Thursday, May 19, 2016

Airlines should sell Muslim-free flights

After a 3-hour-long flight from Paris and shortly before it was supposed to land in Cairo, EgyptAir's MS804 disappeared from the radar and some two hours later (or maybe much earlier), it crashed to the Mediterranean Sea, somewhere between Egypt and Crete, and the wreckage was just found near Karpathos, a Greek island. In a few hours, this finding will be declared invalid but tomorrow, the Egyptian army will find the wreckage 290 km north of Alexandria. My condolences to the friends and relatives of the 56 passengers and 10 crew members.

The cause is unknown but it's generally believed that terror is a more likely explanation than a technical problem. Seven hours ago, Donald Trump tweeted:
Looks like yet another terrorist attack. Airplane departed from Paris. When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!
A great question.

Whether or not this particular tragedy was caused by the Islamists, the experience is already sufficient to introduce some changes of the behavior. One aspect of these changes is about the behavior of the airlines. There are assorted kinds of screening at the airport but it doesn't seem to be enough. Aren't there simpler ways to make the passengers safer?

At the end, it's almost always the case that the culprits are self-evident Muslims who must have been considered a concern by many fellow passengers.

I have always felt some kind of fear when I had fellow Muslim passengers, especially after 9/11. In the aircraft, you don't have great conditions to do many useful things but you have time to think. My imagination has often been working at full steam when I was thinking "how I – a prospective hero – would neutralize this passenger or another" if he decided to attack the crew etc. I am absolutely convinced that even though it's fashionable to obfuscate this fact, tens of percent of Westerners feel the same fear. They would prefer flights where they're guaranteed not to have Muslims in the same aircraft. Even the recent funny anti-calculus incident shows that many people feel the same.

How much more would you be willing to pay for flights with this no-Muslim guarantee? My personal guess about my own preferences is some 10 percent. A Google search showed that I was not the first person to propose the idea.

Needless to say, this would be unlikely to save the flight MS804 because most of the people on board were probably Muslims and it could be very hard to organize any Muslim-free flights between Paris and Cairo at all. There were 10 crew members (probably mostly Egyptians?) plus 30 Egyptian passengers, 15 French, 2 Iraqis, and 1 from Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Chad, Kuwait, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the U.K. If I had to bet who were the culprits, I would pick the Iraqis in this case but it could have been some French Muslims or Egyptians, too.

The Muslim-free flights would be a new product that would surely have its consumers and just for some extra organization, airlines could earn some extra profit. I think that these products aren't being offered basically because the companies – airlines and many others – are implicitly or explicitly threatened by the Islamists and their leftarded apologists. I am sure that this sort of a bitter restriction of the individual and corporate freedom is likely to stay for some time but at least some airlines could make this experiment which you might consider analogous to Coca-Cola Light.

Muslims would have the advantage that they don't have to pay any extra fee to fly with other Muslims. You know, seriously, I do realize that there are innocent Muslims for whom a terror attack is almost impossible. However, I have no idea how to identify such Muslims. More generally, the reaction – such as the segregation – is a totally sensible and natural reaction to the events that are taking place. When such a segregation occurred, some Muslims could find the new normal inconvenient as well and they could actually do something about the terror, assuming that any Muslims are really capable of wrestling with the Islamic terror at all. Maybe it would help to create a clear battlefront in the Muslim world – between the radicals and those who are capable of co-existence with non-Muslims. This battlefront simply doesn't exist at this moment which is why it's so sensible to consider every Muslim a security threat.

Incidentally, yesterday, the halls of the Czech Parliament experienced a pretty tense conference. Lots of Czech anti-Muslim and neutral politicians (and a Czech Muslim convert Dr Pelikán) and Muslim speakers spoke. The event was attended by the ambassadors of Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Palestinian Authority, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

The title was "Should we be afraid of Islam?" A well-known mainstream attorney Ms Klára Samková gave the most important talk. She answered the question in the title. Should we be afraid of Islam? No, we shouldn't be. We should fight against it just like we should have fought against all totalitarian systems. To fight, win, and prevent its proliferation once and for all. The very ideology may be labeled as a criminal recipe of governing, one contradicting the human naturalness, dignity, and freedom, she said.

(You will surely be surprised that the same Ms Klára Samková has perhaps been the most prominent attorney defending gypsies in Czechia.)

Ambassadors of the Muslim countries left in protest. The Turkish ambassador was almost suffocating – much like the feminist bitch Nancy Hopkins who didn't like Larry Summers' 2005 talk about women in science – before this ambassador of a prospective EU member state became the loudest Islamist guy among all. He claimed that the Muslims themselves are "victims of the terrorists". I think he meant that it's hard for Turkey to spend all the money the country earns from its business with Daesh. Just to make you sure what is the name of a promising country in the region: the ambassador of Azerbaijan returned to the conference hall after some time.

He could have heard some better parts of her talk (see the full transcript, including the portion predicting that America and Europe will get angry at some point and will start to act. When it's over, only several degenerated individuals will keep on believing in Allah and Mekka will have been turned into a giant hole to hell. (Good that the Saudi messenger and the Turkish sissy and servant of the goatf*cker, according to the award-winning poet Boris Johnson, has missed that portion.) She told Muslims to stop the insanity because they're on a wrong track, namely the suicidal pathway of the murderers, a pathway away from God, and it will lead to the Muslim's destruction.

Entomologist Dr Konvička, the chairman of the Bloc Against Islam, immediately sent a letter to Ms Klára Samková in which he apologized that a few months ago, he personally fired her from their organization.

There was tension but everything ended up right. No one has the slightest doubts that what Ms Klára Samková said was not only legal according to our laws and protected by the freedom of speech but it represents the opinion of an overwhelming majority of the Czech society. I am happy that we in Czechia still belong to the actual free world when it comes to similar issues. I think that the power of the pro-Islamist forces e.g. in the U.S. is already so brutal that the lawyer would be physically prevented from completing the same speech in the U.S. Congress, for example.

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