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At school, teaching diminishes and brainwashing grows

Interview with Václav Klaus Jr, the ODS shadow minister of education, the (former?) principal of Czechia's top high school PORG, and a son of the ex-president

Via vklm.cz, Echo24, and The Invisible Dog

At Czech schools, the teaching fades away...
...while the brainwashing increases.

In this era of a strong economy, education is becoming the most sensitive topic for Sobotka's government. The education minister Ms Catherine Valachová, a representative of the progressivist wing of the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD), is arriving with a whole spectrum of reforms and moves. Among them, the most passionate reactions are ignited by her plan to move moderately retarded children from special schools to the ordinary basic schools – the so-called inclusion. Dr Václav Klaus Jr (46) is formulating the resistance most clearly.

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The change of the significance level by 0.7 sigma doesn't justify any "big words"

Rajesh: the next, tenth season of TBBT may be the last one

Stops: CMS sees an excess over 2 sigma in their search for top squarks, see page 3, Figure 2, lower left. \(600\GeV\) stops may be "indicated" by that picture.

Adam Falkowski often acts as a reasonable (and educated) man. But I think that his title
CMS: Higgs to mu tau is going away
is a typical example of the insane exaggeration or distortion that I would expect from unethical journalistic hyenas, not from a particle physicist.

What's going on? Both ATLAS and CMS have shown some weak hints of a possible "flavor violation", namely the possible decay of the \(125\GeV\) Higgs boson to a strange lepton pair\[

h \to \mu^\pm \tau^\mp

\] Note that the muon and the tau are "similar" but so far, we've always created a muon-antimuon or tau-antitau pair. The individual lepton numbers \(L_e, L_\mu,L_\tau\) for the generations have been preserved. And the Standard Model makes such a situation natural (although one may predict some really tiny flavor-violating processes even in the Standard Model).

Because the muon of one sign is combined with the tau with another sign – with a particle from a different generation of leptons – the process above, if possible, would be one of the so-called (and so far unseen) flavor-violating processes.

Socialists are murdering the economy of Venezuela right now

Venezuela is becoming the latest role model for nations that are incapable of curing themselves from leftism and from the leftists before it's too late.

The country is sitting on a huge amount of oil. Petroleum accounts for more than 50% of the GDP. So you may imagine that the low prices near $25 a barrel earlier in this year didn't help. But the prices are back around $50 and even when they were closer to $100 two years ago, things began to look really bad for Venezuela.

Hugo Chávez, the Bolshevik dictator, took over in 1999 and was dragging his country towards a socialist "paradise" up to his death in 2013. Nicolás Maduro, a Chávez yes-man, became the successor. He has less charisma than Chávez used to boast – but his politics is equally socialist.

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EU: all publicly funded science papers free since 2020?

Some EU authorities have presented an ambitious plan. The Competitiveness Council and the Dutch EU presidency were involved. (On July 1st, Slovakia will take over the EU presidency.)

In four years, all scientific papers resulting from publicly funded research should be available to everyone for free.

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German bishops, ministers want mandatory Islam at schools

The Czech public is absolutely stunned by a development in Germany – which some global media already described yesterday.

Top center-right server iDNES.cz just told us that Germany's highest evangelical bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, a Lutheran, and the minister of interior, Thomas de Maizière, support a new plan to make the classes of Islam mandatory at all schools in all German lands. (The lands of East Germany don't even teach Christianity at state schools right now.) Islamic organizations would be directly responsible for the education.


I happen to agree with all the most upvoted comments so here they are.

Learning of information, not an interaction, induces the collapse

The dishonest Bohmist crackpot filth continued to be everywhere – on the Physics Stack Exchange, the Quanta Magazine, and elsewhere – so it was pleasant to see a new, one-week-old YouTube video by Inspiring Philosophy about quantum mechanics, a video I may fully endorse.

Last time, in a discussion with him on this blog, I was annoyed by his view that philosophers such as Kant or Hegel or their ideas should "stand above" the physics research which I consider totally ludicrous because physics must use its own philosophy and persistently upgrade it as the evidence arrives and is evaluated in better ways. And the old guys' philosophy is clearly outdated enough to be unusable in the context of modern physics.

I have also disliked some basic technical misunderstanding – I forgot what it was – but all these things are forgotten by now.

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Do male rats using cell phones get healthy tumors?

NBC News and others just informed about partial results of some new $25 million U.S. government of health impact of cell phones. The full results should be out in 2017.

They claim that rats get brain and heart cancer out of the cell phone radiation. But only the male rats. And those tumors are great because they increase the rats' life expectancy! ;-)

Czech think tank's meta-analysis: 44% of European Muslims are fundamentalists

The Prague Monitor has informed the readers about a survey published by the Czech "European Values" think tank,

Views of 44% of Europe Muslims are fundamentalist, Czech study shows
There have been various attempts to claim that terrorism and anti-Western terrorism is confined to a tiny subgroup of the Muslims. Needless to say, the percentage of Muslims who have "achieved" something as spectacular as the 9/11 attacks is tiny. On the other hand, the percentage of Muslims who agree with basically all important religious, social, and political opinions of the terrorists is large – comparable to 50%.

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CLOUD@CERN: global warming may have been due to decreasing aroma from trees

Just a short report plus a collection of links (thanks to Steve from CERN).

CLOUD, the experiment that measures the birth of clouds at CERN, has released new papers:

Nature: Ion-induced nucleation of pure biogenic particles

Science: New particle formation in the free troposphere: A question of chemistry and timing

AP (a popular/politicized distortion): New Cloud Formation Discovery May Lessen Warming Forecast
CLOUD has done lots of measurements of the processes that are needed to create clouds which, as many kids have noticed, usually cool down the weather.

The experiment has been taking place at CERN because the cosmic rays (emulated by the CERN's sources of beams) are important for the creation of the cloud (condensation) nuclei. Even in the new papers, cosmic rays are found to increase the nucleation rate by 1-2 orders of magnitude.

Recall that the Sun's activity may influence the cosmic ray flux, and therefore its variations may be responsible for "climate change". Svensmark's theory generally argues that a stronger solar activity means a more perfect shielding of the cosmic rays, therefore less cloudiness, and therefore warmer weather.

Higgs to mu-tau decays would encourage \(B-L\) SSM

While Egyptian airplanes keep on collapsing (President el-Sisi's foes have decorated the same aircraft with graffiti "we will bring this aircraft down" some two years ago!) and Erdogan keeps on blackmailing Europe (and proving the cluelessness of the politicians who wanted or want to promote Turkey into a key solver of Europe's problems), a new Turkish-Egyptian hep-ph paper looks unexpectedly sexy:

Large \(BR(h \to \tau \mu)\) in Supersymmetric Models
Hammad, Khalil, and Un analyze how compatible the simple enough supersymmetric models are with a possibly emerging result of the LHC analyses – namely the decay of the Higgs to a flavor-violating pair\[

h\to\mu^\pm \tau^\mp

\] which seems to appear in roughly a 2-sigma excessive number of events both at ATLAS and CMS and the suggested branching ratio is around 1%.

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I don't feel frightened not knowing things

The most recent exchange about the extraterrestrial life made me think of this monologue of Richard Feynman,

especially its last minute. Why? Because it seems to me that some people are so frightened not knowing things that they prefer quickly chosen wrong answers over the admission that they're ignorant or uncertain.

In these sentences (taken from The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, BBC/NOVA, 1981), Feynman said that some people are searching for answers to deep questions that science can't answer or basically labels as unphysical, so they may get disappointed and turn to religion and other mystical world views instead.

He also describes the Copernican principle – the existing religions seem too provincial, too connecting the fundamental entities of the Creation with our particular stinky pond here on Earth, our DNA etc. These links seem totally out of proportion.

An interview with Klára Samková

EuroNews.cz has published an interview with Klára Samková.

Samková for EuroNews: Ambassador of Turkey has behaved as an old woman. Muslims are expecting that their ideology will be tolerated.

An interview: It is quite appropriate to compare Islam with totalitarian ideologies and the Turkish ambassador has escaped the hall as a pubertal boy, attorney Klára Samková says in an interview for EuroNews.cz. She has ignited passions by its speech directed against Islam. Does she expect some further repercussions of the story? And why did she voluntarily help to Muslims years ago?

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German prosecutors free all ecoterrorists from Schwarze Pumpe

Recent immigrants from the Muslim world are not the only group that seems to stand above the law in Germany. During the weekend a week ago, there was a violent rally inside a power plant and a brown coal mine in East Germany, close to the Czech border. The events at the Schwarze Pumpe looked like this:

Some more videos

Both businesses had to be pretty much closed for the weekend. The fences were destroyed and the police action was costly, too. You may imagine that it would be very hard for these mostly worthless terrorists to pay for all the damages they have caused.

Topology, geometry in QG admit no operators, measurement

Santa Barbara's David Berenstein and his student Alexandra Miller published a paper

Topology and geometry cannot be measured by an operator measurement in quantum gravity
which is nice because they have used the LLM limit of Maldacena's AdS/CFT correspondence to rediscover something that the TRF readers know from about 10 blog posts and that has been refined into a more controllable paper form by Papadodimas and Raju. There can't be any linear operators in a theory of quantum gravity whose eigenvalues would correspond to the topological invariants of the space. I think that the adjective "state-independent" should be added to the sentence to make it really true – Berenstein and Miller implicitly talk about state-independent operators when they talk about operators.

LLM refers to Lin, Lunin, Maldacena – it's the bubbling AdS space – and this aspect of the Berenstein-Miller paper is new. If you click at the hyperlink, you will be brought to a January 2005 blog post about LLM. The date should assure you that TRF is quite an ancient source of information about physics.

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Messaging the ETs: science or (dangerous) religion?

There have been dozens of blog posts about the extraterrestrial life. I generally believe that the widespread opinion that the life is almost everywhere is unjustifiable, directly clashing with certain emerging data, and the life on our planet may very well be very rare if not unique. I've agreed with Michael Crichton's criticism of Drake's equation, among other things.

Geological data suggest that the life began shortly after the Earth was created. But this doesn't prove that it must be likely for life to emerge. Instead, one may argue that life came from outside the Earth – panspermia – and depended on the satisfaction of many conditions that required increasingly concentrated and increasingly advanced seeds of life.

Almost equivalently, the evolution of the early life forms may have depended on many deadlines. Some amino acids or other things may have been much more likely to be created when the Earth was new, hot, and chaotic, and the probability may have been dramatically decreasing ever since. The required stages of life had to be created during the early stages and they were – but they didn't have to. This picture is compatible both with a tiny concentration of life in the Universe and with its early appearance on Earth.

But that's not what I want to talk about here.

Benjamin Kuras: the West's suicide

Almost all the speakers at the event "Should we be afraid of Islam?" organized in the halls of the Czech Parliament four days ago were giving the answer "No, they are or we are friends". Klára Samková gave the answer No, we should fight which has become well-known, at least to the readers of Breitbart.

The only other speech that was unequivocally arguing against the Islamic immigration (albeit a bit less loudly than Samková) was one by Benjamin Kuras, a British writer, playright, and translator who was born as Miloslav Kuraš in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1944 (not easy for an ethnic Jew!), has practiced Judaism since 1974, six years after he emigrated to the U.K. in 1968. Here is my translation of his speech. (It's likely that he has an English version somewhere but let me practice.)

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Klára Samková's talk: Should we be afraid of Islam?

Update: When you become familiar with this talk, you may also read the similar speech by Benjamin Kuras at the same event (which is slightly more peaceful than the speech below). Check also Czech ex-president Klaus' speech in Tel Aviv 3 days ago about the supply-and-demand side of mass migration and why the "entitlement behind it" is a big misinterpretation of human rights.

A translation to Portuguese and Dutch here.

Update: See a newer interview with Samková
When I studied in detail, I found the well-known attorney's lecture for the ambassadors of the Muslim countries and other guests in the Czech Parliament much better than I expected (even though "stronger" than the type of language that I would naturally use), so here's a translation. There are many references to things like physics, some of them a bit silly, but they make the text more appropriate for this blog, anyway.

Dear guests, [May 18th, 2016]

thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to give a speech. Today's conference is supposed to help to answer the question whether we should be afraid of Islam. My answer to the question is straightforward: we should definitely not be afraid of Islam. We should deal with it in the same way in which the European civilization has dealt with all totalitarian and inhuman regimes which it had to face during more than 2,000 years of its history. In particular, we should fight with Islam, beat it, and prevent its proliferation once and for all, just like in the case of previous monstrous ideologies, declare the very existence of Islam as a criminal act that contradicts the human naturalness, freedom, and especially the human dignity.

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Airlines should sell Muslim-free flights

After a 3-hour-long flight from Paris and shortly before it was supposed to land in Cairo, EgyptAir's MS804 disappeared from the radar and some two hours later (or maybe much earlier), it crashed to the Mediterranean Sea, somewhere between Egypt and Crete, and the wreckage was just found near Karpathos, a Greek island. In a few hours, this finding will be declared invalid but tomorrow, the Egyptian army will find the wreckage 290 km north of Alexandria. My condolences to the friends and relatives of the 56 passengers and 10 crew members.

The cause is unknown but it's generally believed that terror is a more likely explanation than a technical problem. Seven hours ago, Donald Trump tweeted:

Looks like yet another terrorist attack. Airplane departed from Paris. When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!
A great question.

Particles are vibrations

The music analogy is much more accurate than most people want to believe

Tetragraviton is a postdoc at the Perimeter Institute who has written several papers on multiloop amplitudes in gauge theory. Even though none of these papers depends on string theory in any tangible way, I've thought that he's a guy close enough to string theory who could potentially work on it which is why I was surprised by his blog post a week ago,

Particles Aren’t Vibrations (at Least, Not the Ones You Think)
which indicates that I was wrong. The first sentence tells you what kind of popularizers are supposed to be a target:
You’ve probably heard this story before, likely from Brian Greene.
I was imagining that there was something subtle. People may dislike the overabundant comments about "music and string theory" etc. But I didn't find anything too subtle in the blog post. While there's always some room for interpretations what a somewhat vague sentence addressed to the laymen could have meant, I think it's right to conclude that Tetragraviton is just flatly wrong.

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Slowly for Peter Shor: Page 1 of Dirac

Most of the people who want to argue with me about quantum mechanics are marginal figures such as the psychopath named John Duffield who has picked Paul Dirac as the ultimate man who was "hampered because he didn't have an understanding of the electron".

Imagine, among tens of billions of humans who have ever lived or live on the Earth, Paul Dirac has clearly introduced much more clarity to our understanding of the electron than anyone else, but this Gentleman is willing to pick Paul Dirac as the "guy who was hampered by misunderstanding the electron". It often looks like these people are competing to write the most absurd or psychopathic sentence anyone can write down.

So it was refreshing to have some disagreement with MIT's Peter Shor again, a guy who is well-known because of a quantum algorithm. I think he's an expert on many related things and most (?) of his comments about foundations of QM are just fine. But like the postmodern feminist philosophers, he seems to believe that the theorems in mathematics and physics only apply when certain sociological criteria are obeyed.

Ivana Trump co-invented, delayed, advises Trump presidency

A month ago, ABC News discussed the Czech factor behind the Donald's presidency, his first wife Ivana Trump or Ivana Zelníčková-Winklmayrová-Trumpová-Mazzucchelliová-Rubicondiová, if you wish, and I have generously omitted Syrovatková. ;-)

Trump is often presented as an ultimate egotist or materialist or serial divorcer. But he's really an idealist faithful saint relatively to his first wife. He must have loved her but their marriage didn't last indefinitely.

Weak gravity conjecture linked to many fields of maths, physics: an essay

Ben Heidenreich, Matthew Reece, and Tom Rudelius (Harvard) have won the 5th place in the 2016 Gravity Research Foundation Essay Contest (I will avoid the general rating of this kind of essay contests):

Axion Experiments to Algebraic Geometry: Testing Quantum Gravity via the Weak Gravity Conjecture
They discuss a refinement of our conjecture that for any type of a "charge" similar to electromagnetism, there must always exist sources for which the non-gravitational force donalds the gravitational one.

The essay shows that the inequality has implications for inflation (naively excluding a long enough inflation and maybe forcing one to talk about specific types of inflation), for AdS/CFT (charged operators with low enough dimensions should exist), and for pure mathematics (because the inequality should hold for compactifications on complicated enough manifolds, and such an inequality therefore sometimes turns into a nontrivial geometric theorem about those).

Anti-quantum zealots have deduced exactly the opposite conclusion again

I am overbohmized – the Bohmians recently exploded like the mosquitoes on a warm and wet summer evening – but this is a story I can't omit. The Quanta Magazine published an article by Dan Falk

New Support for Alternative Quantum View

An experiment claims to have invalidated a decades-old criticism against pilot-wave theory, an alternative formulation of quantum mechanics that avoids the most baffling features of the subatomic universe.
The title and the subtitle are just 100% lies. They should have said:
Another nail in the coffin of an anti-quantum hypothesis

An experiment has verified a decades-old criticism against pilot wave theory, a superfluous ideological superstructure meant to deny the most important insights of the quantum revolution.
Can you spot the difference? I find it amazing how these people don't just "subtly modify" and "distort" the message. They just lie into your eyes. They're eager to turn things by 180 degrees and tell you the exact opposite of the results. These individuals lack the basic morality.

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Bohmists' inequivalence & dishonesty

Off-topic, annoying: The Central Committee of Both F*cked-up and Non-F*cked-Up Feminist Whores at LIGO has publicly attacked and bullied a senior LIGO memberBarry Barish who rescued the experiment from an epoch of mismanagement and is therefore the most well-deserved Nobel prize candidate among currently active members and who has also led the ILC design group – because the bitches found an image in an after-dinner speech at Pheno16 "offensive". Why is it so hard for you to f*ck off, ladies? And dear reader, can you find what offended them (PDF/PPTX)? I can't. Maybe the penis-like shape of LIGO on slide 8? It's an unedited photograph! Or a similar potential ATLAS+sex theme on the introductory slide? If LIGO had the shape of a vagina, see my undergraduate hostel collectively decorated by all the students inside, 50% of the tubes would be wasted and the acute angles would reduce the sensitivity, too.
I've seen many new bizarre responses by the advocates of Bohmian mechanics. Maybe my responses have contributed to their activity in an example of a vicious loop. ;-)

First, let me mention an old website I found, bohmianmechanics.org. It was created by James Taylor who got a PhD at Rutgers in 2003 (two years after me at the same school – he used the same macros). His adviser was Sheldon Goldstein, a noted Bohmist, and the thesis was dedicated to the ideology of Bohmism.

The actual main guru of Bohmism. (Note that Chen and Kleinert say that Madelung basically discovered the pilot wave theory a year before Louis de Broglie.)

Thankfully, Taylor didn't continue as a physicist and the website has no visitors (just like bohmian-mechanics.net) and that's good news. One of the pages in the table-of-contents of the website is Advice for debaters in support of Bohmian mechanics (that's how the page is referred to at the main page of the website).

Wow, this sounds just like the 135 million pages ;-) written by Al Gore's disciples (and courses taught by them) about how to manipulate your parents concerning the climate, how to deceive the Nobel peace prize committee, how to talk to a conservative, how to fool a denier, convince a neighbor, steal real estate in Tennessee and California, and how to escape police and laugh at everyone. ;-)

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Durkin's "Brexit" movie has persuaded me

John Archer told us about a new movie by Martin Durkin, the man behind "The Great Global Warming Swindle" which I considered an excellent rebuttal to the global warming hysteria. The movie argues that the Britons should vote "Leave" in the coming Brexit referendum about the U.K. membership in the EU:

I watched those 71 minutes at the 1.5 times normal speed, native speakers may almost certainly try the same thing (or faster). Aside from the British TRF readers, I recommend the movie to the Americans – 1/2 of TRF readers and a nation that seems deeply ignorant about the meaning of the EU – and non-British Europeans, too.

ATLAS: an amusing 2.1-sigma gluino-muon-multijet island excess

ATLAS released an interesting preprint

Search for gluinos in events with an isolated lepton, jets and missing transverse momentum at \(\sqrt{s} = 13\TeV\) with the ATLAS detector
in which gluino pairs were searched in final states with MET, many jets, and a single lepton. There were six signal regions. The last, sixth one, showed a mild but interesting excess. \(2.5\pm 0.7\) events were expected with a muon (thanks, Bill), but eight events were observed.

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A lame attack on Czech cardinal places The Independent in the cesspool

I've met Dominik Duka, the current (Catholic) Primate of Bohemia, two years ago, on a celebration of ex-president Klaus' birthday. I was drinking beer and debating the ex-director of the National Gallery Milan Knížák when Duka joined us. I have totally forgotten whether he had a beer as well. Would it be OK for him to have one? I don't know. ;-) I felt nothing in the air that would prevent him from drinking beer.

At any rate, Duka is a relaxed, smiling, and friendly man and I just find him much more pleasant than e.g. his predecessor Miloslav Vlk, a sourball of a sort. Duka has also had warm enough relationships with Klaus and now, just a bit less cordially, with Zeman which I consider a plus – I think that the church shouldn't play the role of a "revolutionary force" undermining the regime (perhaps bad regimes are an exception). Duka is a rare dissident (see below) who became constructive in the new regime (which was often not the case, see extreme "permanent dissidents" such as Mr Milan Kohout, the nutcase who is spreading his sperm over the Polish churches, not to mention hundreds of similar "artworks").

But you shouldn't imagine that he's some materially oriented careerist. In 1981-1982, he was jailed here in Pilsen – pretty much at the same time and the same place as Václav Havel. (See a fun, relatively recent discussion of Duka and Havel about their imprisonment.) When he was released, he was drawing diagrams for Škoda Works, also in Pilsen, up to 1989.

Eurovision is a kitschy, politically controlled pseudo-contest

Last night, I spent an hour by watching a part of the Eurovision song contest finals and now, when the results are known, I am confident that it was the last time I did anything of the sort. There were lots of expensive colorful light effects in the big hall but the content was weak and not terribly entertaining.

Among the 26 finalists, Sergey Lazarev was expected to win by the bookmakers. His You are the only one was an average song, I think, but at least the effects were expensive (paid by the Russian government) and he had by far the largest number of viewers etc. (And it was a song compatible with all the prevailing European fashions such as the pro-gay attitudes etc.) If you want to know, the typically Central European entry, one from Australia LOL, was very good.

To make the story short, Lazarev won the voting by the regular viewers. The winner was a Ukrainian Tatar contestant – I have a trouble to call her a singer – who ended up at the 2nd place both in the popular vote and the vote by the more murky national committees (new rules of voting were applied for the first time). The contribution named "1944" (that some people call a "song") was said not to be about the expulsion of Crimean Tatars from Crimea in 1944 but everyone understood it in this way, and that's what mattered (and it was almost certainly the purpose).

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Bohmians' self-confidence evaporates as soon as they're expected to calculate anything

Photons are incompatible with the Bohmian picture
And so is atomic emission and the energy conservation law

Bohmian mechanics is a framework (partly well-defined in some very special situations) proposed to replace the postulates of quantum mechanics by a new classical theory that largely borrows the mathematics controlling the state vector as if it were a classical wave; and that is supplemented with extra beables (in the only semi-successful example, positions of non-relativistic particles) that behave classically and whose trajectories are affected by the pilot wave.

The theory allows you to assume that if you measure the non-relativistic particles' positions, the random outcome isn't decided at the moment of the measurement. Instead, these positions were already ready before the measurement. And the defining assumption of the Bohmian paradigm is that any measurement may be reduced to such a measurement of the positions (or other beables if you knew what they are) so that the random collapse in the standard quantum mechanical treatment of the measurements isn't ever needed. For example, it's sometimes semi-successfully claimed that the measurement of particles' spins may be reduced to the measurement of the positions of the same particles. But we will see that this is not the case for observables that commute neither with the position nor with the momenta such as energy.

In several recent articles, I discussed the incompatibility of Bohmian mechanics with some of the physical phenomena that go beyond non-relativistic QM, e.g. with loop corrections in QFT. User7348 was dissatisfied with the claim that Bohmian mechanics fails in this test so he asked for a "rebuttal" of my claims. There must be one, right? Everyone who believes that Bohmian mechanics doesn't suffer from these lethal defects is invited to write the pre-planned "rebuttal" of my proof.

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Obama blackmails all schools: you will lose funding if you don't allow perverts in restrooms of their choice

These news sound just like the stories in The Onion but they seem real.

North Carolina's lawmakers saw some confusion about the meaning of the words "men" and "women" (and the corresponding logos) written on restrooms. So they have adopted a special law saying that "men" are those who have a little limb in between the two legs while "women" have a slit over there.

This knowledge may be trivial for most kids in the kindergarten but it seems that the perverts in assorted city halls (which decided to boycott North Carolina!) and the folks in the White House haven't mastered these insights yet.

Instead, the individual widely yet ludicrously called the President of the United States of America has sent a childish letter to all schools across America in which he blackmails them: If you don't allow all kids saying "I am a man" in male restrooms and all kids saying "I am a woman" in female restrooms, I will make sure that your school loses the federal funding.

Wow. This is an example of the utter insanity that a country may face if it doesn't regulate left-wing extremists before it's too late.

Cernette: a bound state of 12 top quarks?

Willmutt reminded me of a paper I saw in the morning,

Production and Decay of \(750\GeV\) state of 6 top and 6 anti top quarks
by two experienced physicists, Froggatt and (co-father of string theory) Nielsen, that proposes that the \(750\GeV\) cernette could be real – and it could be a part of the Standard Model. They've been talking about the bound state (now proposed to be the cernette) since 2003.

At that time, the particle was conjectured to be so heavily bound that it would be a tachyon, \(m^2\lt 0\). I actually think that composite tachyons can't exist in tachyon-free theories, can they? (You better believe that such a tachyonic particle is impossible because such a man-made Cosmos-eating tachyonic toplet would be even worse than an Earth-eating strangelet LOL.)

The zodiac, a similarly strange bound state of 12 particles.

Unlike my numerologically driven weakly bound states of new particles, they propose that the particle could be a heavily bound state of 12 top quarks in total.

Charles IV: 700th birthday

On May 14th, 1316, Charles IV, the Czech king and the Holy Roman Emperor, was born. A decade ago, the Czech public chose him as the "Greatest Czech" in a poll, after the universal genius Jára da Cimrman was eliminated because of some anti-quantum zealous complaints concerning his "reality". ;-)

Charles IV was extremely educated, did a lot of uncontroversially great things for this golden era of the Czech kingdom, and equally importantly, he did quite something to grow the fame and imperial influence of our kingdom, too. Just to be sure, we're not one of those nations that consider imperialism to be an insult.

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Rain is constant, videos are van Goghized

A comment about two interesting enough papers.

The changes in global mean temperature are discussed all the time but what has happened with the rain since 1850? Has it been increasing or decreasing? The Journal of Hydrology has published a paper giving a clear answer:

Changes in annual precipitation over the Earth’s land mass excluding Antarctica from the 18th century to 2013
Hat tip: Not a lot of people know that and Climate Depot.

Physicists W.A. van Wijngaarden and A. Syed from Toronto took 1,000 stations into account and the trends (changes of precipitation expressed in percents per century) are the following:

1850-2000: -1.2 ± 1.7% per century
1900-2000: +2.6 ± 2.5% per century
1950-2000: -5.4 ± 8.1% per century

The trends seem to be zero: all of the deviations are safely below two sigma. There's no significant signal. Note that the longer periods, especially from 1850, produce more precise values for the "basically zero" trend, despite the fact that they depend on some "ancient" data, because the noise from a larger number of years averages out more accurately.

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A revolution against the PC tyranny at Harvard is imaginable now

Lots of insane events have been taking place at many universities thanks to the unregulated propagation of the political correctness in recent years. Harvard University has been a leader in this degenerative process. Just from December, many of us were amazed by the multicultural educative placemats and abolished housemasters, bans of U.S. flags, and the prosecution of non-PC prospective students, among other things.

Now, as I have already mentioned, The Harvard Crimson is basically full of one topic (see also Google News): the newly declared war on single-sex and Greek organizations, final clubs, fraternities, and sororities. A hardcore dean of the college, Rakesh Khurana, along with Drew Gilpin Faust, the Harvard president who was picked after Larry Summers was basically forced to resign, have established a new policy. From 2017, students will be asked: "Are you now, or have you ever been a member of single-sex organizations?" And if the answer is Yes, the students are – exactly like Jews in Nazi Germany – reduced to 2nd category students who can't become bosses of any Harvard teams or organizations and can't be recommended for any fellowships.

Foundations of the general theory of relativity: 100 years

In November 1915, Albert Einstein was intensely working and smoking for two weeks before he presented the final version of the general theory of relativity to the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences at the 8 Unter den Linden Avenue in Berlin.

He had some more time to refine the insights for the written media. On March 20th, 1916, he sent the manuscript to "Annalen der Physik". That was his favorite journal where he published his famous papers 10 years earlier, too. After less than 2 months, on May 11th (exactly 100 years ago), the paper was published:

Die Grundlagen der allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie

(Foundations of the general theory of relativity)
The PDF version of the paper was prepared thanks to Johannes Gutenberg and his e-followers. It's fun to read the paper.

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How to win an award at Rutgers

Honza U. has sent me an incredible story from my graduate Alma Mater, Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey. First, try to watch this 4-minute video.

Jump to 1:20 if you need some action quickly. These red people are some of those who have the guts to call Donald Trump a fascist.

Three months ago, conservative gay blonde pundit Milo Yiannopoulos came to Rutgers to give a talk about the central purpose of education, to expose students to new ideas etc.

At some moment, activists painted their faces with fake blood, started to scream, and temporarily disrupted the event (which was a success at the end). It's ironic – Milo was explaining how the "progressives" are ruining the education process and they simply emerged to prove his point. The chaos was strong and for those of us who were neither the speaker nor the organizer, pretty amusing.

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Cernette: a bound state of two \(Z'\)-bosons?

TV: John Oliver gave a totally sensible 20-minute tirade explaining why "scientific study says" stories in the media are mostly bullšit.
I am giving a popular talk on LIGO in 90 minutes and Tristan du Pree has offered me a distraction via Twitter. How do you get distracted if you think about LIGO too much? Yes, by hearing about the LHC:
Did you find already a good model for a possible \(375/750/1500\) tower of \(Z\gamma/\gamma \gamma\)?
Well, I didn't, I wrote him: it seemed increasingly clear to me that the invariant masses in the \(Z\gamma\) and \(\gamma\gamma\) decays should better be the same. So the numerological explanation of the coincidence doesn't work.

But then I decided that I haven't carefully enough investigated a loophole that could explain why the \(\gamma\gamma\) signal isn't observed near \(375\GeV\): the Landau-Yang theorem. A massive spin-one boson cannot decay to two identical massless spin-one bosons – or, if you wish, a \(Z\)-boson or \(Z'\)-boson cannot decay to two photons.

Arctic ice area: safely higher in 2016 than in 2007

The ongoing El Niño is rapidly weakening and may be replaced by a La Niña in the second half of the year. However, it's been the strongest El Niño on the record – slightly beating the 1997-1998 El Niño that used to be known as the "El Niño of the century".

This fact has some correlation with the temperatures that were elevated. Although it's always about hundredths of a Celsius degree, January, February, and March were the warmest months with those names on the RSS AMSU satellite record. However, April 2016 was already cooler than April 1998 again.

What about the Arctic ice? Left-wing "science" media such as The Guardian and The Pig were impressing us with the claim that the Arctic ice has been at record lows for several months.

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Uncertainty and ignorance are basically synonyms

Mark Alford's wrong paper claiming that there's nonlocality has the first followup, Anthony Sudbery's physics.hist-ph paper

The future's not ours to see
Sudbery has chosen a formidable foe in the physics world, namely Doris Day.

He presented evidence that her 1956 song is, in fact, incorrect and that he may be an even better physicist than Doris Day. ;-)

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Trump isn't responsible for passengers' fear of calculus

Unless Donald Trump loses the interest or dies, he will be the GOP nominee.

I have thought that he had the greatest chances among the candidates from August 2015 and was convinced the odds were above 50% since December 2015.

Various people who have made the predictions that Trump had no chance have erased their videos – for example, where is your prophesy now, Bill O'Reilly? ;-)

At any rate, leftists seem rather hysterical. The confused quantum interpreter Florin Moldoveanu has won a bet he didn't want to win because he thinks that Trump is a "proto-fascist dictator in the making".

Great. But that's nothing relatively to some other leftists' interpretation of an amusing story in the airplane.

Who has blocked the Nobel Prize for relativity

Jimena Canales, an Illinois professor, wrote an interesting essay for Nautil.US about a tense debate of Albert Einstein with a super duper famous person I have never heard of:

This Philosopher Helped Ensure There Was No Nobel for Relativity
To make the story short, the man was Henri Bergson, a French philosopher, and the bloody interaction – which had been assumed to be a friendly intellectual debate – took place on April 6th, 1922. Just to be sure, Einstein has received the prize known as the 1921 Nobel Prize for physics but he received it in November 1922 and the end of 1922 was also when the recipient and the justification were decided, I think.

I don't realize that I've ever heard of Bergson – and I think that I will forget the name by tomorrow or earlier, but we learn that this philosopher has been compared to Don Juan, Socrates, Kant, Simón Bolívar, and even Donald Trump. Despite the huge articles in the Times etc., Einstein was a nobody in comparison, we are asked to believe. Bergson had some wonderful philosophical theory about time and millions of would-be intelligent people were worshiping him.

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Pope, Charlemagne, walls, and European dreams

There are situations in which I envy other countries their religious credentials but at the end, it's likely that I consider Czechia's status as the most atheist country of Europe (and 3rd in the world) to be a net benefit. That's surely the case when I look at the comments by the newest winner of the Charlemagne Prize.

Left-wing Argentine pundit Jorge Mario Bergoglio wasn't expected to accept the Charlemagne award because Charlemagne was as earthly and as physical as you may get while the Vatican claims to be a spiritual country – and Bergoglio runs it under the artistic name "Pope Francis". But Bergoglio's thirst for awards and spotlight was strong enough to defy all the expectations and Pope Francis gave a would-be emotional speech attacking the Europeans.

Holy cow, it was a stupid speech. See The Guardian for a summary.

Proposed draconian weapon ban shows EU's cluelessness

...and maybe something worse: a very evil intent...

If there were a referendum about the departure of Czechia from the EU, some polls indicate that as little as 25% of the population could be voting "Stay". Well, that was yesterday. An hour ago, the percentage could be lower than 25% because lots of Czechs who hold weapons – and their relatives – were terrified by the news about the EU proposals to ban lots of guns:

A stringent EU regulation may help terrorists, the (ministry of) interior warns
In the poll next to the article, 52% of respondents say that the hold a gun with a license, 48% don't. This number almost certainly isn't representative – the holders are more likely to press any button. But the number of Czechs who could be affected is huge. In Czechia, sport shooting is the 3rd most widespread sport after soccer and ice-hockey but the number of guns for self-defense trumps those for sport and hunting, anyway. 775,000 of 10 million citizens have licenses allowing them to buy and possess guns right now. There are about 500 "forbidden armament" cases in a year and 2,000 related minor offenses. See Gun politics in Czechia.

President Zeman with a toy

At any rate, the European Commission – the bunch of individuals who would be a government if the EU were a country – has written a proposal to ban several huge classes of so far legally held weapons in the EU. Well, there are three proposals, an extremely draconian one and some tough ones. The justification is that such a ban will make terror attacks such as the Friday 13th attack in Paris less likely.

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Recent 45 or 30 years: linear warming a better fit than the CO2-related warming

A climate alarmist named Tim Palmer gave a talk about chaos and global warming at the Perimeter Institute For Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada.

The talk was even discussed in The National Post – most actual physics talks at the PI surely don't enjoy this luxury.

He's an okay speaker but the content was very problematic. At the beginning (around 20:00) he started with a good question someone posed to him:

At the Perimeter, people are used to talks about quarks and strings. So why would they listen to a monologue about the climate alarmism junk?
The correct answer is, of course:
The climate alarmists are so shameless that they want to penetrate into every institution and every secret room of yours. And the Perimeter Institute contains lots of extreme leftists who are shameless enough to embrace any fashionable left-wing fad and claim that it's theoretical physics.
Tim Palmer's answer was:
The climate alarmism is a big problem in theoretical physics as I will convince you.
Well, it's not. But he got a big applause for this sentence, strengthening my own explanation above.

When German readers are less PC than a Czech politician

Some Czech media inform us about an interview of Czech politician Pavel Bělobrádek for Die Welt:

Germany and its Chancellor have saved the Balkans
Interestingly, the Czech media usually choose a different title, one saying that the "refugee quotas remind Czechs of the Munich Treaty". Bělobrádek (=the Whitebearded One) is the leader of a small, sub-10-percent party. But the centrist party is in the coalition now (and was in it most of the time since 1989) and the party is probably the most PC and certainly the most pro-German one on the Czech political spectrum.

Its name is the "Christian Democratic Union – the Czechoslovak People's Party" (the name wasn't changed after the Velvet Divorce). At least the first party of the name must sound OK enough to German ears. It's also the only party in Czechia that clearly supports Christianity. And Bělobrádek has blue eyes and blonde hair, too (pics). And I don't even want to mention that he has pleased the bosses of the Sudeten German organizations by his recent visit and friendliness. Even the boss of the Sudetendeutschenlandsmannschaft whom President Zeman calls a Hitler after holidays in the fattening station (guess why) was pleased by Bělobrádek's gestures.

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Measurements are fundamentally irreversible

I was recently exposed to the brutal misconception that "measurements could or should be fundamentally reversible" promoted by several well-known folks but let me only mention two prominent ones: Leonard Susskind's latest paper and a 2002 talk by Freeman Dyson who argued that quantum mechanics was "incomplete" at Wheeler's 90th birthday party.

These men and others realize that the founders of quantum mechanics have postulated that the measurement is irreversible (e.g. whole chapters of books by von Neumann were dedicated to the irreversibility of the measurement); and they seem to realize that all the folks who talk about decoherence acknowledge and assume that decoherence has to be irreversible. But they're not satisfied and want all processes, including the measurements, to be "reversible". This "dream" partly motivates the vague Everettian movement, too. Some people find the measurement and/or the collapse to be "ugly" and want to eliminate it.

But this is a complete misunderstanding what measurements are or can be – and whether they exist at all (be sure that they do). It's a misunderstanding of the basic difference between the future and the past. We remember the past but can't remember the future, we may be afraid of the future and feel that we can change it but we can't change the past, and so on. Human beings and even animals get these basic things already as "babies". Does it mean that all adult physicists have noticed?

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Gell-Mann's opposition to Bohr has been mostly a pose

A few days ago, a computer recommended Steve Hsu to watch a video of Murray Gell-Mann we discussed in 2014. (See also a 2009 blog post on Gell-Mann.)

And Hsu has interpreted all these things in a way that Gell-Mann was a big critic of the Copenhagen interpretation. And maybe Feynman was one as well, Hsu adds. This is particularly disingenuous given Gell-Mann's well-known opinions about the kind of "superluminal" stuff that Hsu was recently promoting.

What's going on?

Warren Buffett is right: investment consultancy doesn't work

Dupes pay lots of fees to dummies

Warren Buffett has been a classic value investor who was buying assets when they were undevalued and selling them later. This is obviously an activity that is good for the investor if he can really do it; and by this kind of a behavior, investors such as Buffett are actually doing an extremely helpful and essential service for the market – they are setting the price.

This should be contrasted with the technical investors who are trying to spot the "momentum". These investors don't have a clue about the actual value of a company and they don't positively contribute to the market process of discovering the right price. They contribute noise – and they help to grow bubbles when they act as collective bulls; and they help to cause dramatic crashes when they act as collective bears.

Aside from the technical investors, one also has the noisy investors who just do basically random things – often with other people's money – and they claim that it's better than doing nothing. During the weekend, Warren Buffett made a wonderful monologue about the uselessness of the noise investment consultants:

Warren Buffett’s Epic Rant Against Wall Street
I couldn't agree more with him. The seven-hour video is available. Things are interesting after 2:42:20 (data showing why hedge funds don't work).

New EU carbon permits: €250,000 per emitted migrant

Many European Union apparatchiks belong among the most unhinged climate alarmists in the world.

So the European Union has run the world's largest Ponzi scheme of carbon indulgences, officially "carbon permits", that you have to pay if you emit a ton of CO2 above certain arbitrary bureaucratic quota. To be allowed to emit another ton of this gas that has been essential for life in recent billions of years, you need to buy these indulgences from the "market" which is a completely bogus market because the price is primarily dictated by the bureaucrats' decisions to keep or change the quotas.

Now, the pro-Islamization European Union apparatchiks (which are usually the very same people) had a wonderful idea:

EU Refugee Crisis: Brussels To Propose Charging Over $289,000 From Countries Refusing Asylum
The idea is to use the carbon permits for the migrants as well. There will be quota and whenever a country wants to emit (i.e. reject) a migrant that belongs to the country according to the quota, it must pay for the carbon permits to emit him (or, much less likely, her). We will be forced to pay – just like we're no longer allowed to freely exhale or emit CO2, we're no longer allowed to freely reject asylum seekers.

The European Union fascists don't have a problem with the termination of the sovereignty of the member states; and with the treatment of the people as pork or another commodity – or, even more precisely, as carbon emissions. So one emitted migrant is worth €250,000. It's great to finally learn what these people cost according to the EU leaders.

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BBC, media suddenly join TRF: Craig Wright created the Bitcoin

In December 2015, you could read my comments why

I would bet: Sydney climate skeptic is the father of the Bitcoin
At that time, lots of tech media mentioned the emerging evidence that Craig Steven Wright (*1970) created the world's most famous cryptocurrency but almost all of them were mostly skeptical and those who were not skeptical were sort of dismissed.

Five months ago, Wright wasn't loudly boasting – and he wasn't even explicitly admitting – that he was the father of the Bitcoin. However, he didn't say "No", either, and the dominant theme in the newspaper articles was that "he created some bogus evidence that would make others think that he was the creator of the Bitcoin".

I just found such a theory analogous to the conspiracy theories about the moonlanding staged by Hollywood in Nevada.

Much like it is easier and more straightforward to actually build and send some rockets to the Moon (the laws of physics make it clear that it may be done and it isn't infinitely different from the airplanes) than to create a network that convinces hundreds and then billions of people that they're taking a part in a great engineering event that isn't real, it just seems much more straightforward to actually write the paper and the programs; than to create a fake life consistent with someone's being the father of the Bitcoin.

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