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Happy 240th birthday, America

Neutrinos: Fermilab's NOvA has found a 2.5-sigma evidence against the maximum mixing of neutrino flavors.
Nine years ago, on July 4th, I escaped from the U.S. a few days after my visas expired (it was the only available date – Americans were reasonably afraid of another terrorist attack on that day).

Five years later, on the Higgsdependence Day, the Higgs boson was officially discovered at CERN. But 240 years ago, several important men signed the Declaration of Independence, mostly penned by Thomas Jefferson.

This 6-minute-long school video project was created by a girl and her campaign staff, Hillary Jr For America 2044, who will become the U.S. president in the future. She will veto math classes because they are hard and she will fly into Disneyland with Air Force One every day.

The video tells you how many ducks there are in the U.S., that you need to eat 13 burgers and 13 hot dogs on July 4th to celebrate the 13 colonies that seceded from King George on that day.

You will also learn which toys various U.S. presidents were named after and what animals they brought to the White House. And that Obama likes to read about Spider Man and his daughter was born on July 4th. I hope that the video contains all the important historical information that those who want to live in the U.S. have to master.

Happy Independence Day, 45% of TRF readers!

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