Wednesday, June 01, 2016

FB, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube sign a 24-hour censorship deal with the EU devil

The European users of the Internet were stunned by the yesterday's news that the four leading Internet companies signed a deal with unelected and unnamed fascist would-be dictators in Brussels that will guarantee that all Internet content that will be disliked by the EU fascists or the retarded treacherous left-wing NGOs and the pro-terror snitches who are their members will be removed within 24 hours:
Code of Conduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech Online (3-page PDF)
The document contains absolutely no checks and balances that these new powers won't be immediately abused to completely destroy the freedom of speech on the European continent. It doesn't even attempt to define what the term "hate speech" is supposed to mean. The only thing that is clear from the text is that it's approximately the ideas that are inconvenient for the fascist would-be dictators in Brussels and the retarded treacherous left-wing NGOs that will be deleted from all the major social networks.

So the lesson is that everyone who disagrees with these individuals, let alone despises them (and there are thousands of reasons why most decent people do), will be facing problems pretty much on the whole Internet. In the centuries of freedom and democracy, independent courts were deciding. Now, the left-wing Euronaive pro-Muslim scum is supposed to have the complete power in the whole EU (independently of what the nation states' laws, Parliaments, and courts actually say about these matters) and replace all the courts, just like in certain notorious regimes on the dumping ground of the human history.

By teaming up with the extremist loons who operate from their Brussels headquarters in a conspiracy to suppress everyone else, the companies have clearly abused their near-monopoly status.

The main idea of this big plan to introduce totalitarianism to Europe's Internet (but they explicitly admit plans to extend this Gestapo offline, too) is terrible but so are many details. The 3-page document doesn't even contain any signatures. We don't know who is responsible for the document and the policies planned in it. With the arrogance that is absolutely breathtaking, the EU officials are telling half a billion of citizens of EU countries that no one can be held accountable for these shameful decisions at all and there exist no mechanisms to challenge them or stop them. At the EU level, freedom and democracy are absolutely dead.

Another shocking detail – and there are many – is that the EU and the companies even vow to "develop counter-narratives". Wow. So they actually sign a document that obliges them to actively produce a propaganda convenient for these particular insane politicians.

George Orwell has predicted it correctly except that the year isn't 2000-16 but 2000+16. A sign error, George.

You may want to Google translate the comment sections at iDNES Technet or Echo24 to be sure that some 99% of the Czech readers denounce these plans.

There are lots of comments about the loss of sovereignty, comparisons of the contemporary EU fascists with the communists or the Nazis, as well as some detailed analyses of the effect of these policies on the terrorists (almost none) and the legitimate opposition (the same effect as in the infamous totalitarian regimes of the history).

You shouldn't be surprised that e.g. the Czech member of the European Commission Ms Věra Jourová has faced an avalanche of criticism when she announced these despicable plans via Twitter. It is not surprising that some fraction of the readers can't hide that they don't want her to stay alive. And they are even willing to spend quite some time with a photoshop to show that they aren't giving up yet. What she is cooperating on is just way over the edge. These individuals have crossed almost all the red lines.

Incidentally, a previous Tweet by Jourová got 45 likes while its random criticism saying that Jourová's acts are disgusting got about 500 likes.

This is surely not the only shocking event in the EU in recent years but it was the last droplet for me. Somewhat unambiguously, I want my country to leave this new Soviet Union now.

There are two severe problems here: the non-democratic system that has no checks and balances; and the incompetence and immorality of the individuals who have already been pumped to the top in this pathological system. My representative in the European "Parliament" (that can't propose any laws) Petr Mach just retweeted an article that points out that the promises that the European officials gave to Czechia and its president for his signature under the Lisbon Treaty were already broken.

They behave just like Adolf Hitler – just think how he ignored his commitments described in the (already shockingly unacceptable) Munich Treaty and occupied the rest of Czechia – they cannot be trusted at all and they must be stopped just like Adolf Hitler. Or at least like our "leader" Reinhard Heydrich in 1942.

A commenter made an interesting comment that we were going to the West for a long enough time so that we came to the East again. It reminded me of the funny dissident songmaker Pepa Nos (John Nose) and his song "The Earth is Round". Who is going to the West, comes from the East, and so on. (He also says the same with North and South etc. but you shouldn't confuse arts and sciences.)

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