Monday, May 23, 2016

German prosecutors free all ecoterrorists from Schwarze Pumpe

Recent immigrants from the Muslim world are not the only group that seems to stand above the law in Germany. During the weekend a week ago, there was a violent rally inside a power plant and a brown coal mine in East Germany, close to the Czech border. The events at the Schwarze Pumpe looked like this:

Some more videos

Both businesses had to be pretty much closed for the weekend. The fences were destroyed and the police action was costly, too. You may imagine that it would be very hard for these mostly worthless terrorists to pay for all the damages they have caused.

At the spot, the police detained 120 terrorists. However, a few days later, prosecutors at Cottbus shockingly informed everyone that not a single one will be prosecuted for the sabotage at all.

The lesson is clear. If you want to destroy someone's assets in Germany, just dress yourself as an Islamic terrorist, a horny African savage, or an ecoterrorist – and no one will be able to punish you. These groups are the new elite in Germany. Maybe if you dress like one of these wonderful green individuals, you will be allow to surpass the speed limit at the German roads, too. It's crazy that these acts are not punished when it's almost becoming illegal to write a poem observing that Angela's friend Erdogan is a motħer∫ucker.

The police was clearly not doing enough to protect the basic order. The cops should have used more powerful tools and perhaps shoot several of these nasty green scumbags who were clearly not motivated by some pure "environmentalism", as their distasteful anti-capitalist shouting indicates (and most of the YouTube channels boasting about this rally have Marx or Sozialismus in their name). They simply want to ruin everything that works.

These incidents are relevant for my country not only because the place used to belong to the Czech kingdom between 1367 and 1445 and we have Czech names for the towns over there etc. (Slavic tribes, the Sorbs, used to live in Lusatia but at 60,000+ or so, they're mostly extinct.) Also, the Swedish corporation named Vattenfall that owns these things is just selling the assets to the EPH holding controlled by two Czech billionaires, Křetínský and Kellner. Will the German police and prosecutors encourage the scum to ruin these assets once they are in Czech hands, too? I would personally place lots of landmines over there along with "do not enter" signs.

Let me mention that the power plant is a rather new technology. It was built by Siemens and started in 1997-1998.

Via Martin Rauš (also at Antimeloun) and These articles have titles saying that Germany doesn't fight ecoterrorism; and Germany has finally completely lost its mind.

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