Wednesday, June 15, 2016

London's banned beach ready lady is neither unrealistic nor unhealthy

A libel lawsuit should be launched and starve the mayor

London's new mayor Sadiq Khan is said to be not so much a Pakistani Muslim but rather a social democrat. However, a new policy – thanks to Tony – raises some doubts about his true passions.

He already banned bikini ads on the London subway and he's in the process of banning them at all public spaces in London. Maybe he will fight to ban them in the private spaces, too. A not so new coalition of the Islamic terrorists and fat feminists supports him.

A decade ago, we saw how infuriated much of the Islamic world was when a Danish magazine published a silly, not too novel cartoon of Prophet Mohammed. What is the problem of these savages, we the Westerners asked? Now, Khan was mostly shocked by the girl in the yellow bikini above (this replacement would be OK for him).

Again, we are asking: Why this girl? Haven't you seen hundreds of other photographs of young women in bikinis (or without bikinis), women both chunkier and skinnier than this one? If you haven't, how could you become the mayor of a big town? You're missing the qualification for the basic life in the West.

Protein World, a small company selling weight loss products, only paid GBP 0.25 million for this billboard campaign. Thanks to the controversy, it has earned some extra GBP 1 million in a few days.

Khan and his thugs argue that the advertisement is "body-shaming" and it promotes an "unhealthy and unrealistic body shape". And he declared himself to be the defender of the women who don't look like this against this billboard.

I am always stunned when some of the nastiest and cruelest bullies may claim to be victims and defenders of victims. Do they realize that the billboard shows an actual young woman? Do they think it's OK when they scream to the whole London that her body is unhealthy and unrealistic? An actual individual – and tens of millions of girls and women who look approximately like her – are being officially victimized for their beauty.

Also, if he wanted to defend his daughters, he should allow them to go to the fitness clubs, listen to music, and buy a weight loss product if they want it.

Many women are excessively obsessed with the idea that they should change their body shape. In many cases, it's difficult if not impossible: many features of one's body are basically encoded in his or her DNA that can't be edited (at least not easily) and the fat isn't the only thing that decides about one's body shape. More importantly, chunkier shapes are often much more attractive than most people and especially women are led to believe. On the other hand, some girls are born so that the body above is a totally natural outcome of their free and healthy life.

On this forecasting map that is more than a decade old, the U.K. was named "North Pakistan". Given the ongoing transformation of London, one may argue that the prophesy was rather accurate.

The girl is naturally thin (I am pretty sure that she didn't need the weight loss products) – also when it comes to her bone anatomy etc. – but she looks perfectly healthy. I've met many much skinnier girls in my life. And those who know the Ukrainian human Barbie surely know that the Londoner babe may still have lots of spare pounds to safely lose. The body shape is healthy because you can easily imagine that all the organs have enough space to be where they are. She still has some fat layer, not just the bones, and so on. At least two major British advertising associations described the girl's body as "toned and athletic".

(Last year, France imposed a $85,000 fine on girls who appear in ads and won't be certified by doctors as having enough body fat for work. I find all such regulations harmful. Such girls are sometimes hired because there's a genuine demand for them. There will always be a demand and it's wrong to harm the girls financially – they may already face other, health risks. But just to be sure, most of the models don't. And the promotion of chubby women doesn't need a government, either. Numerous ad companies have already earned quite some money with "strong" ladies and it's surprising that so many others still fail to exploit this opportunity.)

Just like plants blossom and have pretty flowers to attract the insects and be pollinated, a big percentage of women in most civilizations are naturally trying to make themselves attractive, especially for men. This behavioral pattern has existed since the beginning of the human race – and its analogies have existed almost since the first moment when animals acquired vision. Islam has basically banned the display of the women's beauty and this habit turns their civilization into a renegade of the mankind.

Feminism behaves similarly to Islam. In the paragraphs below, by Islam, I will mean "Islam and feminism".

It's not just the beauty of the body that Islam tries to suppress. Islam is suppressing basically all desires of women and men to achieve something; it is discouraging progress in all of its forms, individual and collective ones.

Women (and even men) are said not to do sports. Their body shapes deteriorate, a fact that is being hidden under the black curtains. Women (and even men) are told not to listen to music, women are sometimes supposed not to drive. Male scientists are being suppressed for their wrong sex and female scientists are taught not to be excited about the best – i.e. male – scientists and their achievements. A big part of science, technology, and culture is claimed to be downright heretical if not politically incorrect.

The third annual commercial of Aquababes promoting water. That's what attractive but normal enough girls look like. The first bunch of Aquababes was highly athletic and they apparently ran out of these dancers and gymnasts in the second season. Maybe when North Pakistan leaves the EU, it will actually increase our protection from the Islamization because at least in London, there seems to be quite some support for this process almost all of us find absolutely unacceptable.

To associate the bikini with the "offensive factor" is a lame excuse. I am confident that if the agencies posted various Czech billboards without the bikini (and with or without excited snowmen), the enemies of the women's beauty would be "offended", too.

I am annoyed that an ugly chap from an inferior culture backing an inhuman idiotic medieval religion and from a crappy, left-wing political party in the U.K. was able to collect so much power that he may spread his "official opinions" about things such as the women's beauty and health – something that he clearly knows absolutely nothing about – and even place his crackpot opinions above those of the girl from the billboard and millions of others who realize that he is full of šit. In a politically healthy world, Mr Khan would be hired by the lady from the billboard to clean her toilet. In the real world, most of the Londoners chose him to shame the girl and damage her business.

A kind philanthropist should fund a lawsuit for the girl to defend her credentials against this savage backed by terrorists and fat feminists. By his and their lies about her body, he is and they are threatening her business. He should be defeated and forced to eat sand and his own feces. The model should also be paid to ride the Tube in bikini whole days.

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