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At school, teaching diminishes and brainwashing grows

Interview with Václav Klaus Jr, the ODS shadow minister of education, the (former?) principal of Czechia's top high school PORG, and a son of the ex-president

Via vklm.cz, Echo24, and The Invisible Dog

At Czech schools, the teaching fades away...
...while the brainwashing increases.

In this era of a strong economy, education is becoming the most sensitive topic for Sobotka's government. The education minister Ms Catherine Valachová, a representative of the progressivist wing of the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD), is arriving with a whole spectrum of reforms and moves. Among them, the most passionate reactions are ignited by her plan to move moderately retarded children from special schools to the ordinary basic schools – the so-called inclusion. Dr Václav Klaus Jr (46) is formulating the resistance most clearly.

What is the key problem of the Czech education system? Is there something important that is being overshadowed by the inclusion?

I will use a flowery language but the Echo Weekly's readers are intelligent: the main problem surely isn't the inclusion itself but the general loss of fundamental values. Every year, the Czech taxpayers pay some $6 billion for the young generation to learn something, to acquire skills and prowess. However, the focus on the skills and prowess is beginning to evaporate. The New Left is attempting to extend the time that people spend at schools. Now, some schooling is already mandatory since the age of 5, they would ideally move it to 2 years of age and make it continue to the age of 26 or so. It means that between those 8 and 15-17 years of age, nothing is important because everyone will continue with some additional types of schools, anyway. At Czech schools, nothing is being measured, we only have the final state high school exam where 1/4 of students fails in mathematics, we have tons of high schools where 1/2 of the kids fail in the final exam. Nothing is happening. Only additional amounts of money are being poured to the system but nothing is being solved and nothing really matters. I call it a loss of the values. Naturally, certain groups find it very convenient for the school system to become this hodgepodge, a juggernaut that makes it easy to exploit the schools to control the society or to send something from the education ministry's budget to the allied organizations.

Let us talk about the controlling of the society through the schools.

When I was young, communism was living through its final years. Obviously, even schools reflected the leading role of the communist party. At the college, we would study the history of the international movement of workers and similar topics. After the Velvet Revolution, the indoctrination disappeared for a while. But these days, all the ideologies are back again, at least in the cross sectional subjects. In one way or another, these ideologies influence the teaching process, appear in the questions during the final high school exams, in the specialized activities of the high school students, and lots of "clever" people are organizing contests with these topics. Children are not learning. Instead, they are working on projects about this or that.

Can you give us examples?

It is primarily the love towards the European Union. The bill on schools literally says that the EU is a role model for the transnational integration processes. It is the bill on schools that was pushed through by Ms Petra Buzková but which is being modified every year. Sometimes, they add a ban on cottage cheese with cream (Pribiňáček, a traditional Czechoslovak product) in the school canteens. Later, they add a comment about the gender. The third "improvement" is a tougher language about the environmentalist insanities. The result is that the children are celebrating the Earth Day and are running around schools with banners saying that – let me pick a random example – furcoats are death. Lots of things are being done that have little to do with the kids' education but a lot to do with the ideology.

Was Ms Petra Buzková at the beginning of the "revolution" you mentioned?

She's been involved but... The minister has a relatively weak position, he or she shares the power with the regional governments etc. A whole spectrum of our education ministers who usually survived for a year was capable of producing photographs of themselves with flowers and little girls in front of a school on September 1st (first day of a school year), they were sent to the Olympic Games for free, and then they were fired because the other politicians needed someone else to do the job. In this list of ministers, there were only two who had a significant political support: Ms Buzková [ČSSD, a decade ago] – indeed, most of the laws (about the pedagogues, the school law) were written during her tenure. And the second politically powerful one is the current female minister. Although her appearance isn't typical for such people, she is the fifth column of the the progressivist circles, she represents the New Left of ČSSD, and she clearly enjoys political support. Lots of laws that have been waiting for 10 years and that clashed with the opposition by one minister or another is currently entering the legislative process. Lunches for third-graders for free, swimming for free, school from 5 years of age, unified admission exams, unified rules to correct the style of texts produced during the final high school exams, and especially changes in the financing rules. Incidentally, the latter will lead to a total disintegration which has so far been barely stopped by the people in the terrain, whether they were left-wing or right-wing. Because the current system in which the money follows the student is deeply logical. On the other hand, when the funding is proportional to the number of teachers or hours, the education system will lose its anchoring much like the healthcare system. For example, as a principal, I could increase the number of "hours that were taught" by 10 percent in a snap.

How does the inclusion fit into this new offensive by the New Left?

The inclusion is obviously a project based on ideas. The New Left is no longer targeting the factory owner, let alone trying to take the factory from him. Instead, the factory owner often gets a subsidy as well and he feels rather comfortable with the left-wing government. The New Left is attacking the nations, families, and classical education. That's why they rejoice when one million of migrants arrives to Europe. That's why they articulated their love for the EU in the prose of the law on schools, that's why they love all the transnational organizations that would love to solve problems at the galactic scale. That's why they worship the Norwegian Barnevernet because that organization stands above the biological parents. And that's why they want to remove the pressure at schools that forces the students to learn and why they want to replace it with schools playing the role of centers of socialization where everyone is mixed with everyone else. Without scruples, they are happy to sacrifice the kids with a mental handicap and to abolish their special schools for this dream of theirs. And what is typical for the New Left: all the moves are cleverly connected with a certain business. This is a new trend and the classic Right seems unprepared for this trend.

What can be done against it?

It's probably always true that people are slow and only a small fraction of the people can see the future. The Czech right-wing parties including ODS [The Civic Democratic Party founded by Klaus Sr] are still dominated by people who define themselves as a counterweight to the communists, i.e. to the hasbeens among the leftists. And when you tell them that Mr Stropnický Jr [a green spoiled brat in Prague's politics, a son of a minister, note by LM] and comrade Ms Semelová aren't fatally different, except that Ms Semelová doesn't want to prevent you from taking a flight, almost all of them seem to misunderstand what you're saying. These people from the New Left want to destroy the freedom, they are introducing the faggotic rape [=administrative bullying, chivvying] that if you participate in a trip with rafts tomorrow, you almost need to take a fire extinguisher with you. But their strategies to achieve these goals are different from the methods that were used by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On the other hand, when we look into the world, a certain resistance is emerging. When I look at several European countries, I have the feeling that the pendulum is already slowly beginning to swing in the opposite direction.

Translated by LM, without a permission ;-)

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