Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ivana Trump co-invented, delayed, advises Trump presidency

A month ago, ABC News discussed the Czech factor behind the Donald's presidency, his first wife Ivana Trump or Ivana Zelníčková-Winklmayrová-Trumpová-Mazzucchelliová-Rubicondiová, if you wish, and I have generously omitted Syrovatková. ;-)

Trump is often presented as an ultimate egotist or materialist or serial divorcer. But he's really an idealist faithful saint relatively to his first wife. He must have loved her but their marriage didn't last indefinitely.

Just to be sure, Ivana was an alternate member of the 1972 Czechoslovak Olympic ski team (she has a Charles University degree from physical education). There are even some doubts about this claim of hers but I do believe it had to be the case. Olympic-level athletes, top singers, directors of the international trade, and a few other occupations had some freedom to travel to the West and Ivana Zelníčková simply had to make it to the list.

Around 1973, she was in Canada, was improving her English, did some business, and met Donald in New York. They married in 1977 and the marriage lasted for 13 years. Note that it was the first marriage of Donald's but her second. They have 3/5 of Donald's children together. Around 1991, rumors spread that Trump was dating ex-model Marla Maples. She would become his next wife, for 6 years. Before that switch, Marla and Ivana had a battle on the slopes of Colorado. Marla "constructively" asked whether Ivana loved Trump. Ivana answered "I love him very much, get lost!"

Ivana was working hard to get the maximum wealth from Trump which wasn't easy because she didn't even know whether he was broke, as an old interview played above shows. (Is he broke? Aj dount sink sou, noubady ríly nous: this is the kind of Czech English that I recognize much more reliably than the difference between the British and American English.) At the end, he could get rid of her for some $14-$20 million dollars plus some real estate and extra details which was relatively cheap in comparison with his current wealth above $4 billion. If I understand well, her agreement with the fixed-amount compensation (instead of 1/2 of companies) meant that she doubted that Donald's wealth exceeded $28-$40 million in the early 1990s! ;-) After they divorced, she immediately married, and then again – to a bunny (=partner who is much younger than hers: Yankees, you should really import these basic terms from Czech). Later, Marla only got some $3 million from Trump.

The Ivana-Donald divorce was messy – nothing like a velvet divorce (Ivana also claimed that Donald "raped her", something physically impossible in a marriage according to his lawyers) – but things got straightened. And because she is probably the world's #1 person who knows Donald and he understands her, he is consulting her before he makes speeches and after he makes speeches, we hear. She has officially endorsed her ex-spouse.

She claims that when they were married, she was actually directing many of his companies. At least during the divorce, Donald was disputing these alleged contributions. I don't know who is right but I would be willing to bet that she was a much more nontrivial organizational and managerial force than other women in Trump's life. She is a typical materially and success-oriented Czech woman. Needless to say, a majority of Czech girls and women would like to marry "someone like Donald" and no one tries to obfuscate this fact.

We also learn from her that sometime in the 1980s, "the Donald was encouraged to run for the White House by the Ronald" or someone like that. I think that Reagan has probably looked like a more cordial man but at the end, they are similar in many respects. Both of them have had relationships with both major U.S. parties, both of them have been shown on TV as actors/hosts, both of them have had some special contact with the genuine ordinary people, both of them have been ready to ignore the habits of the establishment.

Reagan has probably made Trump interested in the presidency at that time. It was a matter of time. Around 1990, the presidency was made virtually impossible by the messy ongoing divorce with Ivana, something that would be just OK for Czech voters but it's a crippling problem in front of the American voters. But those problems are mostly over now.

Ivana also emphasizes that while Donald isn't a feminist, he loves women because they sometimes do a better job than his right hand (OK, I added this part but not the following one).

And he also likes the legal immigrants because who else could vacuum the Trumps' living rooms and clean the mess after them. These are funnily straight comments if you compare them to the often suffocating PC American society – and some "constantly offended" commenters at YouTube were unsurprisingly offended – but she's right in a vast majority of cases. That's the kind of a job that most of the immigrants naturally end up with (unless they fail miserably). It would be completely counterproductive to pretend something else. Similarly, successful Czech women sometimes make it as wives of some rich men in the West while they're less likely to become self-made billionaires.

Incidentally, it's probably agreed here that it's natural for Trump to refresh his wives. Ivana Trump wanted to look 30 forever – but you may recognize some aspects of her face that are signs of not very successful plastic surgeries.

She says that she – and he – like those people even when they are what they are. That's very different from claiming to like some people while pretending that they are something totally different. I actually think that the Trump attitude – and even Ivana's attitude – is more pleasant even for the non-Caucasian people. Despite all his plans to build the wall separating Mexico and other things, Trump enjoys a 10% lead over Hillary among the Hispanics, for example. Institutionalized hypocrisy just doesn't work for anyone. It's nothing else than a tool for the people's and society's self-destruction.

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