Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How to win an award at Rutgers

Honza U. has sent me an incredible story from my graduate Alma Mater, Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey. First, try to watch this 4-minute video.

Jump to 1:20 if you need some action quickly. These red people are some of those who have the guts to call Donald Trump a fascist.

Three months ago, conservative gay blonde pundit Milo Yiannopoulos came to Rutgers to give a talk about the central purpose of education, to expose students to new ideas etc.

At some moment, activists painted their faces with fake blood, started to scream, and temporarily disrupted the event (which was a success at the end). It's ironic – Milo was explaining how the "progressives" are ruining the education process and they simply emerged to prove his point. The chaos was strong and for those of us who were neither the speaker nor the organizer, pretty amusing.

Try to find the appropriate adjectives and nouns for the girls who started this "Native American" havoc. I think that you will agree with words such as childish, immature, naughty, uncultivated, impolite, intolerant, zealous, fanatical, fascist, a bitch, a savage, an animal, and a red Bolshevik dumpling (Czech: "rudý bolševický nok").

As Breitbart described in the story
Blood-smeared Milo protest given "dignity award" by Rutgers,
they have found the "main girl" with the largest amount of ink on her face (yes, it's the apparent fat boy on the Breitbart picture) behind this mess and...

No, they haven't fired her from the school which you would probably do immediately. Instead, she was given the "Chancellor’s Leadership Award" and "Clement A. Price Human Dignity Award from the Committee to Advance our Common Purposes". If you look at this Rutgers document and search for "Monica Torres", you will see that she is also the only undergraduate student member of the Committee on Enslaved and Disenfranchised Populations in Rutgers History.

Instead of the words such as immature and intolerant, the Chancellor (is it this one?) and other officials think that she may be described by the words such as
dignified, leader, human, deserving an award (which includes a financial reward)
Great to know. As the most upvoted Breitbart comment points out:
Because nothing says human dignity like a blood-smeared woman preventing others from exercising their right to free speech!
Or, as another commenter said:
Isn't the entire feminist movement about the uniting of the mean, unattractive, miserable, bitter women who were being (justifiably) ignored.
Right. The only change is that when I was doing my Rutgers PhD, the Rutgers administration wasn't a part of that utterly f*cked-up movement yet and folks like me had to be getting more difficult awards such as "Dean's Award for Excellence in Research". Well, Harvard and Rutgers are probably far from being the only two schools that have been almost irreversibly contaminated by this red mess (literally, in the case of Rutgers).

I had to add a cute, not offensive, video. Škoda is preparing the launch of its bigger SUV, Škoda Kodiaq. While Škoda cars aren't being sold in the U.S., Škoda found it important to buy something in the U.S. – namely the Alaskan town of Kodiak, or at least its mayor. (It could have been cheap if you realize how cheaply America bought all of Alaska.)

The Kodiaq bears live on an island near the Southern beaches of Alaska. There are about 15,000 humans and 3,000 bears on that island.

At any rate, Škoda renamed the town from Kodiak to Kodiaq. You may see in the video that all the cool people in the town were excited and all the fat, unfriendly jerks were annoyed. "Q" is pronounced a bit differently (with scary sounds in your throat), it's cooler, and it probably stands for "quality". Now, Škoda may finally work on buying Czechia that could be renamed to Czeqia.

Concerning the car, the technology and interior is great but I find the design more boring than e.g. Yeti's.

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