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Ethanol makes the EU leader very happy

The EU is as capable of hiding basic facts as the USSR

One year ago, on May 21st and 22nd, 2015, some politicians gathered at the "EU-Eastern" summit in Riga, Latvia. I don't think that anything useful came out of the meeting – except for the weird story that the EU Commission leader Jean-Claude Juncker said hey, the dictator is coming while greeting Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orbán.

A video was offered at that time. Juncker and Orbán had some quality time and they behaved in an exceedingly friendly way. For a year, we were encouraged to think that it was Viktor Orbán's image that was the driving force behind the weirdness.

Juncker was just making fun out of Orbán, right? He was being deliberately comical.

Only now, more than one year later, most of the civilized world has learned about the true driving force behind this strange encounter.

Well, the weird events on that day were much more numerous than the friendly Juncker-Orbán interaction. They involved several Juncker-Someone interactions. Well, many.

This video is clearly a viral one – but you have never seen in before despite the fact that it was first posted to YouTube on May 28th, 2015, more than one year ago and one week after the Riga meeting.

I don't think that being drunk is such a big issue for a politician. As the current Czech president Zeman likes to say, for certain reasons ;-), Churchill liked to drink while Hitler was teetotal. And the latter lost the war, anyway. And the alcoholic isn't the man who drinks but the man who doesn't know how to drink.

But what I find amazing is the fact that this viral video, while posted on YouTube, was basically hidden from all the Europeans for more than a year. You may see that some comments were posted by readers from many nations during the year. But the video only become "nominally viral" yesterday or so and is getting tens of views per second right now (450,000+ in total right now). The Swedish YouTube channel NollToleransTV only has other videos with less than 6,000 views, except for a short monologue in the Swedish Parliament that got 70,000 views.

It's not surprising that the EU authorities haven't informed all the media about Juncker's being drunk in Riga. But how is it possible that no journalist has found out a year ago? Or did they find out and something prevented them from running the stories?

Also, the Swedish people who knew about this viral video weren't able to convey this gem to almost anyone outside Sweden. In my opinion, this also shows the huge isolation that separates individual EU member states. The European nations simply don't "live together". There are surely lots of Europeans who would love to learn about this amusing story and whose thinking about the story is basically the same, regardless of their nationality. But they just couldn't because the rate at which they communicate with people in other EU countries is tiny.

The Soviet Union used to be able to hide similar data very efficiently, too. Brezhnev drank a lot. Sometimes, he was shown to be drunk but people weren't quite allowed to talk about these matters. For example, his 1978 visit to Prague was aired by the Czechoslovak TV. You may see that he had some great time before the speech. ;-) But most people didn't know such things. Similarly, the nontrivial impact of the Chernobyl accident was being hidden for half a year, too.

The Czech society isn't perfect but the media generally do their job. When Zeman was seen drunk above the Bohemian Crown Jewels (he was tired, not as energized as Juncker), some media (and lawmakers in the Parliament) immediately conjectured that he was drunk – and be sure that he was (as confirmed by some other politicians who accompanied him – they could smell it, too). The Prague Castle did issue an explanation that Zeman had a "viral infection" but almost no one bought it. It instantly became a popular joke and slogan for many Czechs, too. People simply learned enough data and they did so fast.

To mention an ethanol-free example, Zeman's predecessor Václav Klaus "liked" the pen in Chile on April 4th, 2011. The Czech Television has recorded a lot of things and they didn't quite realize what a gem they had for a while. So the discovery was delayed by a few days. Nevertheless, the Czech Public TV showed the viral video on April 10th, just 6 days later.

When Juncker does these things at this visible place, it remains hidden from us Europeans for more than a year. This innocent example helps to show that something is wrong at the EU level. Similar regimes discouraging the free flow of information are creating a virtual reality. For example, in the morning, I was reminded that many people brainwashed by the Bolshevik propaganda believe that Lenin was a charismatic man.

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