Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Only psychopaths may want to remove Golan Heights from Israel

John Kerry and similarly incredible aßholes have created a significant fraction of the havoc in the Middle East in recent years.

The success of Daesh, the most dangerous and fanatical Islamist movement of recent centuries (no, these losers haven't beaten the evil of Prophet Mohammed yet), may be partly blamed on the illogical or irresponsible U.S. support for various radicals in recent 15 years or so.

Despite many efforts, the map of the territory once known as "Iraq and Syria" looks extremely chaotic – and the most evil and fanatical controllers of large areas happen to remarkably coincide with the groups supported by the U.S. in the recent years.

The map on Wikipedia linked to in the previous paragraph wisely uses the neutral grey color – "other, safe nations" – for the territory of the Golan Heights (the light yellow vertical strip in the middle of the map embedded above), too.

The "officially" Syrian territory – according to various nonsensical U.N. maps – has been controlled by Israel since the 1967 Six-Day War. The land has already belonged under Israel for a longer period of time than it has ever belonged under Syria! That's why this territory doesn't have to be discussed when the horrors of Daesh and other Islamist groups are talked about. And we could also mention that King Og, an Amarite – basically a Jew – conquered the mountainous region in the times of the Old Testament.

Kerry's spokesman John Kirby didn't have a better idea to pick the date than now, April 2016, when Daesh and other groups deserving liquidation still control about a third of Iraq+Syria, to discuss the plan desired by Kerry et al. to return the Golan Heights to Syria. Surely you're joking, Mr Kirby.

Haven't you already screwed a sufficient amount of territories? Do you really want to throw additional territories – the only territory on the "official" land of Syria and Iraq that works in a truly civilized and safe way now – to Syria so that it becomes possible for the Islamist savages to capture it as well? Have you lost your mind completely? Or do you also want the Islamists to be able to attack Israel from the convenient spots in the mountains?

Needless to say, the prevailing opinions in Israel differ from the Kerry opinion diametrically. The Israeli government has reminded others that the Golan Heights will remain under the Israeli control "forever" while pundits recommend a full incorporation of the Golan Heights to Israel.

I don't have a strong opinion about the optimum formal administrative status of the Golan Heights – it may be better to do the paperwork in such a way that the intensity of unnecessary provocation is reduced – but it seems obvious to me that if something works so well, it shouldn't be fixed. To try to betray a country that has been one of the closest U.S. allies for many decades and throw a part of the territory that the ally controls to the chaotic melting pot of Syria+Iraq+Daesh is a brutally hostile and stupid act and I wouldn't find anything surprising or controversial about the Israeli decision to safely stop the threats posed by John Kerry, Joe Biden, and similar individuals who spread these memes about the removal of the Golan Heights from Israel and who to spread the uncontrolled anti-Semitic emotions even outside the Middle East.

They're really, really playing with fire.

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