Thursday, June 16, 2016

Like Al Gore, the Orlando shooter was an anti-Big-Oil TV actor

Does it make sense to think about the characteristics of killers such as Omar Mateen? I am not sure. He may look like a generic Muslim or a generic Afghani American and all his idiosyncrasies could be accidents that don't teach us anything.

He may have been gay or partly gay – but that doesn't mean anything, either. Once we start to say that "straight according to the normal evidence" men are gay, then every man may be a gay. Or a gay "in some sense" or "to some extent". So we don't learn anything at all from such vague information about him. Quite generally, I think that some "defenders of gays" are extremely hypocritical. On one hand, they say that gays are great and should be proud; on the other hand, they demonstrably use the accusation "he is also gay" as the ultimate insult.

I found the finding of NY Daily News much more interesting. He has worked for G4S, the world's largest security company, since 2007 – for nine years. His pointing out that he worked for Al Qaeda or an investigation by the FBI clearly weren't a problem for his career of a security guard. (See also his more recent threats on FB.)

But the video I embedded is even more interesting.

The video is The Big Fix, a 2010 documentary about the tragic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Go to 36:00 in the video above. A man confirmed to be Omar Mateen speaks for a minute.

While other people were working hard to clean the area, he offered us hardcore conspiracy theories that you may hear from other climate alarmists and haters of capitalism. No one [cares] over there, he repeats using expletives, and the company and the society may want to produce new jobs so they may spill the oil repeatedly and intentionally. He was clearly as crazy a nutcase as James Hansen and other people inventing these absolutely implausible stories about the "Big Oil".

I am not saying that every Al Gore or Unabomber who has the same sick opinions as Omar Mateen is going to kill 50 people and should be kept in a prison – but I am not saying the converse, either. I hope that the dear reader doesn't have to be told why Mateen's opinions are nonsensical. The important people who decide about BP want to create profit, not jobs, and the oil spill was a greater financial calamity for BP than it was an existential calamity for the set of animals in the Gulf of Mexico.

But as this six-minute video analyzes, there's something is really remarkable. Mateen was supposed to speak as a guard but something was unusual about the scene. It was picture-perfect. His acting skills were extremely good, his sentences were smooth, natural but as perfect as scripted ones.

Equally importantly, even though he was supposed to guard the place, it just happened that his monologue was shot by four hidden cameras that became accessible to the filmmakers. Simply count the number of angles. How is that possible? How can a filmmaker distribute four cameras into a place that is guarded in this way minutes before this filmmaker apparently arrives there?

It makes no sense. This whole interview with the guard was completely staged and Omar Mateen must have been hired as an actor. To say the least, Omar Mateen was the kind of the people whom the environmentalist filmmakers love. A nutcase living on the boundary of Gitmo, the boundary of sanity, and emitting crazy conspiracy theories in an authoritative voice.

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