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A revolution against the PC tyranny at Harvard is imaginable now

Lots of insane events have been taking place at many universities thanks to the unregulated propagation of the political correctness in recent years. Harvard University has been a leader in this degenerative process. Just from December, many of us were amazed by the multicultural educative placemats and abolished housemasters, bans of U.S. flags, and the prosecution of non-PC prospective students, among other things.

Now, as I have already mentioned, The Harvard Crimson is basically full of one topic (see also Google News): the newly declared war on single-sex and Greek organizations, final clubs, fraternities, and sororities. A hardcore dean of the college, Rakesh Khurana, along with Drew Gilpin Faust, the Harvard president who was picked after Larry Summers was basically forced to resign, have established a new policy. From 2017, students will be asked: "Are you now, or have you ever been a member of single-sex organizations?" And if the answer is Yes, the students are – exactly like Jews in Nazi Germany – reduced to 2nd category students who can't become bosses of any Harvard teams or organizations and can't be recommended for any fellowships.

Right now, about 30% of the Harvard students would have to answer "Yes". Lots of famous alumni of Harvard have belonged to such organizations. The Crimson and other media contain many videos of protests, articles about prepared lawsuits against the tyrants, and other materials. Watch e.g. this 3-minute CBS report to get the basic data and arguments.

The feminist fascist scum that has hijacked much of the administration is primarily waging a war on boys and men. It's mostly the male students and alumni of Harvard that have achieved incredible things (also, all-male clubs have been contributing to Harvard's X-factor for over 200 years) and the feminazis want to do something about it. Their hatred against men (Khurany is just a pile of female feces shaped to resemble a male) is much more intense than their interest in the well-being of the females so they had no problem to terrorize the all-female organizations along with the main targets, the male students at Harvard. The all-female clubs were used as human shields in the feminazis' war on boys and men.

Lots of media are cutely honest about the fact that this is a war that feminazis wage against the boys. For example, we learn from the Chronicle of Higher Education that At Harvard, All-Female Groups Claim Collateral Damage in Crackdown on Final Clubs. Nice. The feminist administration may sometimes be pretending that their policies are gender-blind and fair except that everyone knows that they're acts of terror against the male students' organizations. So the all-female victims claim "collateral damage" (or an "unfortunate side effect, as they call it elsewhere) while everyone knows that the all-male victims are the "actual targets of the hostile attacks".

Thankfully, almost all the Crimson commenters and almost all the essays in the media agree that this policy is absolutely sick at many levels. It violates the students' freedom of association. More generally, what the students are doing in their free time – or off-campus – simply mustn't be business of the administration as long as it is legal. Unsatisfied with the obvious fact that way over 90% of our civilization's and Harvard University's successes were created (and is still being created) by men, the feminist fanatics want to destroy everything that works.

The differences between left-wing and right-wing political opinions can't fully explain the insanity of these policies. I am confident that something like that couldn't happen on any Czech school, even the most "progressive" ones. Just take two songmakers, Uhlíř and Svěrák. They – especially Svěrák – surely belong to the Prague Café, the politically correct, pro-EU, anti-nationalist, pro-Schwarzenberg, anti-Zeman etc. bulk of the Czech cultural front. But they still wrote this song about the segregation of the sexes. (Just to be sure, they're not primarily "singers".)

Boys, boys with boys

Boys are fond of balls,
they're running with them over parks.
Girls, as far as balls are concerned,
prefer baby carriages.

Boys are fishing fish from small pools
or bottles from the Moldau river.
Girls don't have (brain) cells for that,
hunting is no fun for them.

0:47 ...and therefore...
Boys, boys with boys,
girls, girls with girls.
It's due to the summers, it's due to their age,
it's because of the years.

1:03 2x...and therefore...
Boys, boys with boys,
girls, girls with girls.
It's due to the summers, it's due to their age,
it's because of the years.

Before a summer meets another one,
things are immediately different.
Betty falls in love with Charlie,
and Jerry with Kate.

April rains take place
May sits over the countryside.
All the girls hunt for boys,
suddenly they're interested in them.

1:52 2x...and therefore...
Boys, boys with girls,
girls, girls with boys.
It's due to the summers, it's due to their age,
it's because of the years.

Men's hair get suddenly thinner,
women's hair are covered by snow.
Watch those events with the face of empathy,
with a pocket watch.

Granddad with another one are sitting in a pub,
a foamy pint is attracting them.
Grandmoms gather to have tea
in Café Slavia.

2:57 2x ...and again...
Boys, boys with boys,
girls, girls with girls.
It's due to the summers, it's due to their age,
it's because of the years.

It's due to the summers, it's due to their age,
it's because of the years.

The song from the late 1980s or 1990 is mostly for children. It explains that kids generally prefer to play with kids of the same sex because the sexes have different interests. As teenagers, it gets reverted and most people of that age are attracted to the opposite sex. And when people get older, the sexes start to segregate again. It's not exactly true for many reasons but it's largely true. Virtually no Czech – left-winger or right-winger, a patriot or a fan of Brussels – would find any of these things "offensive" or controversial. I guess that even these pretty much PC songmakers could be in trouble at Harvard for just mentioning that girls don't have brain cells for something, and so on. Be sure that songs like that are perhaps consider the "ultimate mainstream wisdom" in Czechia.

More generally, there exist lots of reasons why people may want to spend their time with highly mixed communities, or with people of the opposite sex, or with people of the same sex. In particular, the single-sex clubs and gangs allow the members to have some friends who can discuss various topics – e.g. the co-existence with the opposite sex – in a highly informed and candid way.

Also, single-sex organizations may be preferred because the members don't get distracted by their sexual attraction to the opposite-sex fellow members, and for many other reasons that sensible people who know something about the world could easily enumerate. The PC fanatics' dogma that segregation (of sexes, in this case) is always evil is absolutely indefensible.

Some of the clubs may just open themselves to both sexes. Others may really need the segregation so they will be forced to move underground. In that likely case, do the Harvard officials plan to hire and trust a network of secret agents who will monitor what the students are doing whole days? It's surreal.

It's ironic that the all-female clubs and organizations may be the main immediate victims of these sick policies. It's bizarre but these all-female clubs were turned into the most promising warriors against these policies. These all-female clubs were created as analogies of the all-male clubs even if the goals of some of them are "purely female" in character. But they still know that the broad format of these organizations emulates the all-male role models. And when they're harassed, they may know how it feels to be a target of the PC Gestapo.

What's at stake is clear.

The people who disagree with or fight against the policies are generally people who advocate the freedom of association, the students' freedom to do any legal things in one's free time, and other freedoms; the illegitimacy of discrimination of students for things that have nothing to do with their scholarly duties; who prefer to say the truth about which sex has built most of the civilization and most of the fame hiding behind the terms such as Harvard University.

Khurany, Faust, and their supporters – if any exist – are hypocritical jealous fascists who love to heavily oppress groups they don't like, who lie about their actual goals, who always want to restrict other people's basic freedoms, their privacy, who want to destroy everything that works, and who are incompetent or worthless as scholars.

A war isn't a pleasant thing but given the escalation of the terror against so many pillars of a civilized social life, a war is absolutely needed. The likes of Khurany and Faust have to be fully defeated, humiliated, and turned into starving homeless people or worse. We've had similar – although less fanatical – scum in charge of the Czech lands a few times in the 20th century. I don't recommend you to use too much velvet.

P.S. Feynman would be 98 today, on May 11th. He loved MIT where he was a member of a fraternity. Check the story how he was stealing the door of the Phi Beta Delta fraternity and was speaking the truth at the same time. ;-)

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