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Both prospective female British PMs sound sensible

Ms Andrea Leadsom and Ms Theresa May are the only people left on the shortlist of David Cameron's successors. In other words, for the first time since the era of Margaret Thatcher, the British government will be led by a lady.

Let me admit that I would have a (moderate) problem to distinguish these two women physically; and it seems even harder to distinguish their political views.

Both of them sound utterly reasonable and prepared for the job. It may actually be a good idea to start with new faces that aren't too connected with the Brexit battles that ended two weeks ago.

Concerning immigration which has clearly played an important role for the "Leave" result of the Brexit referendum, Theresa May (in this video) says that selective absorption of especially skilled foreigners may be a benefit but the net benefits of mass immigration are close to zero.

She gives a clear answer to the political crackpots in Brussels who would like to talk about a common European immigration policy: Not in a thousand years. Too bad that the Czech Sobotka's government isn't equally comprehensible.

The Washington Post has also chosen an interesting speech of her competitor, Andrea Leadsom, who wanted to speak both to the markets and her nation. She recommended a psychiatrist to those fearmongers who are worried about the future of the U.K. outside the EU, pledged the continuity of things that work. Also, she has praised the advantages of the weak pound. There are also equally important disadvantages. But I surely do expect the U.K. growth rate to beat the rest of the EU with this artificially deflated exchange rate. She has also enthusiastically embraced future trade deals with non-European countries.

Meanwhile, a club of top U.S. banks has stressed that they will keep on considering the City of London as the top global financial hub. Bankers in Frankfurt have said something substantially different. But even Islamic banks in London consider fear unjustified.

The prospective British prime ministers are balanced and they seem to know what they're doing. If they decided to invade Brussels (Normandy could be a good place for the landing), execute several Junckers (assuming they're not afraid of Juncker's talks with leaders of other planets), and acquire the control over the EU institutions, they would enjoy have my support. It would be an improvement for the EU to be governed from London.

Meanwhile, if the ladies decided to postpone the invasion ;-), it should be OK, too. I sort of believe that their gender will be an advantage in the negotiations with the politically correct EU apparatchiks. If those won't agree with the reasonable British voices, they will be not just drunk unelected fascist wet rags but also sexist pigs.

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