Saturday, April 02, 2016

ISIS & Brussels airport hired 50 people together; 900 no-go zones in the EU

The Balkan route was basically sealed so the number of illegal migrants arriving to the bulk of Europe has dropped dramatically. Ironically enough, this improvement meant that Angela Merkel's approval rate went up – even though this evolution towards an improvement was exactly what she's been fighting against all the time.

Most of the news we're getting are about the mess in Greece and Turkey and the flaws of the EU-Turkey deal that really seems dysfunctional as we expected. To make things worse, some U.N. officials yell that the deal is illegal because the illegal migrants always have the right to stand above the national law, the U.N. believes.

The relative silence was interrupted by the Brussels attacks. And some of the related information we're getting sounds shocking to me.

The Washington Times is among the newspapers that wrote about the possible coming strike of the cops at the Brussels airport. What's the reason? They found out that 50 supporters of ISIS are working as janitors and baggage handlers at that airport. Wow. You've gotta be kidding me.

These jobs have access to sensitive areas, arguably the baggage itself, and even the aircraft. I know that lots of movies such as the "Die Hard" series are fiction but 9/11 wasn't fiction although it has trumped lots of movies about similar events that were shot before 2001. Can you imagine what these 50 people could do if they were synchronized and connected to a mastermind? Nine elevens all over under the Sun. As far as I am concerned, no Muslims should be eligible for work in these sensitive jobs in Europe. And I wouldn't want to fly to Brussels.

Sadly, it's not just one airport.

The Western press has thankfully noticed a new anti-quota website created by the Hungarian government. If you didn't know how much time is 12 seconds, the website visualizes this duration by adding avatars of humans to a list. The point is for you to understand that a new illegal immigrant arrives to Europe every 12 seconds.

The website contains a map which claims that (as a study has determined) the European Union – mostly the Western European officials – now contain about 900 no-go zones where the law enforcement doesn't dare to enter, or is "almost" terrified not to ever enter. 751 of those are located in France. Can you imagine what it means to have 900 neighborhoods where the Western laws and habits have already ceased to apply?

If you look at the current map of Daesh, you will see that the rogue territory has shrunk. The ISIS territory is already as large as the Kurdish land – and each of them is smaller than the areas controlled by the Iraqi government. But instead of thinking of the areas as parts of a continuum, you could count "cells" where the Deash folks dictate the rules.

It's totally plausible that you would end up with fewer than 900 of these dots. In other words, the EU may already be more infiltrated by this illegal Islamic mess than Iraq and Syria! The people in these EU's no-go zones don't commit as many atrocities as the ISIS in Iraq and Syria. But that could change, too.

Can you imagine what it would look like if the ISIS suddenly had an air force or rockets or other things? Or if it conquered some regular army that has many of these things? This new terrifying entity would basically have 900 military bases across the EU. If the conflict escalated, would the Europeans be suddenly capable of dealing with these 900 "scars" on the Old Continent if they can't deal with them now?

It's suicidal that the Western European countries have basically surrendered these 900 places to the savages, people who are mostly ready to place the Sharia terror above the laws of their country. I want to believe that "it's very unlikely" that we will see some brutal consequences of these 900 time bombs scattered over the Old Continent in a near future. But I am not sure and I am afraid.

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