Sunday, June 12, 2016

ISIS murderer vs gays in Florida

I was offline today and only saw the news around 7 pm Prague Summer Time. If you missed it, the worst mass shooting in the U.S. history (and the worst terror attack since 9/11) took place in Pulse, a gay club in Orlando, Florida. The shooter was Omar Mateen. The 29-year-old killer ended the life of some 49 other people, injured dozens of others, and was later neutralized despite the hostages.

Mateen had Afghani ancestors and he recently pledged allegiance to Daesh. If you don't know where or how you should register for ISIS, well, this man simply called 911 to tell them that he works for al-Baghdadi.

My condolences to the friends and relatives, to Florida, and to America. This event is ironic from my viewpoint because for an hour in the later afternoon, we were listening to excited stories of my nephew James (22) and his sweetheard Dominika who returned from Florida today, after a 3-week visit to the home of Dominika's relatives. They loved it.

The people are great and always kind to others, in the supermarkets and everywhere. This is a lesson that almost everyone says about the West. Communism has really trained the people to be cold and unfriendly to each other in the supermarkets, public spaces, and other places. I am confident that in Czechoslovakia in between the wars, the people were different and everyone who had some business was the leader in the nice behavior towards others.

In Czechia, there are lots of really annoying pensioners – the typical generation educated in Stalinism – and perhaps others. But I actually increasingly often encounter people who are really pleasant to each other, too. Be sure that I am more American-style-kind than most Americans. ;-) On the other hand, such lovable social interactions do take some energy away so an environment that doesn't really expect such a behavior is sort of safer because one knows that if needed, this energy may be saved. :-)

James et al. have also loved the huge cars that are common in Florida, sharks, dolphins, and other animals, big adrenaline devices in amusement parks, the pure water in the Gulf of Mexico, the intense tropical Sun, and other things.

But let me return back to the catastrophe. In some sense, it's surprising that not too many similar events have taken place before. Why? People in different groups dislike each other. Muslims may dislike infidels and, if the hypocrisy is subtracted, vice versa. Gays sometimes dislike some straight people and vice versa.

However, if you imagine a country in which people with some truly barbarian and intolerant ancestry – such as Afghanistan (I think I don't need to apologize because a TRF visitor map indicates that not a single user has arrived to TRF from Afghanistan in June yet) – are directly exposed to some of the extreme manifestations of the tolerance and liberalism of the Western society – e.g. a night club for gays – the tension probably goes high enough.

The German rock band Rammstein (Amerika) has described rather accurately how Europeans feel about the close contact of all the world cultures that is so common in the U.S. and that is sometimes quoted as a source of some special strength of America. The Europeans, inhabitants of the Middle East, and Asians probably think that some segregation is more natural than what the Americans think.

Those American readers who view words such as "segregation" as an insult should notice that some of the events similar to the event in Orlando could be prevented with some amount of segregation. Some chemical compounds explode when you mix them and sometimes it may be a good idea to keep them separated, after all.

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