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Muslim migrants demand housing in "true Germany"

I think that the Western European and U.S. mainstream media almost completely fail to inform the public about the basic facts concerning the ongoing migration wave. The situation is better in the Czech media.

The Ruhr district – the true Germany – in red.

It's been known that the Muslim migrants basically want to live in Germany – nothing else is good enough for them. According to the evaluations by the migrants and the geography as envisioned by the migrants, even Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Benelux, Scandinavia etc. either fail to exist or they suck. However, the situation is a more extreme farce than that.

A significant fraction of the migrants don't want to live just in "some Germany". Instead, they want to live in the "true Germany". What does it mean? Well, the true Germany is the Ruhr district, a highly populated region in North Rhine-Westphalia. Roughly 10 million people live on less than 5,000 square kilometers over there, around cities like Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg, and Bochum.

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Before contacting us, ETs at Sun 2.0 HD 164595 didn't even see Faraday's experiments

As lots of media tell us, Russian Academy's telescopes near the Georgian border detected some two-seconds-long strong radio signal at frequency\[

f\sim 11\,{\rm GHz} \quad \Leftrightarrow \quad \lambda=\frac cf\sim 2.7\,{\rm cm}

\] plus minus 10% (a huge bandwidth) on May 15th, 2015. They didn't have to tell us quickly and they didn't tell us quickly. Also, as anti-Russian pundits will surely tell us after they will have read this blog post, this discovery may be just a trick to redirect all West's radars etc. to the constellation Hercules and make it easier for Russia to take over the world.

There are many other conventional explanations for the signal (including secret satellites – the frequency belongs to a range, X band [obsolete NATO notation: J band], reserved for the military satellites; or a mundane 4.5-sigma bump that has to appear sometimes) but they're not too interesting so in the rest of the blog post, I will make the unlikely assumption that the signal came from the star that the SETI people want you to believe to be the source (because they have already redirected their Allen Array over there).

At any rate, the signals apparently arrived from the direction of HD 164595, in the constellation Hercules. This star is so similar to the Sun that it's sometimes dubbed Sun 2.0. (HD 44594 is the most Sun-like star on the Southern Hemisphere.) The age is 4.5 billion years (2% younger than the Sun), the mass is 0.99 solar masses (1% lighter). The amount of metals over there is also high enough and close to ours etc. Only 7.6% of stars are G-stars like the Sun or HD 164595

Hofer's call to restore Austrian monarchy deserves to be heard

The recent Austrian presidential elections were annulled after a result indistinguishable from 50-50 and a top court's confirmation of doubts about some irregularities. The polls will be repeated on October 2nd and especially because of the Freedom Party's softening stance on some EU- and immigration-related issues, a majority expects Norbert Hofer to beat his green rival.

The anthem of Austria-Hungary, the imperial and civic stanzas of it, in Czech. Other versions

As Sputnik tells us, the possible future president of Austria would like to create a regional group – the Austrian monarchy – that would be analogous to Benelux, a group that clearly amplifies the voice of the three members in the EU. If you think it sounds silly, think twice.

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All novelties of quantum mechanics are consequences of nonzero commutators

In the discussion under his confused musings about the CHSH inequality, a volatile anti-quantum zealot had serious problems with the following important wisdom:

All differences between classical physics and quantum physics are consequences of the uncertainty principle i.e. of the nonzero commutators between observables.
Well, the statement above is true and important. The misunderstanding of this statement – often arrogantly masked as a different opinion, one that may be presented assertively – may be considered one of the defining characteristics of the anti-quantum zealots.

The anti-quantum zealots are inventing lots of "additional" differences between classical and quantum physics – such as the purported "extra nonlocality" inherent in quantum mechanics, or some completely new "entanglement" that is something totally different than anything we know in classical physics, or other things. Except that all these purported additional differences are non-existent.

The reason why they're inventing these non-existent differences is that they would like to rephrase quantum mechanics as "another classical theory with lots of different details" (by details, we mean the set of observables and the dynamical equations of motion etc.). But that's not what quantum mechanics is. Quantum mechanics is a fundamentally different theory which may have the same details as the classical counterpart, however. ;-)

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TBBT season 10: The Flash, Penny's mother Susan

This is not meant to be an important or full-fledged post but tens of millions of people watch TBBT and my guess is that the TBBT-TRF correlation is positive so you may want to know that:

The Big Bang Theory will start its impressive 10th season – which may be the last one, however, or not – on CBS on Monday, September 19th at 8 pm EDT.

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The delirium over beryllium

Guest blog by Prof Flip Tanedo, a co-author of the first highlighted paper and the editor-in-chief of Particle Bites

Click at the pirate flag above for a widget-free version
Article: Particle Physics Models for the \(17\MeV\) Anomaly in Beryllium Nuclear Decays
Authors: J.L. Feng, B. Fornal, I. Galon, S. Gardner, J. Smolinsky, T. M. P. Tait, F. Tanedo
Reference: arXiv:1608.03591 (Submitted to Phys. Rev. D)

Also featuring the results from:
  • Gulyás et al., “A pair spectrometer for measuring multipolarities of energetic nuclear transitions” (description of detector; 1504.00489; NIM)
  • Krasznahorkay et al., “Observation of Anomalous Internal Pair Creation in 8Be: A Possible Indication of a Light, Neutral Boson” (experimental result; 1504.01527; PRL version; note PRL version differs from arXiv)
  • Feng et al., “Protophobic Fifth-Force Interpretation of the Observed Anomaly in 8Be Nuclear Transitions” (phenomenology; 1604.07411; PRL)
Recently there’s some press (see links below) regarding early hints of a new particle observed in a nuclear physics experiment. In this bite, we’ll summarize the result that has raised the eyebrows of some physicists, and the hackles of others.

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Relocation of migrants: will Czech politicians say a clear Nein to Merkel?

The former Czech visiting chemistry postdoc Angela Merkel is visiting Prague tomorrow. The relationships between the countries remain very good and the cooperation just works in the economy etc. Moreover, the scars created by the dramatic history of the Sudetenland have been healed even more than ever before in recent years and months. The Czech political sphere finds it OK to send a friendly pro-German messenger to the Sudetenland Patriots Conventions, while this traditional organization of the Czechoslovak Germans has basically abandoned efforts to recapture the real estate in the Czech borderland.

However, the migrant issue has emerged as a new polarizing question and placed the two countries on the opposite poles of the European policymaking.

Postdoc Angela Merkel (4th from left) in front of the St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, 1982. From left: Kazyuki Tatumi, Rudolf Zahradník, Milena Zahradníková, her, Olga Turečková, Zdeněk Havlas. She was learning to cook Czech dumplings and was able to do basic communication in Czech.

Despite all the terror attacks, failure of efforts to employ the migrants, and other problems that are becoming increasingly more self-evident, most of Germans – and not just the strangely obsessed leaders of the largest European economy – arguably still believe that it's right to invite Muslims en masse and "yes we can". About 95% of the Czech public believes that we shouldn't admit large groups of migrants, not even temporary migrants from the battlefronts, and most Czechs would probably like to ban even the immigration of individual Muslims.

A majority of the mainstream politicians are basically "regular Czechs" to the extent that they naturally have the same opinions. Some politicians are forced to adopt the anti-migration attitude because the support for migration is simply politically incorrect, it's considered a form of treason, stupidity, and egotist assault on most Czechs. Czechs are carefully watching what's going on in the Islamization issue (plus the attacks and also "peaceful" annoying behavior of the Muslims) despite the fact that it avoids our homeland so far. In the 1930s, Czechoslovakia was living its happy, cultural, musical, free, and democratic life as well and could have made fun of Hitler etc. In 1938-1939, this period of freedom and democracy abruptly ended – Hitler's March 1939 threat that he would flatten Prague if President Hácha didn't surrender in hours was helpful in accelerating the transformation. Even though the times are different and Merkel is unlikely to bomb Prague, threats may still be dramatic and rationally thinking nations with significantly larger neighbors simply must realize that the neighbor may have some capacity to change the rules of the game against our will. I must admit that I believe that if Merkel threatened that if we don't accept 50,000 Muslims, Merkel will ban all Czech-German trade, the Czech politicians will almost certainly surrender. But is Merkel this close to Hitler, this destructive against both Czech and German companies?

President Zeman is already known as one of the most outspoken anti-Islamists in Europe and there are others who share very similar opinions although they don't want to be heard as clearly (I think that billionaire and very powerful finance minister Andrej Babiš has basically the same opinions, just prefers to be less loud). Prime minister Sobotka is trying to maximize the friendly relationships in Germany and is widely seen as a potential traitor. But he said that "we" didn't wish a strong Muslim presence yesterday – a statement that was often simplified (e.g. in Nigeria) to the claim that Muslims are not welcome to Czechia. So I guess that when Merkel and her comrades are reading these reports, they must think that he isn't obeying the orders from Germany too rigorously. ;-)

You may find a better Merkel's fifth column in a part of the opposition centrist TOP 09 party and among some greens and apolitical politicians – although TOP 09 is surely not unhinged enough to present opinions that would actually match Merkel's views. The Prague Café, an intellectual environment in Prague, is by definition politically correct and e.g. pro-Merkel. That means that the percentages of opponents of mass migration are surely lower in the (wealthier) Prague than in the rest of the nation. I would like to know more precise numbers. Be sure that you never become a part of a community that is too wealthy – your brain would be likely to decay rather quickly.

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After decades, Sean Carroll understood the "divergent distribution" problem with the simulations, anthropic principle

After many and many years in which Sean Carroll promoted the anthropic principle, the claim that we're the Boltzmann Brains, and the claim that we live in a simulation, he finally wrote a blog post

Maybe We Do Not Live in a Simulation: The Resolution Conundrum
in which he apparently understood a basic problem – well, a disproof by contradiction – with all these delusions. This problem has been pointed out in a large part of the TRF blog posts about the anthropic/simulation/typicality/BoltzmannBrain topics. The defenders of these misconceptions basically assume that there exists a uniform distribution on an infinite set (e.g. a countable set; or a continuous set with the infinite measure).

Because there exists no real number \(x\) such that \(x\cdot \infty =1\), the uniform distribution just cannot exist, and all reasoning based on the assumption that the uniform distribution exists is therefore flawed.

Clinton, foundations, NGOs, and corruption with a lipstick

The FBI kept on investigating and it has found over 14,000 additional e-mails that the serial liar Hillary Clinton has pledged not to exist. A fraction of these e-mails more or less unequivocally show that Hillary Clinton has been paid-to-play through the Clinton Foundation by various donors. I say "more or less" because the causal connection between a payment and a politician's decision can almost never be proven with certainty.

The prince of Bahrain has paid some $100,000 in total and obtained some special meeting with Hillary for that. There are probably many other known cases but most of the e-mails remain classified. A week earlier, hackers released 2,500 Soros files. Those show this megajerk's obsession with his plans to destroy the state of Israel but other things could have been seen, too. For example, George Soros bought the U.S. policy in Albania when Hillary was the secretary of state.

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Daesh invaded Prague's Old Town Square

48 years after the Soviet-led invasion, it was thankfully just a prank

South Bohemian Entomologist Assoc Prof Martin Konvička, the boss of the defunct Bloc Against Islam and the current leader of the Initiative of Martin Konvička, was the caliph and the main star of a happening that his IMK organized on the 48th anniversary of the August 21st, 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion into Czechoslovakia.

Some observers, like myself, consider the event a bit infantile but entertaining, many others reacted rather hysterically. The event was okayed by the Prague city hall and coordinated with the police – although both of these official legs of the government now claim that different events than the previously announced ones took place. Some tourists were unable to figure out that it was a hoax and the tension grew so at some moment, before Daesh was supposed to cut the head of a hostage – probably fake President Zeman – the police ended the event.

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Rio pole vault event was obviously inferior

Russian track-and-field athletes were largely banned from the Olympic competitions in Rio. The explanation was the rather widespread doping among these Russian sportsmen. I am sure that the tolerance towards these "tools to improve the results" is much higher than in Russia than it is in another average country.

But the decision to apply the collective guilt principle is hugely morally problematic. Also, it's crazy to present the doping as a part of the Russian identity – in the ethnic sense. Before Germany was reunified, the relatively small country of East Germany was often the #1 country at similar contests. A huge part of these East German successes was due to doping. Obviously, their Aryan race didn't prevent our DDR comrades from cheating in exactly the same way as some Russian athletes in recent years. The degree of institutionalization of doping was almost certainly higher in East Germany than it is in Russia today.

Pole vaulter Ms Yelena Isinbayeva (who retired hours ago) became the main face of the athletes who consider themselves victims of an unfair decision. She has won some nine Olympic-level gold medals, holds the current world record, and is considered a legend and the top female pole vaulter of all time. No evidence of forbidden chemicals has ever haunted her.

In the video above, from late July 2016, she cried in the Kremlin in front of Putin because of this elimination of the Russian sportsmen. I feel that Putin didn't particularly like this "crying attitude" to those decisions but it's likely that her speech helped to rally the Russian nationalism to some extent, anyway.

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Consciousness: the trouble with Tononi's critics

In recent years, several readers have asked about my opinion about the Integrated Information Theory (IIT), a theory about "what consciousness is and where it is" started by neuroscientist Giulio Tononi in 2004. Some of them have expressed the opinion that IIT seems compatible with my understanding of the role of the ("conscious") observer in quantum mechanics etc.

My knowledge about IIT slowly grew and my opinions gradually strengthened. But it was the 2014 texts by computer scientist Scott Aaronson

Why I Am Not An Integrated Information Theorist (or, The Unconscious Expander)

Why Scott should stare at a blank wall and reconsider (or, the conscious grid)

Giulio Tononi and Me: A Phi-nal Exchange
that I only saw now (hat tip: Pig) have convinced me that despite my and our ignorance about most of the key questions, my opinions are already rather strong and my basis to be certain that e.g. Scott Aaronson's critique is a pile of šit is rather solid.

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Critics of wave-particle duality are confused

Yesterday, a reader voiced his dissatisfaction with the principle known as wave-particle duality. This Wikipedia article seems good to me, by the way, and I will refer to it a few times.

This opposition is widespread and it looks crazy to me. The principle is not even a precise principle of modern quantum mechanics. It's something more qualitative and older than quantum mechanics. The principle is obviously true and I simply can't imagine how someone may understand much about modern physics without agreeing that the wave-particle duality captures an important part of the defining insights of modern physics.

Intra-European migration tops its exotic counterpart

Czech linguist Jakub Marián has created another interesting map:

See e.g. the Maltese Independent. The map – which is said to be valid even when the data up to June 2016 are added – shows the dominant source of foreign-born residents in each European country. In other words, the map answers the question "Where did the largest group of aliens who live here come from?"

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How pop science manipulates with the status of the Schrödinger equation

In a blog post, Sean Carroll says that you should love or respect the Schrödinger equation and you should appreciate that the Schrödinger equation may be applied in a wider range of situations, not just in the non-relativistic of mechanics of point-like particles.

I agree with these two points.

You could wonder why Sean Carroll hasn't written down the simple sentence in the first paragraph of this blog post and instead, added some three pages of redundant text. Well, it's because he needed to keep the percentage of misconceptions and distortions well above 50%, just like in almost all of his texts about quantum mechanics.

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Cold summer, mushrooms, Czech wine, \(17\MeV\) boson

Central Europe is experiencing one of the coldest Augusts in recent memory. (For example, Czechia's top and oldest weather station in Prague-Klementinum broke the record cold high for August 11th, previously from 1869.) But it's been great for mushroom pickers.

When you spend just an hour in the forest, you may find dozens of mushrooms similar to this one-foot-in-diameter bay bolete (Czech: hřib hnědý [brown], Pilsner Czech: podubák). I don't claim that we broke the Czech record today.

Also, the New York Times ran a story on the Moravian (Southeastern Czechia's) wine featuring an entrepreneur who came from Australia to improve the business. He reminds me of Josef Groll, the cheeky Bavarian brewmaster who was hired by the dissatisfied dignified citizens of Pilsen in 1842 and improved the beer in the city by 4 categories. Well, the difference is that the Moravian wine has never really sucked, unlike Pilsen's beer, except for the Moravian beer served to the tourists from Prague, as NYT also explains.

Hat tip: the U.S. ambassador.

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Streamlining the world: Western Communities, privatization of Moon, recolonialization

It's not the most important story of the week but it is an annoying story, anyway.

For the first time in my life, a relatively small package of products I bought at in the U.S. made it to the customs. I had to send numerous documents because of this almost trivial but not quite trivial purchase and in the optimistic case, I will get the product and have to pay the value-added tax plus some fees etc.

It has never happened to me in the past. Maybe it's because the things always went through FedEx, DHL or another courier company – but it was sent through USPS now which is probably more likely to hit the customs. (Do you have some knowledge on that?) And maybe the finance minister Babiš has increased the intensity of the customs terror. The amount of hassle because of this thing is significant. The people who are against TTIP – the EU-U.S. free trade agreement – even though they won't lose any job or profits seem like a different species to me. Who can like the principle of this harassment by the government bureaus? It's pure tyranny.

TTIP could be a core part of a new North-American-European union. But in principle, I think it would be a good idea to formally invite the U.S. and Canada (and perhaps Australia, Israel, and a few others) to the EU once we will be able to dismantle the aspects of the EU that have grown out of control. Some unions between the Western countries will always be there. I think that the artificial barriers should be dismantled and the West should be acknowledged as an important part of our identity. My Czech nationality is more important than other parts of the identity. But the perceived membership in the West is more important for me than the membership in some artificial subset called the EU.

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Maldacena's talk at Strings 2016

I could download the slides from all the Strings 2016 talks just fine but the videos that were posted were unusable for me, due to the low bandwidth etc. Sometimes when you need it, China no longer looks like the ultimate 21st century superpower. Fortunately, Alexander Comsa posted 7 first Strings 2016 videos from some of the most famous speakers. Even though only dozens of people in the world appreciate it, I hope that he is not finished yet.

One of the talks that were posted was Juan Maldacena's talk about entanglement, quantum gravity, and tensor networks. I find it rather amazing how close his conclusions about the current state of affairs – and even the proposed or expected next major steps – are close to mine, especially if one compares it with the overwhelming majority of the "people around physics" (and, often, technically "inside" physics) who can't agree even about basic issues that physics settled 90 years ago.

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Entanglement swapping doesn't violate locality

In his jihad against the principle of locality, Florin Moldoveanu has used entanglement swapping as a would-be argument. The claim he wants to fight against is that all correlations in the real world – in the successful approximation of non-gravitational quantum field theory – arise from the combination of quantum information's direct interaction (at one place) and the motion at most by the speed of light.

The misspelled word "implementation" on the picture isn't my fault. It's a fault of another anti-locality jihadist.

His situation is simple. (He doesn't have a picture and uses labels 1,2,3,4 for what is called A1,A2,B1,B2 on the picture above.) Two sources of entangled pairs of spin-1/2 particles (the gadgets at the bottom) create entangled spin-zero pairs. \[

\ket{\psi}_{A1+A2} = \frac{\ket{\uparrow_{A1}\downarrow_{A2}} - \ket{\downarrow_{A1}\uparrow_{A2}} }{\sqrt{2}}

\] Similarly for \(A\to B\). The internal members of the pairs A2,B1 propagate along the red lines towards the center where a joint measurement (the gadget at the center top) is being made.

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Modern obsession with permanent revolutions in physics

Francisco Villatoro joined me and a few others in pointing out that it's silly to talk about crises in physics. The LHC just gave us a big package of data at unprecedented energies to confirm a theory that's been around for mere four decades. It's really wonderful.

People want new revolutions and they want them quickly. This attitude to physics is associated with the modern era. It's not new as I will argue but on the other hand, I believe that it was unknown in the era of Newton or even Maxwell. Modern physics – kickstarted by the discovery of relativity and quantum mechanics – has shown that something can be seriously wrong with the previous picture of physics. So people naturally apply "mathematical induction" and assume that a similar revolution will occur infinitely many times.

Well, I don't share this expectation. The framework of quantum mechanics is very likely to be with us forever. And even when it comes to the choice of the dynamics, string theory will probably be the most accurate theory forever – and quantum field theory will forever be the essential framework for effective theories.

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Naturalness, a null hypothesis, hasn't been superseded

Quanta Magazine's Natalie Wolchover has interviewed some real physicists to learn

What No New Particles Means for Physics
so you can't be surprised that the spirit of the article is close to my take on the same question published three days ago. Maria Spiropulu says that experimenters like her know no religion so her null results are a discovery, too. I agree with that. I am just obliged to add that if she were surprised she is not getting some big prizes for the discovery of the Standard Model at \(\sqrt{s}=13\TeV\), it's because her discovery is too similar to the discovery of the Standard Model at \(\sqrt{s}=1.96\TeV\), \(\sqrt{s}=7\TeV\), and \(\sqrt{s}=8\TeV\), among others. ;-) And the previous similar discoveries were already done by others.

She and others at the LHC are doing a wonderful job and tell us the truth but the opposite answer – new physics – would still be more interesting for the theorists – or any "client" of the experimenters. I believe that this point is obvious and it makes no sense to try to hide it.

Nima Arkani-Hamed says lots of things I appreciate, too, although his assertions are exaggerated, as I will discuss. It's crazy to talk about a disappointment, he tells us. Experimenters have worked hard and well. Those who whine that some new pet model hasn't been confirmed are spoiled brats who scream because they didn't get their favorite lollipop and they should be spanked.

Is a cosmic string playing with Tabby's star?

Aliens, you're fired: that's how Trump supporters do Tabby's science

It's almost midnight but I could have problems to sleep because of this idea that I have to record somewhere. The blog seems like a better place than my scribbling notebook now – despite the fact that the idea could be embarrassingly wrong.

Thousands of young people are excited about a cosmic superstring in the constellation Cygnus.

Let me start with this nice music called "Superstring" by "Cygnus X". I've known it for some 15 years – around 2001, I found it as one composition among several others that appeared when I inserted superstring-like keywords to music searches. ;-) If these words were a hint, what would it tell you? Yes, Cygnus is a constellation so if you look for an experimental proof of superstrings, you should look in the constellation Cygnus (swan).

OK, if you were gazing in that direction for years, you would finally find a seemingly ordinary star, Tabby's star or KIC 8462852, which is some 1480 light years away from the Earth. Its radius and mass are about 50% higher than the Sun's. This star became famous because of its strangely behaving flux. Hundreds of news outlets argue that these adjustments of the flux were caused by extraterrestrial aliens, more specifically by a Dyson swarm they built to extract the energy from their Sun.

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IceCube rules out the sterile neutrino model for LSND

All babies are being killed and embryos are being aborted these days.

ATLAS and CMS at the LHC have basically ruled out all theories predicting new particle physics phenomena for the first 10/fb of the \(\sqrt{s}=13\TeV\) data.

Meanwhile, South Dakota-based LUX has improved the limits on the WIMP dark matter cross section by a factor of four: dark matter, if it exists, is harder to be directly detected than previously thought. (Dark matter may also be composed of LIGO-style black holes in which case we will hopefully not play with it here on Earth.) I must mention that almost simultaneously, a China-based experiment PandaX-II has basically matched the results of LUX. See a comparison of the two charts.

Lots of kind hypothetical new particles and processes were killed or postponed. What happened to the evil ones? They were killed or postponed, too. This also applies to sterile neutrinos, a particular family of beasts that are totally plausible but not beloved by people like me.

IceCube is based on the 86-string theory.

At the South Pole, The IceCube Neutrino Observatory was designed to detect \({\rm TeV}\)-scale high-energy cosmic muon neutrinos. Those get converted to muons and IceCube is particularly sensitive to those.

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ATLAS: a 3.3-sigma stop excess is the new leader

Wolfram Language and Mathematica 11 released today.
No discovery of new physics has been presented by ATLAS or CMS. There are inevitably some bumps and excesses most of which (or all of which) will go away. In a complex blog post, lots of new CMS excesses have been shown. At the end, I do believe that the highly localized 3.7-sigma excited quark bump is the most eye-catching gift from CMS at this point.

ATLAS has just released their big package of new papers. The independence of ATLAS and CMS is also demonstrated by the CMS' decision to write papers based purely on the 2016 data. On the other hand, ATLAS' new papers are mostly based on the whole dataset of 13.2 inverse femtobarns which were collected in the year 2015+2016=4031.

Instead of looking at the ATLAS' papers with modest excesses – there aren't many – let me pick only one paper that seems more intriguing than the rest.

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Contamination of Olympic ceremony by climate alarmism is unethical

Megastructure: the world media talk about the new preprint saying that the intensity of the seemingly ordinary KIC 8462852 Kepler star corresponds to a piecewise linear, decreasing function (a very non-smooth function), with a few-percent decrease sometimes in a few months and sometimes in a few years. The aliens have clearly approved astroengineering – basically helioengineering – projects to gradually screen their star and to fight against global warming on Earth B. Or just some clouds or devouring of the star by some other objects in a certain state of motion. Or something really crazy.
Those who watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Rio were forced to see this Gore-style demagogic video on the climate panic:

I haven't heard the narration – which was done by James Bond's female boss.

This is quite incredible. Rio was also the place where the 1992 Earth Summit took place. Many people blame this particular event for the subsequent rapid propagation of the global pseudoscience-powered environmental fascism and its most aggressive form, the climate hysteria. You could think that the Brazilian politicians should be more careful but they're not.

ISIS claims responsibility for the diphoton excess

Anniversary: Exactly 25 years ago, on August 6th, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee posted a modest USENET post in which he announced the World Wide Web to the world.
Dr Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Nude Socialist is honored that you agreed to give us this exclusive interview. After Hillary Clinton, you became another leader of global importance – one who fights against the discrimination of Muslims – who talks to us. Why was there a diphoton excess near \(750\GeV\)?

We realized that some of our warriors can't even get to a disco club anymore. We were thinking about ways to harm the Western infidels most severely. Airplanes? Trains? Trucks? Guns? Axes? Machetes? Safety matches? Fingernails? Finally, Allah gave me a better idea. We would create a new God for the infidels – a God many of them consider more important than Allah and Mohammed (PBUH) – and then we would kill him.

How did you do that?

In Fall 2015, we have used a machete and cut the heads of 1 experimenter from ATLAS and 1 experimenter from CMS. Surprisingly, their replacements have agreed to inject some 4 sigma of signal into the ATLAS and CMS 2015 datasets. A new fake God, the \(750\GeV\) diphoton resonance, was born.

And in 2016, it was enough to do nothing.

A woman's pro-Europe anti-Islam song

Olivie has released an English edition of the song on Sunday evening.

We had a friendly e-mail exchange and I tried to convince her to work with native speakers and make it more comprehensible to them etc. It seems to me that this recommendation was largely ignored. But you got what you got.
Ms Olivie Žižková (*1975) has only been known to the wider Czech public as the nude babe from a bizarre calendar that she created along with Mr Jiří Krytinář, a Czech dwarf actor [skeletal dysplasia] who died half a year ago [problem with lungs, 1947-2015].

A version with alternative pictures

But she has just written, recorded, and released this catchy song, "Europe, just breathe", that shows that she has some nontrivial talents that go beyond nudity. Don't get me wrong: many aspects of the song suffer from the same diseases as the "regular people's products" you may be receiving into your mailbox. The political content may be more passionate than the professional musicians' songs, the words are somewhat simple, and so is the music. I would surely modify the melody at several places for it to be less monotonous.

However, her intonation safely beats those of the average amateurs (she isn't tone-deaf, at least relatively to the average person) and even the marginally on-the-edge lyrics is rather polished if you look at it from the right perspective. It rhymes well – although the verses are somewhat infantile and the stresses aren't always right. But it's surely not bad for a piece of naked meat! ;-) It's pretty good even for an ambitious wannabe musician.

And I think it's just terrific we have at least women who are full of energy and who consider the European values and lifestyle worth defending. And I don't mind that she uses the trouble with migration for self-promotion – she deserves it.

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Papers on an "excited quark" bump could be even cooler than the cernette

CMS was the first one to have killed the \(750\GeV\) diphoton resonance. ATLAS' paper will be released on Monday.

Because the particle apparently doesn't exist, the most likely prediction for the 2016 dataset was that it disappears completely. It did. And even though CMS was against the publication of its new diphoton paper after it was for it ;-), we saw the paper with the new graphs in time, as I discussed in the previous blog post.

I encourage all particle phenomenologists who have mostly completed a model explaining the \(750\GeV\) not to send it to the arXiv. Instead, submit it to the competing – it should be an easy process – for you to have a nice, arXiv-like URL and for the viXra amateur scientists to have a nice company, competition, and perhaps inspiration. (Well, most of them won't get inspired because they believe that they are brighter than you are LOL.)

Alternatively, you may just change the title and a few words, submit to arXiv and conferences, and pretend that your paper didn't depend on the diphoton excess. ;-)

There isn't anything to be excited about in the diphoton channel now. The new largest current bumps \(620,900,1300\GeV\) of CMS are small and disjoint with the small but largest \(975\GeV\) bump that ATLAS will probably show tonight. Update 4pm: See the new ATLAS plots, a press release, and the paper.

As the previous blog post mentioned, the highest new significance seen by the CMS is an excited quark (see Page 5, Figure 2) whose mass is almost exactly \(2.0\TeV\) and whose excess only appears in one bin of width of \(70\GeV\) or so. But locally, it's a cool 3.7-sigma excess, assuming a low \(f\sim 0.1\), which is a cubic coupling constant of the excited quarks to the SM gauge fields, and that still translates to a 2.84-sigma excess (see page 7) globally.

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CMS abruptly confirms SM in 22+16+1+15 new papers

But you may raise your eyebrows with me 4+3+0+1 times

First talks have been given at ICHEP 2016 in Chicago, the main annual particle physics conference, and one of the experimental collaborations at the LHC is using this opportunity to impress lots of physicists with their new results.

Very quickly, the CMS Collaboration has released 22 new papers. (A message from the future: A few hours later, 16 were added; I analyzed those later and added some new discrepancies. The same applies to 15=14+1 additional papers a few more hours later.) I actually had to go to the 2nd and 3rd page (with 10 papers per page) – which don't display the date as clearly as the first page – to get all the new papers. That's unusual.

The third term, 1, in the number 22+16+1+15 in the title, is the new CMS diphoton paper killing the \(750\GeV\) cernette. Nothing is there at all. Totally inconclusive excesses emerged at \(620\GeV\), \(900\GeV\), and \(1300\GeV\) where a slight excess was seen by CMS in 2015, too, but nothing was there in ATLAS. (LOL, they later removed the new paper except for pages 1,2 but too bad, I already saw it, and you can see the key graph, too.)

I really recommend to send your almost finished pheno papers on the \(750\GeV\) bump to (a blue submit button is at the top) so that those amateur scientists have some competition and motivation.
I won't pretend that I have read every letter in these 22 papers. My belief is that the number of people in the world outside ATLAS, CMS who actually read all these papers is smaller than 10 and even within the LHC collaborations, the numbers could be very low. But I can offer you the following minimum of the analysis:
  • I see at least 80% of the area of every page of every new ATLAS/CMS paper for at least 0.2 seconds
  • I spend at least 3 seconds by looking at every Brazilian chart in every paper
  • Every paper is searched for the words "excess", "deviation[s]", and "*agree*" and I am looking for anomalous sentences with these words (to increase our combined sensitivity, you shouldn't use exactly the same algorithm)
  • Reading whole paragraphs or pages is optional
OK, in this way, I have quickly "read" these new twenty-two papers by CMS.

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Were Feynman's lectures wrong on the Faraday cage?

Betsy Devine, Frank Wilczek's wife, tweeted a hyperlink to an essay

Surprises of the Faraday Cage
by Lloyd N. Trefethen, a professor of numerical analysis, who claims that the Feynman Lectures on Physics are largely wrong when they discuss the Faraday cage.

Source, a similar video, II, a couple. An application of the Faraday cage. Jump into a cage, take it to a really bad thunderstorm (or near a "Tesla coil", as here), and show others that you are a superman. Walter Lewin survived some 200 kV but not really the feminists.

It's being said that Feynman concludes that the fields we consider "shielded" drop exponentially away from the metallic plane while the numerical professor argues that the decrease is linear. The paragraph about the linear dependence is particularly incomprehensible to me because Trefethen actually talks about the logarithmic dependence or inverse proportionality. In the same paragraph, the numerical professor also talks about "squaring of the electric field" which sounds like a very sloppy language – because of dimensional analysis. Quite generally, I have no idea what should I imagine under the term "linear shielding" (except for the exponential one).

Was Feynman wrong?

ICHEP, Strings: nothing scary about overlapping conferences

A conference may influence the face of particle physics for a long time

ICHEP 2016, the largest annual gathering of experimental and phenomenological particle physicists, is getting started in Chicago today. Well, the talks begin tomorrow so there are two days, Thursday and Friday, of a full-fledged overlap with Strings 2016. Because Peking is rather far from Chicago, the effective overlap is really three days.

The ICHEP logo promises us discoveries of the CP-violating angle in fermion mass matrices (done), observation of dark energy (done), the Higgs boson discovery (done), the discovery of a neutralino (cool!), and one more unexpected shocking round discovery in the middle (wow). Let's hope that Chicago's promises may be trusted, that Chicago isn't a city of liars, gangs, and criminals. ;-)

Is that immoral or outrageous that physicists must choose whether they visit Strings or ICHEP?

Trump, Goldman Sachs, stocks, and elections

Democrats may help Hillary to be elected by buying lots of stocks up to the elections

Sorry for the silence, I had some other offline duties today.

My computer had to work much harder – it took almost 3 hours in total to upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. But it works great. The start menu is reorganized more effectively, colors are nicer, Edge may be getting superior but I don't plan to leave Chrome (it has extensions etc.), Windows Ink is fine and also offers Sticky Notes but I prefer my Long Notes Windows Gagdet so far. Windows now contains its own Bash (Linux shell) – search for it using the magnifying glass. I had to reinstall Windows Gadgets again (from Windows decided that it refuses to resuscitate "Ccleaner", a somewhat parasitic "helpful" application I don't care about, and informed me about that ban. "SFC /SCANNOW" gives me "clean" again – I suspect that the violations before the upgrade were caused by some of the registry cleaning third-party software. The Windows calendar from the tray area contains your events from the Google/Hotmail calendar now, and so on.

There are lots of interesting things to mention about conferences etc. but it would take much more time and energy that I have now.

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Men beat women in self-citations

Does it really imply some foul play?

There are still tons of highly annoying, bogus, feminist propagandist texts about the "subtle discrimination of women in STEM", such as this today's article by a fat Indian American feminist, but I chose another one that was released on the first day of August. The Washington Post has printed a weird story about "women in science":

New study finds that men are often their own favorite experts on any given subject
which builds on a preprint by Molly, Shelley, Jenny, and two co-authors who are nominally male:
Men set their own cites high: Gender and self-citation across fields and over time
Christopher Ingraham's article in the Washington Post starts with a picture of a self-confident man pointing to himself. The main message is that men cite themselves (the same person) more often than women do – some "index" is 1.5-1.7 times higher for men than for women – so it proves that there is something unfair about men's behavior or some discrimination against women or something like that.

Is it true?

Strings 2016 look more stringy than in previous years

The picture is meant to convey the idea that people of Mongolian appearance have played with strings long before Veneziano

The Strings 2016 annual conference has gotten started in Beijing, China (Tsinghua University):

List of talks, schedule and slides, fresh pics, videos (2-day delay, seemingly unusably low bandwidth), main page
Looking at the list of talk titles, I do think that the composition of the talks is much more stringy than at the previous annual string conferences.

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