety is more important than a full fridge of beer bottles.

Aleš Javůrek, 25/0

I wouldn't pacify myself by the expectation that when some of these people are assigned to Czechia by Brussels, they will escape.

They will not escape if they will know that they would be immediately caught in Germany and returned, that they won't get asylum or welfare money in Germany, simply nothing. The next step could be that we will be obliged to pay the same welfare funds to the illegals as they would get in Germany...

... Similar, albeit sometimes tougher comments appear at which is left-wing. Some hugely popular comments say that the goal of the "elite" is to eradicate the traditional European population and replace it with a mixed, moderately mentally impaired race that is "easily controlled by the power elites". may still be softcore relatively to the semi-official multiparty (but strongly communist-voters-supported) Parliamentary Letters that quote numerous Czech politicians that the Brussels officials are imbeciles and they have declared a war on us. In a poll over there, 0% agree with the proposals, 2% partially agree and 2% have no opinion, and 9% disagree with the proposals. The remaining 89% think that "with all these proposals, the EU should go to the aß". ;-)

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