Sunday, June 05, 2016

German courts confused what to do with underage "wives"

Two cousins likely to become a precedent for hundreds

Most of the Muslim immigrants are men and an even greater percentage of the problems created by the immigrants are created by the men. For example, it's the Muslim men who harass non-Muslims in the German shelters. But that doesn't mean that no problems depend on the ladies.

Sputnik News and e.g. some Czech media discuss a growing problem for hundreds of couples and for the German legal system. This problem may be considered a textbook example of the challenges posed by "multiculturalism".

Alia (15) and Amir (21) are not only cousins but they were married according to the Sharia Law in Syria. No pressure was involved. Now, they live in Bavaria and want to have coitus with one another. Will they be allowed to be a couple?

Bavarian courts gave contradictory verdicts so the Supreme Court in Karlsruhe is going to decide. The decision will probably influence hundreds of other couples.

Now, this is a rather elementary question: Can certain people marry in Germany?

Needless to say, I – and almost all Czech readers – think that the situation is absolutely obvious. The German laws generally don't allow you to marry a spouse who is less than 18 years old. In separate cases and for special reasons, couples may be given an exception and the lower bound may be reduced to 16 years of age.

But the migrants are often even younger. In Yemen, the age of the "wives" can go to 9 years of age.

What to do? How is it possible that the perfectionist German courts are suddenly confused about such an elementary question? Well, it's simple. They are confused because Germany has violated its law in more dramatic ways previously and the lawyers were effectively thrown into an entangled web of lies and illegal acts protected by certain powerful people (the mackerel in particular) and that's why they can't answer even elementary questions now.

What should have happened is that they shouldn't have been allowed to enter the country in the first place. That's why the German law didn't have to prepare a clear answer to the question what to do about such "couples". According to other laws, the situations couldn't have arisen at all. The situation has only arisen because it has become normal to break the law.

So I guess that the laws say that Syrian tourists may travel to Germany and they are allowed to be a "couple" according to the Syrian law but even as tourists, they should avoid the physical interactions while in Germany. And once the Syrian or other persons want to get anything such as the residence or asylum let alone citizenship, the answer is obviously No if they violate the German law in this serious way. It's that simple.

If the judges regained their sanity, the question they would be deciding is whether to deport these couples or jail them, not whether they should be given all the German stamps as a "couple".

Most of the multicultural people are absolutely irresponsible and myopic. Of course, they have the power to allow the Sharia culture to "co-exist" with the European one. But it will have consequences. For example, as many Czech readers pointed out, the pedophiles may rather easily get what they want. Just convert to Islam, and/or travel to a Muslim country (if that's needed at all) and "marry" her or him over there, and return to Germany.

If you prevented the German pedophiles from such a thing, it would literally mean that the people of German ethnicity are denied some rights that the Arabs have! One could invent additional exceptions and ad hoc fixes but the more you mess up with the legal system, the more unreadable and controversial it will become and the legal situation may be turned into complete chaos.

I feel sort of appeased by the fact that almost all my countrymates agree with me that there exists absolutely no justification for the bending of our laws at this moment. Our laws have rather clear answers what to do in such situations. The very suggestion that the situation is "confusing" is nothing else than a symptom showing that Germany is turning into a rich colony of the Muslim world.

And while it's a detail, if Germany decided to sponsor pedophilia, it should be sanctioned by or expelled from the European Union.

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