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An unbelievable reaction to the Afghani Bavarian ax attack

As you know, a 17-year-old Afghani "refugee" who was living with foster parents in Bavaria and had pictures of the the ISIS logo at home boarded a regional train in Bavaria with a knife and an ax, shouted "Allahu Akbar", and injured dozens of passengers, about 4-5 of them critically (spouses, daughter, BF from Hong Kong for some reason). The police shot him dead while he was threatening their lives as well and running chaotically. Deash has already embraced that stupid šithead as one of their holy warriors.

Is it politically correct to suggest that this Gentleman looked suspicious? And what about this one?

I don't like it because terrorist attacks by similar migrants are becoming a more-than-once-weekly routine. Also, the Bavarian attack took place less than 100 miles from the Czech border. If I tried a bit hard, I could get there on a bike by tomorrow night. Our feeling of safety must unavoidably decrease, too.

Czechs mostly respond with some obvious "I told you so" comments, mocking the suicidal attitude of the German officials whose stupidity becomes more obvious every day.

Dr Miroslav Macek, a famous Czech ex-minister of health whom I met one month ago on Klaus' party (who is also famous for his physical confrontation with the now-arrested corrupt socialist politician Dr David Rath who had insulted Macek's wife), reacted ironically on his Facebook account. (His comments about Turkey appear on "The Visible Macek [=Tomcat]", a blog whose name is a parody of the well-known Neff's "The Invisible Dog".)

He wrote:

The Germans should be ashamed! They have surely failed to create a friendly, welcoming environment for that young Gentleman that he could appreciate. Instead, they left him in his state of unavoidable frustration. The policemen should be sued for their inadequate defense. The injured people should pay a fine because they must have provoked the youth by their inappropriate behavior. Angela Merkel should sponsor a big state funeral for him and invite the French president Hollande and other beacons of multiculturalism. The German media should emphasize that while the attacker was Afghani, it was an isolated act by an ill person that has nothing to do with Islam.
Now, that's some black humor but over 99% of Czechs view the basic events in the same way as Macek does. The percentage of people with common sense is surely much lower in Germany.

One of Macek's ludicrous satirical assertions was that the policemen who have shot the terrorist should be tried for inadequate defense. Well, there actually exists a lawmaker and ex-minister named Ms Renate Künast (The Greens; she openly calls herself a feminist) who has basically proposed the same thing on her Twitter account but seriously. They shouldn't have killed the Gentleman, she claims. Instead, they should have just prevented him from doing further harm.


Maybe it should have become normal for police to have guns with the "stun mode". But it's just not so and such guns are problematic, typically have a lower range or reliability, and there's simply not enough time for such things. But even if it were a good idea for the police to make the dangerous people "sleep", it's completely crazy to propose this experiment exactly when similar self-evident killers are the culprits. There have surely been lots of better opportunities to try to use non-lethal weapons in the past. The fact that the "lady" proposed this idea in this context is nothing else than a proof that she overtly or covertly supports the Islamic terrorists.

But the German lunacy doesn't end here. The Bavarian police has seriously accepted her complaint and is investigating it. And the nation-wide insanity is on steroids for another reason: The massive Orwellian German censorship machine seems to be working and tweets critical of this "lady" are quickly evaporating en masse. Just check it. Try to like a critical comment about her that is a few minutes old and return back in a few more minutes. It won't be there and it won't be possible to click at the star anymore.

The daily terror is just getting started (maybe we should hope that it's just an illusion) but the rate of such things is probably increasing. I think it won't be possible to keep the internal EU borders open. I don't find it acceptable for similar Afghani "Gentlemen" to freely travel to my country and I am pretty sure that a vast majority of my compatriots don't find it acceptable, either. More generally, it's pretty much unacceptable to allow any Afghani "refugees" in Europe. The political atmosphere in Afghanistan is "business-as-usual" right now, after America has spent over one trillion of dollars on that mostly worthless country, and there are no reasons why people from there should be given a refugee status. The country is pretty much screwed but it's because what they are and it won't be too much better in the following decades. Just because they're an inferior nation doesn't mean that they should have the free access to travel anywhere.

In fact, I don't even want the German feminist traitor to be allowed to enter my country (except as food for zoo animals). What she's doing is just beyond the pale. She should be arrested for this open collaboration with the Islamic State. Germany is about as messed up as during the Night of the Broken Glass if and when it officially encourages this kind of bullying-with-an-ax of peaceful citizens – and even policemen who risk their lives – by green, feminist, and Islamist radicals.

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