Sunday, April 03, 2016

Some shocking PC events at Harvard

Pro-freedom scholars, students have to start a real tough fight

Two days ago, Harvard student Rachel Huebner talked to Megyn Kelly at Fox News.

Her written essay, A Culture of Sensitivity, was published by The Harvard Crimson. At both places, Huebner describes the disappearance of basic freedoms at the campus. When I was leaving that place, things were already insufferable but these reports indicate that the situation has gotten much worse.

In the name of "sensitivity", students were prevented from attaching the American flag above their own bed. A brainwashed class of female students vigorously discussed the idea that they would never sit across from a pro-life male student. Bowdoin College students who wore Mexican hats at a tequila-themed party were terrorized by disciplinary steps because of their "act of ethnic stereotyping". If it makes you happier, a party with Soviet fur hats and coats on the same night was just fine (!?).

Huebner herself has been screamed at by a Harvard employee once she dared to ask a question about the Bible. "It's the safe space so you can't talk about such things." Interestingly, the "safe place" used to mean the exactly opposite thing – one can safely talk there, Huebner noticed.

Massachusetts isn't the most left-wing state and things are even more insane elsewhere. The University of New Hampshire has banned the adjective "American" (because it's said to be offensive for the Latin Americans), "senior citizens" (because... sorry, I can't even pretend that I think that this can be justified), and lots of others. Slavic folks such as myself would surely appreciate if they banned the annoying words "the" and "a" but that's exactly what they're too lazy to do.

Back to Harvard which just rejected the record high 94.8% of the applicants. But will the remaining 5.2% appreciate their success? Or are they going to be sorry about the hellhole that they got stuck at?

At the Harvard Law School, a bunch of fanatical social justice warriors named "Reclaim Harvard Law" basically occupies several buildings and lounges and tries to eliminate everyone who disagrees with them. Third-year law student William Barlow began a heroic fight against these terrorists, attempting to regain the lounges for the broader community of law students. Barlow clearly isn't a Trump fan because he compared the "Reclaim" SJWs to Trump on his posters – both cripple the free speech and spread racism (but I guess that not the same colors of racism), Barlow claims.

Dean Martha Minow (whom I superficially know from the Society of Fellows) "sort of" defended the Barlow's, pro-freedom side, of this controversy (all students must have access to the shared spaces), but the result of these battles remain unexpectedly uncertain given the clarity of the situation.

There are many other examples of crazy things that are reducing the academic freedoms to a tiny fraction of what it used to be and I don't want to enumerate everything I've read about. The overall picture is extremely worrisome.

Huebner became a hero of a sort but she doesn't look like a "natural warrior". However, the situation needs people like Huebner to start to fight. All the people who are worried that the academic freedoms that have existed for more than 500 years are basically being terminated have to team up, despite their differences about many detailed social issues. Even if you're not a Republican, you should try to talk to the Republicans on the Harvard campus – and other campuses. You need to talk to Christians (even if you're an atheist) and others. You need to find some lawyers and people who have understood various laws and regulations and you should go after the necks of the haters of freedom. You need to defeat them, you need to humiliate them, you need to break them, you need to make sure that similar freedom-hating folks won't dare to return for a few centuries.

It's a hard task but it's existentially important that aside from the other things you are supposed to do well, you spend some energy with efforts to reverse the terrifying trend on the Western campuses.

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