Thursday, June 02, 2016

2016 California Climate Truthers and Witch-Hunt Act

This Washington Times report was a shock that trumped others. Here is the simplified version of the bill that has already made it through the Senate of the sunny state and the remaining lawmakers may decide about it today.

The 2016 California Climate Truthers and Witch-Hunt Act (CCTWHA)

Section 1. The law must be named by the name above.

Section 2/1. There is consensus, John is Cook 97% of his life and Luboš Motl only 3% of his life.

Section 2/2. EPA also says that CO2 causes all evil in the world (A-F). Its chairman McCarthy therefore asks everyone: "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the organizations that doubted that the sky is falling?"

Section 2/3. CO2 has been ruining the world for tens of thousands of years and will do so for an equally long time.

Section 2/4. NGOs have proven that Exxon was employing a climate alarmist already decades ago so checkmate for Exxon.

Section 2/5. Even James Hansen (PBUH) gave an amazing speech in 1988 and Al Gore and IPCC have worked hard.

Section 2/6. Since James Hansen's speech, 50% of all evil took place.

Section 2/7. Evil deniers were born around 1989, when the glorious communism fell.

Section 2/8. Those who dislike Al Gore i.e. puppets of the Big Oil have created all evil and delays in decarbonization of humans since 1989. Without them, we would already be made of silicon, including our breasts.

Section 2/9. California has been ruined by CO2.

Section 2/10. It wasn't raining too much in 2012. On the contrary, we forgot the umbrella in 2013.

Section 2/11. An independent communist-socialist bipartisan report said that all Californians will die by 2050. To resuscitate them, the witch hunts have to occur retroactively.

Section 3/1. Witch hunts must escalate in a 4-year period after January 2017, and this sentence will be added to an older law. The individuals who were identified as witches will be reasonably reclassified as factories that have committed unfair competition.

Section 3/2. All climate alarmists enjoy an exemption from any punishment as long as the falling sky is their only God.

Section 3/3. The CA Attorney General and district attorneys may label anyone not covered by the previous verse a witch unless they become witches themselves.

That's great, Gene, your state has become a true role model for the world. I hope that Donald Trump hasn't ruled out the nuking of California, either, because it may be badly needed soon, assuming that the fence protecting Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon from California won't work out. Meanwhile, I recommend all companies dealing with fossil fuels to pull out of Mexifornia.

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